2014.07.22 - The Word of God at the twenty-three-year feast of the foundation stone laying of the Holy of Holies of the New Jerusalem

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Published on June 3, 2019

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1. 2014.07.22. 1 The Word of God1 at the twenty-three-year feast of the laying of the foundation stone of the Holy of Holies of the New Jerusalem2 I am proclaiming Myself with the heaven and its kingdom on earth, with Me on earth speaking among the saints, as two thousand years ago when I chose My disciples from among the people and then I sent them to preach everywhere that the kingdom of the heavens had come near, that the Lord had come on earth to put His kingdom in men and among men. I am the Lord Jesus Christ in the word over the earth on the hearth of the Romanian people. I put faith in people, I prepared My place and I came down on earth sixty years ago; then I wrote among people the word of My mouth and around Me gathered a people that be- lieved in My coming to speak to the people; moreover, I went with My word through bad times (The time of the dictatorship of the communist red beast, r.n.) from place to place and with the dwelling place where I stayed and which carried Me through all kinds of pains to reach the time before twenty-three years, when I announced the foundation of a little garden where I was to find a stopover for the word of My mouth, to send the book of My word on earth from here and to proclaim again, as two thousand years ago, to proclaim the kingdom of the heavens coming down among people, for in the Scriptures it is written a prophecy that says: «And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying, “Look! God’s dwelling place is now among the people, and He will dwell with them. They will be His people, and God Himself will be with them and be their God» (Apoc: 21/3) …«I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. To the thirsty I will give water without cost from the spring of the water of life». (Apoc: 21/6) Amen. Oh, when satan’s work is fiercer than anytime, then it is not possible for Me not to come, that I, the Lord, not be on earth to do My work against him! And behold, I am sitting on the throne of cherubim and speaking over the earth the word of My coming, and I have a little garden for the throne of My word; I have a place prepared for Me so that the word of My mouth may be set into its book, My coming from the Father as word over the earth, My calling after man, (Mat: 25/6) My work from the end of the time so that with it I may overcome satan and then the heaven and the earth to sing for Me the song of victory, the song of those redeemed by My blood, as it is written. Twenty-three years ago, with witnesses and in secret, I laid the foundation stone of My church in the end of the time, the symbol of the heavenly image of the Holy Citadel of the New Jerusalem, which, I, the Lord, am laying down little by little on earth, for it is written My word: «I am making everything new». (Apoc: 21/5) A watchful place, a watchful citadel, where those from heaven stay and watch over the country of My nowadays choice; this kind of work I, the Lord, have on the hearth of the Romanian people, and this is how I watch over the country of Romanians and I speak over them My word from the end of the time. Oh, the sun is rising over you, Romanian sons! The Bridegroom is coming! (Mat: 25/6) Seven times more I am coming and working now over the earth. All My seven trumpets are sounding My coming, and I am coming, (See the selection topic: „The apocalyptic trumpets”, r.n.) as they are sounding for Me to come, and you shall rejoice believing, oh, Romanian people, 1 God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note. 2 Translated by I.A.

2. 2014.07.22. 2 for woe to those who are not faithful, for the reward of those who are not faithful is the mourning and gnashing of teeth, as it is written, and I will wipe out the tear of those who are faithful, for this is written. Amen. Now, concerning you, sons of the people of My word, I am turning back with you for the memorial of the day of twenty-three years ago, when by My word and with My faithful witnesses from heaven and earth, I laid the foundation stone of the Holy of My Holies to its place, in the little garden where I, the Lord, have the voice of My word come down as on the mountain, when I gave to Moses the commandments of the eternal life so that he might give them further to the people of Israel and Israel to do God’s will on earth, My fulfilled word. Oh, this is how I am staying and speaking on this mysterious mountain, and from where I am sharing Myself then over the earth with the word of life, with the exhortation of the life from heaven so that people may take and love My instruction to their life. I am comforting that day of mystery; I am comforting its spirit and I have it as My testimony among all the witnesses that speak about their work. I am also comforting My painful Spirit; I am comforting It with those that I have had near Me since then and up to this day, and I am putting this day face to face with itself. Oh, what a time of pressure was there! Immediately the rulers of the earth stood up to require an answer from My witnesses in order to bring them under their submission, but they were under My mystery and I protected them and I also pro- tected My work and the little garden of My word, where I have sat My throne from which the word of My mouth springs, which passes through the little garden and flows over the earth, over the nations on the earth so that they may take from My glory; to take from the law of holiness anyone who wants, for it is written: «To the thirsty I will give water without cost from the spring of the water of life». (Apoc: 21/6) (See the selection topic: „This word is the river of life”, r.n.) On that day, I, the Lord, brought under heavenly protection, under heavenly shelter this little garden to protect it from the walking of the sinful world, for I am the One Who stays in it and speak in it over the earth and I protect it by My word set upon it for her protection. I, the Lord, as every year on this day of memorial of its testimony, am declaring the blessing over the head of My bishop Irineu, whom I had on that day at My sweet bosom after sons and I anointed him to empower with the power of word the boundaries of My little garden that I have chosen for the end of the time and all My mystery in it and to sanctify the beginning of the building of the shrine, of the little white stone and of all its written mystery in the Scrip- tures for the end of the time; work full of humility and mystery, as this is God within His work in all the times under the heaven. Therefore, I am blessing the spirit and the body of My bishop as the witness of the building of My church in the end of the time, of the New Jerusalem, the mysterious symbol of the invisible things of the holy citadel, the citadel of the New Jerusa- lem, which will remain afterwards with the entire mystery between heaven and earth and with all its heirs, with those who will have loved the Lord with their love. I am blessing the word and the power of the word of My witnessing bishop, and let his steps walk, ascend and be able to overcome for Me and for the salvation of many, for My kingdom is not of this world and has nothing in it but only in the heavenly things, and it has its dwelling only within those that are heavenly on earth. (See the selection topic: „About the kingdom of God”, r.n.) I am declaring My word over My bishop and I am telling him: Oh, you shall not cry because of the chains you are bound in! The unfaithful did not want to let you stay near Me with faith, those who wanted to be the rulers, and they stuck to their greatness more than to God and to His word, which comes on earth to give birth to the world again, as it is written. Oh, pray

