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Information about 2013 LENR PROJECTIONS

Published on January 14, 2013

Author: lenrcoldfusion

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2013 LENR PROJECTIONS: 2013 LENR PROJECTIONS Author Dale G. Basgall January 13, 2013 PowerPoint Presentation: A Recap of 2012 LENR involved scientists and inventors that are promoting experimentation and have produced U.S. patent applications reflecting condensed matter fluctuations. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mxeKeuh_2Bw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=42hrCRx1JJY US Patent publication http://appft1.uspto.gov/netacgi/nph-Parser?Sect1=PTO2&Sect2=HITOFF&p=1&u=%2Fnetahtml%2FPTO%2Fsearch-adv.html&r=1&f=G&l=50&d=PG01&S1=zawodny.IN.&OS=IN/zawodny&RS=IN/zawodny Zawodny Storms https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNodilc6su0 Edmund Storms work experience http://newenergytimes.com/v2/views/storms/StormsBio.shtml 1/13/2013 LENR Goals 2013 2 PowerPoint Presentation: http://nucat-energy.com/contact-us/ Nagel Celani Celani Patent Application Miley http://www.ae.illinois.edu/people/faculty/miley.html These men are 5 good reasons to spend time developing LENR 1/13/2013 LENR Goals 2013 3 PowerPoint Presentation: 2013 “The Year Of Truth and Facing True Facts” As of Sunday, January 13, 2013 LENR science has not been refined to work in a system that generates commonly accepted electrical energy. This science and technology has not been demonstrated to any degree of success for reproduction and or for an apparatus to use the technology LENR. For me, I am too deep into the design and concept working approximately 990 hours on concept, design, and manufacturing drawings since February 12, 2012. Studying and research regarding the LENR technology began in mid 2011 for myself, a nuclear physicist friend, and a mechanic friend forming a team http://deighta.com promoting creativity in alternative mobile electrical energy generation. Although Deighta company was formed in mid 1985 for development of automated farming equipment as well as manufacturing plants automated production machinery deighta.com has been produced to teach creativity of an apparatus to patent as the work is being performed in real time by a mechanic / inventor (myself) as to exhibit the actual working steps of producing a product to patent. I took on this project to exhibit creativity to others when there are no real facts to rely on when your invention is in the concept stage and falls into a newly developing art form. There can be no doubt of accomplishment in the inventors mind after he or she has decided what path to take for starting on an inventive project. LENR is not developing because the workings are not clearly understood, nothing new can be understood until many experiences conclude what doesn’t work. “Nothing is impossible when people dig deep and far to find truth in things that are not clearly understood, and the finding of truth is our nature.” 1/13/2013 LENR Goals 2013 4 PowerPoint Presentation: Fact 1) : Americans in the U.S. have been concerned with pollution of all kinds for many years now, I know that for sure, I am one of them and spent 2 weeks in hazmat (federal) training (CFR1910.120) in 1988 with Operating Engineers to assist clean up at many toxic hazmat sites within the USA. There are so many of them the Superfund to clean them up was spent mapping all the locations around the US and left no moneys for clean up, training was informative but tangibly worthless. Fact 2) : Hydrocarbon pollution in the air we breathe accumulates in our bodies and at one point in time when your toxicity limit is reached, you’re sick every time you smell the exhaust of a vehicle or bus. Fact 3) : Pollution carries a vibration of trash, living in a polluted environment is a reflection of rat mentality. Fact 4) : Nonwithstanding the basic costs in capital to supply gasoline and diesel fuel to the consumer, it would seem logical to use a gallon of water to produce fuel that burns and then turns back into water again if that were factually possible, economically feasible should not be a consideration since now we know from experience the total cost of using fossil fuels to burn. We could use oil for lubrication without destroying or burning it. 1/13/2013 LENR Goals 2013 5 PowerPoint Presentation: Fact 5) : Weather has shut down electrical power grids for many people in the recent past here in the US. Many people had lost their food supplies when the electricity went out. Can we afford losing food in a natural disaster? That doesn’t help critical issues regarding cooking the food also. It is apparent something needs to be advanced in producing back up heating and refrigeration for the family household on an individual basis, so after the electrical grid goes down each family can still store food and cook it if they have a backup method to produce electrical energy. We could go on for quite along time here with facts in support of finding an alternative to using gasoline or diesel fuel for “burning” to produce electrical energy. These five facts are enough for me to continue to research the LENR science with the intent of “making it work” and not the concerns of “if it will”. The Universal Reactor for LENR based science is in the works and hopefully within a reasonable time frame from today the metal workings will be made and assembled. Then a pressure test of 10k psi gas pressure and the spacer shims / seals cut with edm machine. When the pressure testing is complete and the Universal Reactor is assembled it will be sent to the workshop of http://lenr-coldfusion.com for the automated control portion to be installed and the reactor tested using 72 linear inches of .003” diameter NITINOL and .1g of nano nickel powder for fuel. 1/13/2013 LENR Goals 2013 6 PowerPoint Presentation: For those reading that live by hope and going forward with trusting development based on the facts that good men have claimed and recited to others their feeling that support a LENR based science, here are a few relevant videos to watch in my opinion. A future for FUSION, todays equipment. The Beauty of Nature and discovery. Good pictures of what we cannot see. 1/13/2013 LENR Goals 2013 7 PowerPoint Presentation: What we feel is important to discovery, after racing motorcycles for many years in all forms of the sport an intuition randomly floating throughout my mind either dictated some results or were interpretations of what could be coming as the end result for a race. At first there was no connection to anything real however through the years the feeling was pronounced enough to start comparing the feeling with the racing event after it took place. Even though breaking all those bones and digits sewed back on took a toll through the years a feeling was noted and repeated, that feeling is recognizing what you felt like when you were right. For Example- the night before the race you go to sleep racing that race track in your mind, mid race you blow out your front tire and eat it big time. Then you wake up and remember the feeling and at the races you blow your tire and eat it and end up breaking a bone or two in the process. After enough of those feelings through the years are compared you soon realize there must be some kind of connection with feelings and real events and you pay close attention to certain tell tail signs of having the right feeling sometimes, not always but enough to contemplate coincidence. You can talk to any race driver and he or she will most likely tell you the same stories. How this relates to LENR and myself is that I also had feelings of this type of science prior to the announcing of it globally by the Italian Mr. Andrea Rossi. 1/13/2013 LENR Goals 2013 8 PowerPoint Presentation: This year 2013 a product based on LENR science will emerge and most likely by April and to be tested and experimented with for further development for reproducibility and enhancing performance to acceptable upper limits. Those enhancements may be acoustical vibrations, permanent block magnetic domains oscillating, vaporizing nano nickel powder inside the burn chamber, a resonant magnetic field oscillation in parallel to the high voltage spark, and so on. That list will be eliminated or accepted one at a time either to enhance reproducibility or efficiency to the point electrical energy is produced in a household setting and made reliable. There are huge economic and social implications of a new energy as this, most likely in mid 2014 we will see the technology LENR emerge into the mainstream with well known manufacturers. Just the thought of the good jobs this would create everywhere reminds me of when construction workers were building America Infrastructures. Oil has always been too cheap when you consider the electrical generating potential of one gallon of diesel fuel compared to most any other form accessible to the general public in small volumes. The new situation is that it is time to change over to using hydrogen and oxygen found in water as renewable fuel. 1/13/2013 LENR Goals 2013 9

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