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Published on March 16, 2009

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2009 SEA Panels The goal of “Industry Insight” is to offer real world experience and solutions for up and coming artists and industry people. All of our panels are free and open to the public, and we want all attendees to leave with ideas and knowledge that they can implement in their own careers immediately upon leaving the event. Knowledge 2009 is power, but only if you enact upon what you have learned. Coordinated and organized by industry veteran, Wendy Day, she has combined panelists at all levels of their careers for you to learn from and network with…at this event and beyond. Sponsors Thursday, Thursday’s panels are devoted to women in the urban music industry. This tribute to women is the brainchild of SEA Co-Founder Janiro Hawkins, and his ap- March 19, 2009 o Hang Em High Productions Open to both men and women, o Rap Coalition preciation for the contributions of what many women have brought to the industry. o DV8 Magazine o BCD Distribution 2 to 3:45pm Making Your Career Dreams Come True In this male dominated (and often misogynistic) industry, if you want to experience success, you will need to plan, focus, and work towards your goals every day. Our panel of strong, successful o Alpha Worldwide women will tell you what they have done to move their careers forward. You don’t need to “sleep you way to the top,” and we will prove that! Setting goals, developing a plan, and executing o Down Magazine that plan leads to success! These women have created lanes for themselves while paving the way for others to come up behind them. o Euphratez Flow Records MODERATOR: Wendy Day, Founder, Rap Coalition/CEO PowerMoves/Co-CEO In The Know Seminars --Kim Ellis, Editor, Street Report Magazine/Co-CEO, In The Know Seminars o Everise Media --Janie Jennings, President/Owner, Industry Works/ President/Owner, Pandemos Inc. o Fleet DJs --Ms Blessed o Hip Hop Friends --Jen “Ms. Rivercity” McKinnon, Media/PR/Promotions, Ozone Magazine o Homebase Promotions 4 to 6 pm Women In Hip Hop o Keep It Moving Records Women in Hip Hop have helped build numerous careers in urban music. Let’s look at the accomplishments women have made in the urban music industry including radio, artists’ lives, record labels, management, etc. Our focus will be how to catapult artists to the top and how to build stars. o Kink Magazine MODERATOR: Wendy Day, Founder, Rap Coalition/CEO PowerMoves/Co-CEO In The Know Seminars o Lady Mirage Models --Christal Jordan-Mims, Enchanted PR o Liquid Thoughts Publishing --Christina Clarke --Big Sue, WHRK 97.1 Memphis o Luv Entertainment Group --Miss B, Recording Artist o Mafia Life Entertainment o Money Graphics LLC Friday, To Make Money In The 20, 2009 March Music Industry o Ozone Magazine o Phat Apples Noon to 1:45 How o Pierce Management & PR Let’s look at the numerous ways artists can get money in today’s economy from selling music, to sponsorships, to endorsement deals, etc. There are many ways artists can get paid with their art form: TV, film, video games, digital downloads, ringtones, selling CDs, mixed tapes, mixed DVDs, endorsement deals, touring, selling beats, starting a label and putting on other artists, film o Platinum Bound Records scoring, royalties (performance, sales, synch fees, mechanicals), etc. If you aren’t supporting yourself with music, it’s just a hobby! o Profitable Productions MODERATOR: Wendy Day, Founder, Rap Coalition/CEO PowerMoves/Co-CEO In The Know Seminars o Project 8 Entertainment --Ron “Tricky” Montgomery, Producer --Young Buck, Recording Artist o Rane / Serato Scratch --G.I. (Young Buck, Tech9yne), Touring Consultant/Personal Assistant to Young Buck o South Streets DVD --Money, Recording Artist o Status J 2 to 3:45 So You Want To Be A Producer o Street Report Magazine Making money as a producer, selling tracks, collecting royalties, keeping your ownership and publishing, doing work on spec, indie vs major projects, how to build a lasting career, contracts and o Wet Dymes paperwork, production deals, etc--we will discuss all aspects important to a producer’s career. There are