2013 Wear It! Grassroots Support: Recipients

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Information about 2013 Wear It! Grassroots Support: Recipients

Published on March 11, 2014

Author: OutreachNSBC

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As part of the 2013 Wear It! campaign, the National Safe Boating Council provided approximately $30,000 in resources and funding to 14 groups nationwide to help promote the campaign in their communities.

The North American Safe Boating Campaign and this project are produced and supported under a grant from the Sports Fish Restoration and Boating Trust Fund, administered by the U.S. Coast Guard.

2013 Wear It! Grassroots Support Recipients To download the 2014 application, visit SafeBoatingCampaign.com Applications due March 14, 2014 Questions? Email ymoslehian@safeboatingcouncil.org Note: 2013 recipients were selected by a committee using a scoring rubric. The committee will use the same scoring rubric to select this year’s recipients.

Marion County Hometown Health (Arkansas)  Wear It! Support: aluminum signs, stencil kit, stickers, whistles and temporary tattoos, inflatable lifejacket education kit, and life jackets  5 events with over 250 participants  Surveys gave evidence of good retention of new knowledge related to life jacket types, life jacket regulations and use on Arkansas waterways

New Lifeline (California)  Wear It! Support: Life jackets, whistles, custom Wear It! banner  Hosted a Water Safety Day, distributing over 200 life jackets to people in the community; about 700 people attended the event

Palm Beach County Volunteer Fire Rescue Association (Florida)  Wear It! Support: 500 Wear It! whistles, custom Wear It! banner, 250 Wear It! buttons, 24 inflatable life jackets  Participated in 6 events with the potential to reach over 150,000 people  They use data from the Drowning Prevention Coalition and Sheriff’s office to determine the level of boating, drowning or near-drowning incidents in order to focus their education campaign accordingly. Their success in measured in the reduced number of accidents/incidents/enforcements involving people not wearing life jackets.

Scott Free Racing Team (Florida)  Wear It! Support: Wear It! banner, Wear It! stickers, funding to support purchase of team uniforms with Wear It! logo, Wear It! logo on autograph cards  Raced in 5 events with the potential to reach over 140,000 people  “Being a race team, our life jackets are one of the most important safety features we have in the boat. It allows the people we are informing to see the credibility behind our team and how life jackets really do save lives. So if we can make an impression about life jacket safety when they are young, hopefully bad habits won’t develop and wearing a life jacket will be a natural habit.”

GA DNR Law Enforcement Division  Wear It! Grassroots Support: Wear It! and Life Jacket Zone signs, popup banners, hanging banners  3 events resulting in potential to reach over 29,000 and 1 media tour with the potential to reach over 9 million people statewide  In 2012, there were 5 drownings on Lake Lanier. In 2013 there were ZERO drownings on Lake Lanier this year. (In 2012, GA had 36 boating accidents with 13 injuries and 5 fatalities. In 2013, GA had 11 boating accidents with 7 injuries and 3 fatalities

Kayak Crazy, Inc.  Wear It! Support: custom shirts, life jackets, wrap on kayak  Kayak Crazy promoted Wear It! at IL Paddle Sport Festival, reaching 2,000 attendees; featured Wear It! on KayakCrazy.com, resulting in 160,000+ views “We reached a wide variety of people from all around the world. I personally noticed success when I’ve seen every paddler around me wearing their jackets. Just a year ago, hardly anyone in our group felt the need to wear them while out on calm water. Since we launched this campaign, everyone around us has been wearing them every time”

LA Dept. of Wildlife and Fisheries  Wear It! Support: Helped purchase safe boating posters featuring custom Wear It! logo  The posters are being distributed to local regional officers for distribution to local marinas and boat launches  “The support was very useful as we did these posters in the southeast portion of the state where we had a lot of head on collisions and were able to hang posters in the local marinas. Since that time, we have seen a cut down on the number of head on collisions in that area. With this money we were able to extend our coverage statewide.”

USCG Auxiliary Flotilla 095-31-05 (Michigan)  Wear It! Support: 4 different banner designs, life jackets, DVD, dry bags, throw bags  Participated in 8 events, resulting in over 450 contacts  There was positive feedback received from students regarding safe boating practices (how to wear a life jacket and rules of the road while on the water)

USCG Auxiliary 014-10-13 (New Jersey)  Wear It! Support: Life Jacket Zone signs, Life Jacket Zone stencil kit, custom Wear It! banner  Participated in 7 events, resulting in direct communication with 125 people  Conducted a survey that concluded that the Wear It! campaign has been successful in not only educating boaters on Greenwood Lake about life jacket wear, but has encouraged them to wear them while out on the water. Their visual observations confirmed this over the entire campaign, with a noticeable number of boaters, fisherman, and paddlers, donning their life jackets prior to leaving the parking lot, and walking on the docks.

NY State Parks, Marine Services Bureau  Wear It! Support: “I Wear Mine” and “My Boat is a Life Jacket Zone” stickers; Wear It! hats  Participated in 36 events, resulting in nearly 2,000 direct contacts  Goal: hold 50 free boating safety courses with Wear It! influence for 1,000 students; results: held 31 boating safety courses for nearly 800 students

USCG Auxiliary Flotilla 12-5 (Tennessee)  Wear It! Support: custom Wear It Tennessee! aluminum signs  Held 11 events and reached about 500 boaters with the Wear It Tennessee! Message  Flotilla 12-5 is currently working to get the signs up at more locations throughout TN to help promote life jacket wear, boating safety

American Canoe Association  Wear It! Support: provided funding to design and print waterproof safety placards “Paddle Safe, Have fun!”; purchased materials for an educational outreach tool called “Paddler Joe & Jane”  Participated in 23 events nationwide, promoting the Wear It! message  Over 20,000 of the placards have been distributed

Milwaukee Sailing Center (Wisconsin)  Wear It! Support: Life Jacket Zone banners; Navigation Rules sign; Wear It! posters; Inflatable Life Jacket Education Kit; Wear It! custom whistles  Hosted 4 events, resulting in over 3,200 people being exposed to the Wear It! message  “Dock masters at our facility continue to report near 100% compliance with our requirement for all people to wear life jackets at the docks and on all our boats. Whistles for Life whistles are spotted on most life jackets.”

USCG Auxiliary 9th Western Division 47 (Wisconsin)  Wear It! Support: Trailer wrapped with Wear It! message; Wear It! stickers and educational handouts; life jackets with Wear It! logo  Participated in 12 events, reaching nearly 70,000 people with the Wear It! message  The Wear It! trailer was utilized at water front areas at all times. The exposure daily was between 2,000 to 30,000 people each day. The use of it as a backdrop for the Morning Show, TV news shots and print media brought another 75,000 views

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