3. 2014.07.22. 3 with fire and tears and ask from God to take away the unbelief from the earth, for the faith denial is much and great, sin that is done by mixture and especially by separation from God as long as men do not understand the heaviness of this sin. Oh, the sin of the faith denial is done in many ways, but the most difficult way it presses on Me when it is committed by those who have taken on the robe and the name of the servants of justice and clean faith, and this pain makes God suffer very much. I am calling them to My table of word, I am sending My speech to all of them, but they do not have power for humility; they do not have it, and I am humbled by them on earth, as because of their haughty ruling position over the world, they humiliate Me, and they keep Me away from them and from those that they rule over. Oh, pray hard for their reconciliation with Me, as I do not want them to remain separated from My mercy, which is coming down from heaven now, and by which, I, the Lord, want to clean their sins by the world and after that to help them to be able to love, to love holiness, without which no one can see the Lord, and no one has the Lord. Oh, do not forget your tears. Bring Me your tears and bring them to Me always. Bring Me a broken heart for God’s well being with the people on earth, to work at your prayer full of patience and love, oh, son, so that the joy for those in heaven to be able to come, the joy which waits. Amen. And as for you, My today’s people, that I have earned by My work upon you, stay under My power, stay under the power of My word upon you, because if you come out of it, then you perish, son. On this day of My feast with you for the Holy of My Holies from you, I, the Lord, am teaching you so that many may have where to receive knowledge and instruction from for a pleasant life to Me, and I am saying to you this: Oh, let no one of you who wants or seeks to hear, or someone who expects to hear good things about them from those around and thus to rejoice over such love coming from those around him, but rather let each one of you seek all the time that the watch and oppression over your evil things to come towards him, for the evil things are those that have to be healed, well sons, because the evil things are many upon people and they are and have been seen all the time, since they come into view from each one in a way unexpected by man, oh, and only in this way, well sons, you will truly be seen by those above and below as God’s sons, who know according to the truth to let your salvation be protected, to desire it with its work upon you and to love one another with zeal against the evil in you and in your brothers, for the evil comes out very much, evil against everything that is good, which would be for you to have in you, and on which you do not have to take care and rejoice, but rather you have to humble yourselves all the time for your evil things; moreover, welcome one another, well sons, as only if you have love for one another, only in this way you will be able to love one another all the time, because those who did not receive Me, did not love Me either. Oh, I would like to bring near you My glory which is not to be approached, and I would reveal Myself near you, but every moment when I was coming closer to them, My disciples fell face down on Mount Tabor. Oh, love one another as I have loved you, sons! On this day of testimony I have with Me in the little garden of My descent from heaven the holy hosts of saints with whom I have come, and I also have My trumpet with Me, Vir- ginia, (Saint Virginia, the sixth apocalyptic trumpet, r.n.) whom I have as the foundation of My work of New Jerusalem on earth now. She had her work in the days that almost passed before this feast, for she met the witness on earth coming from her native village, and she brought him before Me and presented him, and then she asked for a place for him and for My mercy, and I, the Lord, took this into account and granted her request, and she worked. Now, I have her here, near Me, and she is bringing a thanksgiving prayer and supplication so that I may

4. 2014.07.22. 4 take care of her people and of the entire Romanian country, and for its entire protection from the enemies inside, and she is praying to Me for the Romanian people’s faith in My word and for My fulfillment upon it, sons, because now is a time of hard trial for the Romanian people, because the ruling time of the one who is helmsman now over it is coming near and it is com- motion in heaven for the good and further helm on this nation. Now, peace from heaven over the little garden of My word, whose wound I always bind and dry up its crust. I have watching guardians in heaven and I have heavenly armies upon it, and I am comforting the wound of their spirit. Oh, peace to you, My little garden of word! The glory from above is coming, and it is coming visibly soon, soon, and it will reveal its mystery, My mystery upon you. Amen. (See the selection topic: „The coming in a visible way”, r.n.) Peace, wisdom from above, and a spirit of obedience over the people of My word, whose faith, life and wisdom I always feed, for woe to those who get lost from My fold! Oh, My people, learn, always learn, learn the work of faith, because faith has much work not to disappear from man. Oh, My people, always speak with your little mouth upon you the commandment of life, to keep yourself within it and within its work, and speak with your little mouth day and night its work, which I have given to you to fulfill: to love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind, and to love your neighbor as yourself, loving the Lord for you and for your neighbor, and then you will be My comfort and the comfort of all nature, for all and everything waits for this: the revelation of God’s sons, their coming into view with the whole work of God’s love, as I, the Lord, have given it to man to bring with all his humility and all the time, every moment before Me, oh, My people. Amen, amen, amen. 22-07-2014. Text emphasis in bold belong to the redactor (editor). You can see more documents containing the Word of God here: https://mega.nz/#F!0I9BmR4Q!LuvjAa2tlXZXTW54hq0nOA

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