currently more producers in urban music than there is work, so we’ll talk about how to stand out, how to market yourself, and build a buzz that attracts artists and labels to your production. o Word On The Streets Magazine --Cha-Lo (Lil Wayne) o YoRaps.com --Joe The CEO (Franchise Boyz, Chopper City Boyz, Chrome, Frazier Boy, Yo Gotti) --Drumma Boy (Young Jeezy, Plies, Rocko, T.I.) 4 to 6 What The DJs Are Thinking DJs are the backbone of the music industry. This roundtable discussion will allow you to get into the mind of the DJs. What do they look for in music? Do they still break records? Are they all about the money? How do they make enough money to survive? And after they are done DJing, what’s next in their careers? How do they build a career in radio, or as a club or mixed tape DJ? SEA Staff --DJ Bigga Rankin --Tony Neal --DJ Drop --DJ Chuck T President/Co-Founder: Jesse “Dj Infamous” Johnson Saturday,Reaching The Urban Consumer 2009 March 21, E-Mail: pbrecords@msn.com Noon to 1:45 Finding and Vice President/Event Coordinator/Co-Founder: In a marketplace where reaching the consumer is growing more and more difficult, we will analyze the different ways to effectively reach the masses. Whether marketing or promoting music, or Janiro Hawkins II just building a serious buzz, we will discuss the best ways to spread the word. As sales are declining, it’s more important than ever for artists to build a movement and interact directly with the E-Mail: janiro@southernentawards.com fans. We will discuss how the digital and internet world are changing the face of music forever. --DJ Scorpio twitter: twitter.com/janiro --Big Swoll, The Definition, Inc/Streets On Swoll Phone: 615-397-7827 --PapaDuck, Recording Artist --OG Ron C, DJ/President, Go DJs (Houston) Co-Founder/Audio/Visual Director: --Amir Boyd, VP Promotions, Grand Hustle Brent “Dj Outlaw” Buford --DJ Chuck T E-Mail: outlaw_the_dj@hotmail.com --Damon, VP Go DJs (Houston) 2 to 3:45 Roccett To Success Conference Director Building a strong buzz is the most important aspect of building a career. We will look closely at the career of an up and coming artist, Roccett, and share knowledge that other artists can apply (conference inquires ONLY!): to their own careers in order to sky-roccett to success. This panel will offer real world advice to anyone trying to build a successful career with a limited budget and limited support. Wendy Day MODERATOR: Wendy Day, Founder, Rap Coalition/CEO PowerMoves/Co-CEO In The Know Seminars E-Mail: rapcoalition@aol.com --Roccett , Recording Artist --Rick Edwards , Manager/CEO Green Up Records Awards Ceremony Producer: --Jen “Ms. Rivercity” McKinnon, Media/PR/Promotions, Ozone Magazine Dwight Pope 4 to 6 pm Radio! Play My Song!! E-Mail: dpope@southernentawards.com Every artist feels they are better than what they hear every day on the radio. Are they? How do artists get radio spins? What do radio stations look for in urban songs? Do you have to pay for play? What value does urban radio play in this marketplace? What steps can artists follow to increase their chances of getting added to radio? What part do clubs and the streets play in Sponsorship/General radio spins? What relationships does an artists’ team need to approach radio? Are connections and relationships enough to get spins from the DJs? We will offer practical advice to those who Inquiries:www.southernentawards.com/sponsors are serious enough to listen and take notes! www.myspace.com/southernentawards --Devin Steele, Program Director, WHRK 97.1 Memphis --Mista Maine, MixShow, WRBJ 97.7 Jackson ] --Lester Pace, Set The Pace/Interscope Info/Mailing Address (send all material here): --DJ Bigg V, Core DJs Hang Em High Productions --Amir Boyd, Grand Hustle PO Box 331695 - Nashville, TN 37203 --Big Sue, Mid-Days Personality, WHRK 97.1 Memphis 4 - SEA SEA 1.indd 4 16/3/2009 17:11:13

