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Published on February 7, 2008

Author: Rainero

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Trail’s End Popcorn System: Trail’s End Popcorn System for Unit Leaders Is it hard? How does it work?: Is it hard? How does it work? Log In Add your Scout List (optional but good!) Approve Scout Orders (also optional) Enter Unit Order Submit to Council Easy. You can also view your Unit commissions, order Trail’s End prizes and see a variety of information for your Unit in reports available in the Popcorn System! Slide 3: Go to www.Trails-End.com and Click the L E A D E R S Tab Click the Popcorn System link to log in with the Username and Password given by your Council, District or existing Unit Administrator. The first time you log in, confirm your email address and create your new password. Answer the Confirmation Email and you’re on your way! (If you have trouble getting the confirmation email, check spam filters.) The first time you log in… Create a Scout list… Why?: Record Scout sales and progress toward goals Create Scouts’ logins for the Trail’s End Popcorn System for SCOUTS Orderforms appear online for Scouts (If Council selects this option for Units to use) Packing slips for each Scout’s order (if Scout orderforms are used) Scout Accounts Receivable reports (if Scout orderforms are used) Key Codes for transfers and www.Orderpopcorn.com orders (if your Council participates in this program) Create a Scout list… Why? Create your Scout list: Create your Scout list Click Scouts from the Popcorn System Menu Bar Click Edit Scouts to add to or make changes to your Scout list As you save the Scouts’ first names and last initials, the Popcorn System generates Usernames, Passwords, and Key Codes automatically for each Scout! The Scout Indicator Checkbox The column heading will tell you which Scouts to check Sales credit for your Scouts: Sales credit for your Scouts If you have Scout Order Forms give your Scouts credit for Sales by entering their orders online. If you see Allocation Boxes (instead of order form links) enter the total dollar amount of Scouts’ retail sales. www.Orderpopcorn.com sales only count toward prize goals if your Council is able and allows them to be added to sales totals Entries on Orderforms and in Allocation Boxes give Scouts credit toward goals and prizes! Using Allocation boxes or Orderforms is a selection made by your Council If you are using Scout Order Forms: If you are using Scout Order Forms Approve all filled order lines on all of your Scout order forms. Any unapproved lines that are filled in will prevent submission of your Unit popcorn Order. Total lines from Scout orderforms may be entered on the first line, to save time and effort. You do not have to enter every customer’s order detail to give Scouts credit. Make sure you save your changes! Approved Scout orders automatically begin adding to your Unit order page as Scout Need. Submitting your Unit’s Popcorn order to your Council: Submitting your Unit’s Popcorn order to your Council Once you have approved all Scout orders (if you are using Scout orderforms in the Popcorn System) Go to your Unit popcorn order screen to enter the order, or make adjustments. “Orders” menu bar option, Click on the Order you wish to place from the resulting list of options Add or subtract in the Order Adjustment column to make the Actual Order to Council column what you need When your order is ready, click the Submit to Council button to send your Unit order to your Council. Order approval will be done by them. You can continue to adjust your Unit Order until your Council submits a total Council order with Trail’s End Once you have submitted a Unit order to Council, adjustments to Scout orderforms no longer change Unit orderform totals. A closer look at the Unit Order screen: A closer look at the Unit Order screen What your Scouts need appears in the first column, only if you are using the Scout orderforms in the Popcorn System. Enter, add or subtract quantities as needed, accounting for inventory you have from previous orders, or extra product you would like to add to your order. Save your work to finish later Or, Submit to Council if the order is complete. View your Unit Commission detail : View your Unit Commission detail Click “Orders” from the Popcorn System Menu Bar, and choose Unit Commission Your Council decides what Unit Commissions are (not Trail’s End) and checks the boxes for any extra incentives earned. This is also where you can choose cash instead of prizes, if your Council is using the Trail’s End Prize Program and offering a cash incentive option. Submitting your Trail’s End Unit Prize Order: Submitting your Trail’s End Unit Prize Order Click the “Orders” menu bar option Choose Scout Prize Order, if you are choosing or viewing Scout prize choices Choose Unit Prize Order, if you are ready to place your Unit’s prize order Enter address information and Unit prize choices. The ‘Scout Quantity Needed’ column will total Scout prize choices, only if Scout level choices were entered. If you include a valid email address, you will receive progress notifications about your prize order submission, shipment and expected delivery. Submit to Council, but you can only submit once! Your Unit Prize order can only be adjusted by your Council once submitted. Additional prizes must also be ordered by your Council once your Unit prize order has been submitted. Slide 12: A better look at Order Status Confirmations and Order Tracking If you include a valid email address, you will receive progress notifications about your prize order submission, shipment and expected delivery Slide 13: The www.Orderpopcorn.com Program Order Keys are generated automatically for Units and for Scouts as they are added to the Popcorn System. An Order Key Report can be run to learn what your Unit and Scout order keys are, from your Unit Leader login. If your Council has chosen to use the www.Orderpopcorn.com program, the order keys allow access to the online popcorn sale selections. If Council has not, order keys will not work on the site. Consumers can use your Unit and Scout order keys to place credit card orders at www.Orderpopcorn.com, earning additional commissions from distance and year round sales for your program! Orders for your Unit and Scouts can be viewed by clicking the “Orders” menu bar option. Choose the “Orderpopcorn.com Orders” selection to see order details. Commission is paid monthly to participating Councils, which is then paid by Councils to Units where order keys were used to make purchases. Beginning Fall 2007, some single container shipping will be available with added charges. Full case quantities will continue to be offered free of shipping charges. Chocolate items are seasonal and are offered on the website from October until Chocolate inventories are gone. Slide 14: Web-based Popcorn Sale Training at www.Trails-End.com For Scouts and for Leaders Reports for Unit Leaders (this list may change with system updates): Reports for Unit Leaders (this list may change with system updates) There is Help if you need it: There is Help if you need it Click the HELP menu bar option Task specific help documents in html or *.pdf formats Full Popcorn System manual for Unit Leaders in *.pdf format PowerPoint presentations to help you learn and use for meetings Or, email HELP@trails-end.com to email the helpdesk with your question or problem

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