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Published on March 6, 2014

Author: AndrewHughes

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AbZorba Games launches latest multiplayer mobile game with Tango.me 'Poker for Tango'

    AbZorba  Games®  Expands  Tango  Partnership  with     Poker  for  Tango  Release     The  leading  mobile  social  casino  studio  completes  its  suite  of  co-­‐branded   games  with  Tango       5  March  2014,  Athens,  Greece  (Press  Release)  -­‐-­‐  Mobile  social  casino  games   publisher  AbZorba  Games®  has  expanded  its  partnership  with  messaging  and   entertainment  platform  Tango  to  include  a  new  branded  multiplayer  Poker  game.     The  addition  of  Poker  for  Tango  means  the  popular  messaging  platform  now  has   AbZorba’s  full  portfolio  of  multiplayer  social  casino  games  on  Android  and  iOS,   alongside  Roulette  Live  for  Tango,  Slots  for  Tango  and  the  hugely  successful   Blackjack  Live  for  Tango.     Blackjack  Live  for  Tango  was  the  first  release  to  follow  the  strategic  mobile   entertainment  partnership  between  AbZorba  and  Tango,  and  hit  #1  in  the  US  iTunes   App  Store  for  casino  games  last  year.  Live  Roulette  also  attained  #4.       AbZorba,  a  founder  member  of  the  International  Social  Games  Association  (ISGA),   expects  the  release  to  further  demonstrate  the  strength  of  the  multiplayer  social   casino  genre  on  over-­‐the-­‐top  (OTT)  networks.     “The  addition  of  Poker  for  Tango  completes  a  ‘Full  House’  of  co-­‐branded  game  titles   from  us  and  demonstrates  Tango’s  faith  in  the  strength  of  AbZorba’s  game   technology  and  know  how,”  Andrew  Hughes,  AbZorba  Games  CEO  and  co-­‐founder,   said.     “Now  is  a  huge  time  for  the  OTT  space,  following  the  sale  of  WhatsApp.  We  are   determined  to  show  the  value  that  multiplayer  social  casino  games  can  provide  in   helping  Tango  monetise  their  service,”  he  added.       “We  are  excited  to  add  Poker  to  Tango’s  collection  of  AbZorba’s  multiplayer  casino   games,  now  we  have  100%  of  their  portfolio  “  says  VP  Partnerships  Renato  Iwesen.   “AbZorba  is  our  model  partner  with  already  three  very  successful  games  on  our   platform  reaching  the  coveted  #1  and  #4  in  iTunes  Casino  Games  together.”    

Poker  for  Tango  is  available  for  download  from  the  iTunes  App  Store  for  iPhone  and   iPad,  or  from  the  Google  Play  Store.         About  AbZorba  Games   A  leading  global  publisher  of  mobile  social  casino  games,  AbZorba  Games™  has   established  itself  as  one  of  the  top  innovators  in  its  field  of  mobile  casino  games  for   entertainment  since  2011.  AbZorba  also  independently  operates  Live  Mobile  Hub  of   Fun™  producing  Live  Blackjack21™,  Live  Roulette™,  Live  Poker™  and  Hot2Slot®  on   Android  and  iOS.   Founded  in  Athens,  Greece  in  2011  and  established  as  a  US  Delaware  LLC,  is  part  of   the  Startech  Group.   The  co-­‐founders  CEO,  Andrew  Hughes,  and  CTO  Manos  Moschous  have  worked  on   several  projects  together  in  the  mobile  space.  Andrew  is  a  British  start-­‐up   entrepreneur,  a  co-­‐founder  of  the  International  Social  Gaming  Association  (ISGA)   and  a  strong  advocate  of  responsible  gaming  codes  of  practice.   For  more  information  on  AbZorba  Games  visit  AbZorba  Games.   About  Tango   Tango,  an  all-­‐in-­‐one  messaging  and  entertainment  platform  with  more  than  190   million  users,  enables  people  to  connect  with  friends  and  family  in  a  way  that  is  easy,   spontaneous  and  fun.  Tango  allows  users  to  send  free  text  messages,  play  games,   and  make  free  phone  and  video  calls.  Tango  works  on  iPhone,  iPad,  iPod  touch,   hundreds  of  Android  phones,  Blackberry,  Kindle  Fire  and  Windows  Phone  7,  as  well   as,  tablets  and  PCs  and  provides  high  quality  experience  over  3G,  4G  and  Wi-­‐Fi.   Founded  in  September  2009,  Tango  is  based  in  Mountain  View,  California.  For  more   information,  visit  www.tango.me.     Media  Contact:   Tom  Victor   Lyceum  Media   tom@lyceummedia.com    

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