STAFF CREDITS DEVIATE PUBLISHING PUBLISHER - Desmick Perkins Projects include... STaff WRITERS - Marquita Gonzalez, Krystal Hardy HOW WE RIDE MaGaZINE CONTRIBUTOR - DJ K Yung www.hwrmagazine.net DESIGN/LaYOUT - Jorge Leandro Rodrigues SEa MaGaZINE http://leandroworks.freehost10.com www.myspace.com/seamagazine leandro.works@gmail.com CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRaPHER - Derick Ross CRUNK MaGaZINE www.crunk-magazine.com WEBSITE - www.deve8magazine.com www.myspace.com/CRUNKMAGAZINE MYSPaCE - www.myspace.com/DV8MAGAZINE TWITTER - Deviatepub for more information on DV8 Magazine call 1.877.605.1976 or email us at info@deve8magazine.com Table of ConTenTs SEA Panels 4 DJ Wheezy 17 Itinerary 5 Don Diva Magazine 18 Nominees 36 - 45 Down Magazine 18 SEA Staff/Credits 4 Hater Proof – City Sleepers 28 Sponsors 4 Hip Hop Friends 19 It’s Cool to be Smart 19 J.HAR American Royalty 21 features JAWAR 20 Little Kids Rock 21 Atlantis Music Conference 6 Loose Conduct Modeling 21 B. the Great 6 Mr. Mack 23 Cash Capital Clothing 7 Ms Rivercity 22 Cheddar DVD 7 Myspace 26 D.W.I. 24 Mz. Trinity 26 Da Buz DVD 8 Nesha Lashay 23 Dee Dee Cocheta-Williams 8 NextUp Promotions 18 Destiny Raine 9 Nique – City Sleepers 28 DJ 2Mello 11 Ozy Reigns 27 DJ Aaries 11 P Dog/James M 27 DJ C Dub 12 Raw – City Sleepers 15 DJ Dimepiece 13 Taste of the South 33 – 35 DJ Finesse 14 Tears for Hope Foundation 31 DJ Ike G Da 15 Texas Summer Music Conference 31 DJ Lady Blaze 14 The Morton Sisters 22 DJ Lil Bee 9 TroubleSum 32 DJ Murk 16 Vanessa Phan 32 DJ Rage 16 Young Cartoon – City Sleepers 30 DJ Teknikz 17 YUMS 46 SEA - 5 SEA 1.indd 5 16/3/2009 17:11:15

B. the Great Exclusive Designs B. the Great Exclusive Designs was founded in 2003 by The purpose was to become the greatest platform for designer Becky Russell. In the beginning, the company was the discovery of new talent. Over the past decade, we under the name Futureairbrush, managed by Grass from have seen a myriad of changes within the Music Industry. Futurekicks in Queens, NY. Becky was hired to design custom The days where an artist MUST be signed to a label to t-shirts for his custom shoes. A year later, she branched out be successful are over. That’s not to say you shouldn’t on her own and designed custom apparel for clients in the aspire to be signed, that is still very much a dream for local music scene. By the middle of 2005, “Becky the Great” many artists; it’s just not as exclusive. With vast new had become a household name. She conquered the local rap outlets for music, the average person is exposed to more scene and all the major Nashville rappers were on her clientele music than ever before; which in return has paved the list. Through word of mouth, she caught the attention of major way for DIY artists. recording artists as well. She has designed for artists such as As the industry has evolved, so has Atlantis. Atlantis Young Buck, Anthony Hamilton, Ray Cash, The Kickdrums, 50 recognized early on, that by providing access, as well Cent, Lil Scrappy, Eminem, Rick Ross, Block (founder of Boyz N as education and opportunity through demo critiques, Da Hood), Nappy Roots, Yo Gotti, DJ Don Cannon, DJ Scream, multiple panels and A&R exposure, artists were Katt Williams, and David Banner, and even the legend “Crazy experiencing immediate results and going home with more Leggs” of the infamous “Rock Steady Crew”. She has also than they had when they arrived. Knowledge became designed for NFL players such as Mr. & Mrs. Culpepper, Clint the key factor in bridging the gap between being good Hart and Roman Oben (San Diego Chargers). to being extraordinary! Now, here we are on our tenth In 2008, she was awarded “Clothing Line of the Year” at year, showcasing 95% of the best unsigned talent from the Southern Entertainment Awards, while up against major all over the world! We have something to celebrate and clothing lines. She has taken over the “Custom Design” we want you to be a part of our biggest year yet! industry and set the bar much higher for those in her field. For the Artist who wants to be discovered and the industry Being a single mother, she has overcome many obstacles to that wants to discover the artist, Atlantis provides the tools get where she is and did it all alone with no help from a street team, managers, staff or partners. All has been done solely that make that happen. The Atlantis Music Conference through word of mouth. It is important to mention that she & Festival is the premier music event that continues feels she is bringing back the real defintion of “Original” due to bring the industry executives, musicians, and to the fact that her customers never have to worry about their music enthusiasts together! design being duplicated without permission. She is nominated once again for the 2009 Clothing Line of the Year, and if you are still not convinced she earned it again, take a look at her page, read her story, and feel free to look at her 200+ pics. 6 - SEA SEA 1.indd 6 16/3/2009 17:11:18

