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Published on April 28, 2008

Author: HannahBanana

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WINTER OLYMPICS, 2010 : Darina, Sue & Hannah WINTER OLYMPICS, 2010 Vancouver, Canada Introduction/History : Introduction/History Summer Athens 1896 Winter Games, Chamonix, France 1924 Increase in participating nations and athletes Last Winter Games, Torino, Italy 2006 7 Categories for Winter Games 3 Medals Paralympics started in 1948 NEW YOGs, Singapore, 2010 Vancouver, Canada were awarded the 2010 Winter Olympics in 2003 First hosted the Winter Games in 1988 in Calgary Canada hosted Summer Games, 1976 in Montreal After awarding of games Long Term Goals for City Olympics for next 6 years The Selection Process : The Selection Process The IOC, based in Switzerland Primary task of selection Original setup Changed after WWII Overhauled again in 1999 Bid cities will now be evaluated by an Evaluation Commission 2010 Games are first TRUE test of the reforms August 2002, advance to final IOC vote for the host city Vancouver referendum, Feb 2003, 64% voted YES to continue with bid March 21, 2003, IOC released it’s final reports Report review Biggest risk factor identified Vancouver considered favourite Vancouver's main rivals were in EU Vancouver’s status as favourite was also due to “Vancouver has an approach to winter sports that may be the most complete.” On July 2, 2003, at the annual meeting of the IOC “We won the World, so hooray!” The 2010 Chosen City : The 2010 Chosen City Vancouver 2010 Olympic Bid Video - Our Time To Shine http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0IlV9uGBkMY The Olympic Movement : The Olympic Movement The Olympic Movement includes the IOC, the OCOG’s, the NOC’s, the IF’s as well as national associations, clubs and the athletes; The Olympic Charter Choice of Host Cities Organisation of the Olympic Games Promotion of women in Sport Protection of Athletes Human Development Assistance Promotion of Sustainable Development The Olympic Truce Promotion of Olympic Culture and Education 2006 Olympics Vs 2010 Olympics : 2006 Olympics Vs 2010 Olympics Torino, Italy 2006 Cost: $3.6billion 80 nations, 5100 athletes & officials 250,000 visitors roughly Accredited Media 12,000 3b roughly broadcast viewers Benefits Problems Vancouver, Canada 2010 Cost: Estimated C$4billion+ 80 nations, 5000 athletes & officials Estimation of 250,000+ visitors Accredited Media 10,000+ Expected 3b+ broadcast viewers Benefits Problems Costs of Hosting : Costs of Hosting Increased participation = increased costs Calgary’s (1988) budget Torino’s 2006 budget Vancouver’s budget Royalty payments to International Olympics Committee Vancouver Budget excludes Loses incurred Back Up Investment : Investment Federal & Provincial governments... Federal Investment Andy Livingstone Park Investment (General Motors) : Investment (General Motors) General Motors Canada – official vehicle partner $53million Vehicles – hybrid or bio-diesel Long Term Benefits : Long Term Benefits Infrastructure Employment Opportunities Olympic Villages Olympic Villages : Olympic Villages Olympic Villages : Olympic Villages In Vancouver and Whistler Provide accommodation during games for athletes and officials After the games... Net-Zero standard Objections : Objections Rise in taxes Destruction of natural environment – Eagleridge Bluffs Homelessness Homelessness : Homelessness Homelessness – from 1,000 to 2,500 since winning bid By the time the games start... Why it happens... Fair Play for Housing Rights report 2007 Slide 15: Germany 1931- the birth of corruption. Nazis bought the silence of Pierre de Coubertin, the French founder of the modern Olympic Movement who had concerns about the Games Selection process i.e. Italy 1960, Japan 1964 and Germany 1972 Salt Lake City- bribes for IOC members Atlanta, Nagano and Sydney 1998 Nagano host games, Salt Lake City do not complain IOC vice-president Kim Un-Yong jailed for two and half years on corruption charges Bribery within the games Roy Jones V Park Si-Hun Corruption Slide 16: “The Olympics as a child really inspired me, it gave me something to reach for, it gave me a dream. And then the Olympics shattered my dream.” - Roy Jones, Olympic Boxer Corruption : Corruption President Juan Antonio Samaranch- 20 years in charge, hand picked the board Ten members resigned since 1998 even though it is thought over half of the 124 members of the IOC received bribes Ivan Slavkov, head of the Bulgarian Olympic Committee while not himself touting for a bribe, appeared in secretly-filmed footage (by the BBC) to admit that votes could be purchased. Vancouver Vs Beijing : Vancouver Vs Beijing Vancouver Beijing A Contrast… : A Contrast… Vancouver Beijing The Big Debate: : The Big Debate: Winter Vs Summer Olympics - Conclusion - : - Conclusion - Questions? : Questions?

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