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Published on March 31, 2010

Author: GSSEM

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Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan First Annual Meeting – March 27, 2010 : Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan First Annual Meeting – March 27, 2010 Slide 2: Report from the Board Chair Nancy Philippart State of the Girl Scout Movement State of the Council Denise Dalrymple Anne Regling Our Exciting Future Girl Scout Core Business Strategy: Key Priorities for 2009 : Girl Scout Core Business Strategy: Key Priorities for 2009 relevant and outcomes-based decisive, agile, market driven make girls a philanthropic priority Brand Governance Structure Funding Diverse Volunteers Program Experience LEADERSHIP join easily, learn continuously, serve in flexible ways inspire girls to join Future: Long-term membership growth, outcomes for girls Transformation to Greatness : Transformation to Greatness National Membership : National Membership 2009 Girl member decline 3.2% Adult member increase 1.0% Hispanic girl increase 6.5% 2010 Projected girl member decline 1.5% 2011 Projected girl membership flat Realigning councils on average take 3 yrs to experience membership growth Factors Impacting Membership : Factors Impacting Membership Troops declining over 20 years Non-troop growth hard to sustain Demographic shifts are significant Emerging issue is recruitment—drop in new girls at every age level Membership complexity exceeds staff expertise Finances—Movement-Wide : Finances—Movement-Wide Councils—aggregate Operating budget $700M Total assets $1.5B GSUSA Operating budget $60M Total assets $150M 62% of 112 Councils had operating deficits in 2009 Finances—Councils : Finances—Councils 2009 preliminary results 2010 projections GSSEM Finances—Estimated Council Reserves : Finances—Estimated Council Reserves Average: 8 months operating reserves Total council operating reserves $470M GSSEM 2010 National Priorities : 2010 National Priorities National support to grow cookie sale Consistent execution of GSLE Volunteer learning Outcomes Journeys – new Self Esteem Launch new brand campaign Launch phase one web platform Prepare for launch of 100th anniversary Slide 11: Report from the CEO Denise Dalrymple State of the Council – Year One 2009-2010 State of the Council – Year One2009-2010 : State of the Council – Year One2009-2010 Strong First Year GSUSA ‘benchmark’ realignment council Strong governance structure/team in place Remarks Council integration occurred quickly Breakeven first year operating budget Saved resources due to realignment Initiated two important planning processes (Master Property Planning and Strategic Learning) What is GSLE? Council Integration Occurred Quickly : Council Integration Occurred Quickly Board Committees were appointed and began meeting immediately All staff were hired and in place before the merger date with an interim organizational structure New Financial software was installed by February Volunteer/Girl Committees selected one baker, one nut vendor for 2010 New telephone system and new intranet set up to establish the foundation for new Website, facebook, new e-newsletters, blog, online payments Breakeven Budget achieved by 9/30/09 : Breakeven Budget achieved by 9/30/09 Many budget reductions made after legacy Council losses of $3.5 million in 2008 (including $1 million pension costs) 40% fewer staff than four years ago: 20 staff laid off during 2009 (plus 5 more laid off-current fiscal year) Went from operating four to operating three resident camps in Summer 2009 (plus another resident camp idled during current fiscal year) Sold vehicles and reduced operating expenses such as printing, insurances, conferences, etc. No raises (except minor equity adjustments) 17 Saved Resources due to Realignment : Saved Resources due to Realignment Master Property Planning Process : Master Property Planning Process Established by Board Property Committee in April Orientation meetings at 4 locations in June Recruited 70 Volunteers including 5 girl members in July Three committees met every other week from August – November: Property, Market, Program Two all day retreats held in December and February Master Property Planning Process : Master Property Planning Process Preliminary results to be shared at four upcoming Four Town Hall meetings Summary recommendations about camps and offices: Better troop camping and criteria for which camps to develop less office space in more places; use of modern technology to reduce office space Hard decisions need to be made by the Board in 2010 and beyond Strategic Learning : Strategic Learning Following same process as GSUSA From Willie Pietersen (“Reinventing Strategy”) Involves (so far) 19 staff, 5 volunteers, 6 Board members, 5 Girls, 3 Community Members, GSUSA Regional Consultant: three retreats, multiple committees Three year cycle 21 Strategic Learning: The Leadership Process : 22 Strategic Learning: The Leadership Process Strategic Learning : Strategic Learning Initial direction from the GSSEM Board on August 25, 2010 to launch process: Fiscal Responsibility – diversify funding but manage within our resources Strengthen the image of Girl Scouting in southeastern Michigan Implement the core program: Girl Scout Leadership Experience through multiple pathways supported by appropriate volunteer management system Our Process : 24 Our Process STRATEGY TEAM SITUATION ANALYSIS CUSTOMERS COMPETITORS STAKEHOLDERS SECTOR TRENDS OUR OWN REALITIES SUMMARY OF KEY INSIGHTS Strategic Learning : Strategic Learning Four Key Strategic Priorities for next 3 Years : Four Key Strategic