2012: The End of the World?

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Published on August 16, 2012

Author: saumilshah

Source: slideshare.net


My presentation at HackCon 7 Oslo, exploring where the world of information security is headed. Crude vs. stealthy exploit techinques, the underground digital economy, failure of anti-virus, the future of web application security and the (de)evolution of browsers and HTTP.

What is coming in 2012? Saumil Shah CEO, Net-Squarenet-square HACKCON7 Oslo - 29.03.12

# who am iSaumil Shah, CEO Net-Square.• Hacker, Speaker, Trainer, Author - 15 yrs in Infosec.• M.S. Computer Science Purdue University.• saumil@net-square.com• LinkedIn: saumilshah• Twitter: @therealsaumilnet-square

My area of work Penetration Reverse Exploit Testing Engineering Writing New Offensive Attack Research Security Defense Conference "Eyes and Speaker ears open"net-square

Highlights from 2010-2011net-square "The Future is already here"


DigiNotar - SSL Certificatesnet-square


RSA SecurID...net-square

...did it lead to this?net-square

Who had the last LOL? Infiltration is a 2 way streetnet-square

The economy is growing!!PlayersServicesPricesnet-square



The Underground Marketplace SPAM DDoS Carding Money Target Botnets Exchange Profiles 0day Botnet Exploit Exploits Kits Packsnet-square

Underground Economy World of Warcraft account $4 Paypal/Ebay account $8 Credit Card $25 Bank Account $1000 0-day exploits WMF Exploit $4000 Quicktime/iTunes/RealPlaye $10000 r Mac OS X $10000 + free Mac Windows 7 $50000 IE / Firefox / Chrome $100000 PDF $100000 SCADA $250000+net-square credit: Hacks Happen - Jeremiah Grossman - http://tinyurl.com/hacks-happen

CC Search, DDoS $80/daynet-square credit: From Russia With Love - Fyodor Yarochkin and The Grugq - http://tinyurl.com/frmrussiawlove

DIY Botnets for $700/yrnet-square

Exploit Packsnet-square

Trends in Exploit Developmentnet-square

It was different 10 years ago!• Individual effort.• 1 week dev time.• 3-6 months shelf life.• Hundreds of public domain exploits.• "We did it for the fame."net-square

Today... • Team effort. • 1-2 months dev time. • 24h to 10d shelf life. • Public domain exploits ~ 0. • Value of exploits has significantly risen.net-square

No More Free Bugsnet-square

High stakes gamenet-square

What the Defense is up to • HIGH EXPOSURE • Rigorous Internal Testing • Proactive Exploit Mitigation Technology • Quick Turnaround Times (24 hours) • Bug Bounties • HIGH EXPOSURE • Good Efforts • Dont have resources / focus • Slow Turnaround Times (1 month) • Learning the hard waynet-square

/GS SafeSEH DEP ASLRPermanent DEPASLR and DEP net-square

/GS SEH overwrites SafeSEH non-SEH DLLs DEP Return to LibC ASLR Heap SpraysPermanent DEP ROPASLR and DEP ROP+memleak net-square

I can haz sploits!?net-square

The buyers .gov Exploits corporate organized espionage crimenet-square

The pricesVulnerability Value (USD) Source"Some exploits" 200,000-250,000 Govt. official referring to what "some people" pay.A "real good" exploit > 100,000 SNOsoft Research TeamChrome exploit upto 60,000 GoogleVista exploit 50,000 Raimund Genes, Trend MicroWeaponized exploit 20,000-30,000 David Maynor, SecureworksZDI/iDefense purchases 2,000-10,000 David Maynor, SecureworksWMF exploit 4,000 Alexander Gostev, KasperskyGoogle exploit 500-3133.7 GoogleMozilla exploit 500-3000 MozillaMicrosoft Excel > 1,200 Ebay auction sitenet-square credit: Charlie Miller - http://securityevaluators.com/files/papers/0daymarket.pdf

"We pay better."net-square

Exploit Sophisticationnet-square

Exploit Sophistication ms10-002 Java ieobject Applet full ASLR+DEP bypass Drive-bynet-square

Web App Vulnerabilities HTML HTTP Bloated +0.1 standardsnet-square

Application HTTP DeliveryAJAX AuthenticationFlash StatefulnessSandbox Data TypingHTML5 Non-mutableCSPCORS... net-square

Breaches in 2011855 incidents 174M records net-square credit: Verizon Data Breach Incident Report 2011

Attack Techniques 2007-2011net-square credit: Verizon Data Breach Incident Report 2011

Popular Attack Techniques Stolen login credentials Keyloggers C&C Backdoorsnet-square credit: Verizon Data Breach Incident Report 2011

96% attacks were"not difficult"net-square credit: Verizon Data Breach Incident Report 2011

The Bad Guysnet-square

Extent of damage causedSony breach• $170 millionT J Maxx breach• $17 millionnet-square

Nick Leeson $1.31b Kweku Adoboli $2b Jerome Kerviel Bernie Madoff $50bnet-square $7.22b

Software Developers...• ...more dependent on external tools and frameworks for security.• Less on design and proper implementation.net-square

Software Development Trends 17 million devs 102 billion lines of code 6000 LOC/yr in 2008 1 bug per 10000 lines of code 10,200,000 defects per year 1% exploitable? 102,000 0-days/yrnet-square credit: Hacks Happen - Jeremiah Grossman - http://tinyurl.com/hacks-happen

Security Products• Same ol same ol• FW IDS IPS AV SIEM UTM DLP DPI WAF ...• "Sit back and watch das blinkenlights"net-square

Do Signatures Work?net-square

Effectiveness of AV/IDS/IPS/...net-square credit: twitter.com/j0emccray

The weak minded are easily trickednet-square

"A wall is only as good as those who defend it" Genghis Khannet-square

Change in Mindset "We assume that all our Internet Banking customers computers are compromised. We now rely on near real- time fraud analytics."net-square

The FUTURE? Full ASLR by 2014 Mobile Attacks Real Time Analytics Blurred boundaries IPv6net-square

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