CHEDDAR With the manic influx of urban entrepreneurs invading the urban music industry, a handbook on how the hip-hop hustlers gained their success was needed. Cheddar DVD Magazine is that handbook. It has all the street grittiness of The Source Maga- zine, while delivering sound business knowledge like Black Enterprise. The cherry on the top is that Cheddar delivers an exclusive eyeful of the industry’s most seduc- tive, alluring ladies. Cheddar DVD is hip-hop’s premiere video magazine dedi- cated to promoting, entertaining, and educating the new urban entrepreneur. Being the originator of the first DVD magazine to showcase entrepreneurs, Cheddar DVD is dedicated to giving our audience an in-depth look at what it really takes to be a true entrepreneur. You will be entertained and educated with provocative, mindblowing footage ranging from today’s most influential chiefs in the hip-hop game, to the street’s most innovative urban hustlers all across the country. Check out our VIP access to celebs such as Russell Simmons JimJones, Pimp C, and more!!! Cheddar DVD Magazine is an industry boss that delivers admission into star-studded events such as the OZONE Awards, the Source Awards, and Justo Faison’s Mixtape Awards. Cheddar DVD strives to give our viewers celebrity status entry into the cribs and establishments of the young and rich. Each volume chronicles the struggles and successes of the entertainment industry’s elite, while revealing the blueprint to their success. Cheddar also prides itself on being a stage where only the hungriest street soldiers can earn their lyrical stripes. With that being said, where else can you get a chance to see money and hip-hop mesh so ingeniously... Cash Capital Clothing Cash Capital Clothing (C3) is a designer custom apparel company based in Florida whose market is worldwide! We are unique because we give our customers the opportunity to customize all of our apparel bling designs as well as the ability to design their own tees and apparel. Whether you purchase tees from the Cash Capital Collection or your own original design, each designer bling t-shirt is its own unique, one- of-a-kind piece. PLUS! You get the opportunity to choose your own t-shirt size, t-shirt color, t-shirt design and bling color. CashCapitalClothing.com is your online destination for the hottest in designer custom bling tees and urban/hip hop streetwear. www.cashcapitalclothing.com Deshawn White Deshawn White was born in Johnson City, TN and raised in Carver Projects. As a child growing up, he saw and became accustomed to violence and witnessed many people who were close to him die. As Deshawn was writing down a few of his thoughts one day, he noticed that these thoughts and his lifestyle would be perfect lyrics for a song. Deshawn’s goal was to become better and better at what he did, and as the years passed, he eventually gained respect from old school hometown rappers. Several small labels wanted him to sign but he decided to sign with JKA Records and stayed with them from 2000-2004. During his time with the label, he joined a group called the Ndividuals where he made a local buzz for himself. Deshawn left JKA Records for a while and came back to join the new chapter to JKA Records also known as “Full Grind/Cash Money Records”. Deshawn would like to give all of his fans a message, Respect life and respect the things you value because the good Lord will take them away. SEA - 7 SEA 1.indd 7 16/3/2009 17:11:21