Priorities for next 3 Years Funding/Resources/Fiscal Responsibility Girl Scout Leadership Experience (GSLE) Volunteer Management System or Single Entry System (SES) Communications 2010-11 Key Priorities : 2010-11 Key Priorities Implement the Girl Scout Leadership Experience (GSLE) and the Single Entry System (SES), ultimately to start growing the membership again Reorganize the Volunteer/Staffing structure to incorporate more volunteers and support the Pathways Communications must support new media and new ways of reaching girls and volunteers Fund requests must support GSLE while we live within our budget Strategic Learning – What’s Next : Strategic Learning – What’s Next Four Gap (Implementation)Teams for 2011-11: Single Entry System Girl Scout Leadership Experience Communications Volunteer/Staff Structure A work plan is being developed for each area by May. Re: Volunteer/Staff Structure Task Force Think Tanks with Operational Volunteers this summer – fall More volunteers are needed! (Lisa Sorbie: lsorbie@gssem.org) Girl Scout Leadership Experience : Girl Scout Leadership Experience Troop Camp Travel Event Series Virtual (TBD) PATHWAYS ENGINE PROGRAM Future State: How We Engage Girls : Future State: How We Engage Girls Grades K 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Slide 31: Report from the Treasurer Anne Regling State of the Council – Year One Accomplishments and Financial Results Accomplishments : Accomplishments Bid & Selected Banking Relationship Bid & Selected Investment Advisors Established Investment Policy Established Internal Control Policy Merged Insurance Policies/Coverage 32 Accomplishments : Accomplishments Paid Off Mortgages and Line of Credit Managed Cash – Subsequent Lines of Credit Not Needed Settled Huron Valley Asset Transfer Transitioned Legacy Pension & 403(b) Plans 33 Accomplishments : Accomplishments Developed First Full-Year Organization Budget Developed Supporting Cost Center Level Accountability Budgets and Allocated Cost Analysis Developed Five-Year Financial Plan 34 Accomplishments : Accomplishments Completed “Start-Up” Legacy Audits (Common Fiscal Year) Completed First Part-Year GSSEM Audit (9/30/09) Received an Unqualified “Clean” Audit Opinion Almost Achieved “Break-Even From Operations” 35 Financial Results: Financial Position ($000’s) : Financial Results: Financial Position ($000’s) 36 Cash & Investments Other Assets Total Assets Current Liabilities Long-term Liabilities Net Assets Months in Reserves 1/1/2009 Audited 9/30/2009 Audited 12/31/2009 Unaudited GSUSA’s benchmark for a financially healthy council is 6 – 12 months. Financial Results: Operations ($000’s) : Financial Results: Operations ($000’s) 9 months Ending 9/30/09 Audited 12 Months Ending 12/31/09 Unaudited 37 12 Months Ending 9/30/2010 Budget Total Public Support and Revenue Operating Expenses Decrease from Operations Add Back Depreciation Operating Results Before Depreciation 3 Months Ending 12/31/09 Unaudited Slide 38: 38 Slide 39: 39 Slide 40: 40 State of the Council: Our Exciting Future! : State of the Council: Our Exciting Future! New Brand Launch Plans Strategy Brand identity Rollout and schedule 100th Anniversary Show New Brand Leverageable Brand Assets : Leverageable Brand Assets A well-loved, iconic brand A compelling mission Values as relevant today as in 1912: self, service, others diversity and inclusion entrepreneurial spirit Challenges false familiarity nice vs. necessary lack of relevance 42 Key Audiences : Key Audiences 43 Brand Promise : Brand Promise Girl Scouts gives every girlaccess to life-changing experiences that inspire her to do something big. 44 Benefits of Access : 45 Benefits of Access Unleashing Potential! Changing the World! Sisterhood! Travel/Adventure! FUN! Iconic Brands : Iconic Brands 46 Updating Our Identity : Updating Our Identity Refresh trefoil Reclaim green Establish color identifiers for each grade level Identify a signature typeface Leverage mission statement 47 Slide 48: Current Refreshed Slide 50: Business of Girl Scouting Fun of Girl Scouting The Icon The Service Mark Slide 51: Grade Level Identity 51 Slide 52: 52 Grade Level Identity Stationery : Stationery 53 Merchandise : Merchandise 54 Grade Level Identity : Grade Level Identity 55 Slide 56: Identity System 56 Web Templates : Web Templates 57 Brand Rollout : Brand Rollout March April May August Internal Rollout External Launch 2010 June July State of the Council: Our Exciting Future! : State of the Council: Our Exciting Future! 100th Anniversary Year Showcase the Girl Scout Leadership Experience Advance the repositioned brand Raise a significant amount of money Increase membership and diversity Slide 60: Key Components High Visibility: Kick-off at 2011 National Convention Donor reception at National Convention Alumnae study results National & local displays exhibiting Girl Scout history Girl Scouts Forever Green—signature “take action” project Girls World Forum Statewide and council events Slide 61: Key Components Income-producing: Fundraising campaign Girl Scout Commemorative Coin Girl Scout merchandise Slide 62: 62 100th Anniversary Initiatives : 100th Anniversary Initiatives 63 Slide 64: 64 What Did You Do Today? : What Did You Do Today? Girl Scouts provides experiences that will challenge you – helping you figure out what you want to do with your life, taking you to incredible places, and bringing you to new heights of personal achievement. 65 Slide 66: 66 Slide 67: 67 Slide 68: 68 Slide 69: 69 Slide 70: 70 Slide 71: 71 Slide 73: 73 Slide 74: 74 Slide 76: 76 VIDEO : VIDEO http://www.girlscouts.org/news/gs_tv/temp_default.asp

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