DA BUZ DVD magazine Recognizing a void in the urban and hip-hop media resource outlet market, specifically in the south “DA BUZ” DVD magazine truly provides a refreshing perspective of urban journalism at its best. “DA BUZ” DVD magazine gives the consumer all the up-to-date entertainment reports they crave along with information vital to the urban community as a whole without the inconvenience of migraines from trying to focus on the fine print, the hassle of page turning, or the frustration of having to hunt for the one story you want to read. “DA BUZ” DVD magazine has made it virtually effortless for the consumer, providing via its contents, instant access to whatever story or feature peaks their interest. In addition, it provides the consumer with a feature a regular magazine can’t offer, the personal up-close “realness” one can’t interpret by just simply reading. With tons of bonus features, including behind the scenes footage, impromptu performances, exclusive interviews and exclusive world premier video,s it blows the traditional “paper-back” magazine away. The world should prepare itself for what “DA BUZ” DVD magazine has in store. “FROM DA STREETS TO THE SUITES” “GET STUNG” Dee Dee Cocheta-Williams President of A.B.C. Associates Entertainment Firm (www.abc-aef.com) Slamjamz roster to name a few. The company has done media relations and Ms. Cocheta lives by her hometown -- NIKE’S motto “Just Do It, balancing consulting for: BET Hip-Hop Awards, Turner South, Hosea Feed The Hungry, all of her passions - realizing her seven life goals that she set forth at Tanqueray Soul Suite, Playwright – Nedra Simone, National Black Arts Festival, the age of 11. Indigenous to the Yakama Tribe, a HipHop enthusiast Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes Foundation, Atlanta HipHop Film Festival, Ryan Cameron and culturist, Dee Dee is widely known as the “HipHop Mama,” a 20- Foundation, Fashion Stylist – Kim Maxwell and UniverSoul Circus. Dee Dee’s year entrepreneur and veteran in the entertainment industry, clients have received exposure in every media outlet category from internet, who tries to maintain balance in her life between her seven TV, radio, to print. Specifically, receiving routine coverage in Vibe, XXL, Source, children, husband of 20 years and as an owner of her BRE, Billboard, Black Enterprise, Jet, Essence, Honey, Upscale, Sister 2 Sister, own PR & Marketing - A.B.C. Associates Entertainment Women Sports Illustrated, Parents, Movie Makers, Salon City and Rolling Out Firm (dba A.B.C. Publicity) based in Atlanta, GA with UrbanStyle Weekly. Through her relationships and perseverance, Dee Dee’s an office in NY. clients and products have been extended invitations to appear/be heard on Dee Dee first made her mark in the entertainment BET, MTV, VH1, FOX News, TV One, CNN, Montel Williams, Tom Joyner Radio industry in 1985 as a hair show model for Paul Show, Yolanda Adams Radio Show, Michael Baisden Radio Show and BET Mitchell while in high school. This is when she became Awards to name a few. enthralled in beginning to build a career booking Additionally Dee Dee is the Atlanta/SE Network Advisor for NABFEME artists, promoting concerts, developing community (National Association of Black Female Executives in Music and relation campaigns and fundraising efforts for non-profit Entertainment) and serves as an Advisory Board Member to SOFRAS organizations. At the time, she had no idea what she (Society of Future Recording Artists & Songwriters) and one of the was doing, yet knew it would match with her goals Founding Board Members of Black Music Month Foundation. Furthermore, in life. She went on to be the first in her family to Dee Dee’s passion and inspiration is to continue empowering upcoming receive a college degree and graduated from Clark artists who wants to make a difference in not only their lives but others. Atlanta University with a BA in Marketing where Dee Dee doesn’t like the word activist and prefers to be called a ‘change she honed her marketing skills at Radio One’s agent’ - fundamental as a mentor - listening, consistently supporting others affiliate Magic 107.5 as a Marketing Director and lending sound advice. Additionally, Dee Dee speaks to numerous creating multi-million dollar promotions. As organizations and schools about life goals and purpose, leadership roles, most careers in entertainment and radio entrepreneurial direction and being a mother Dee Dee’s motivation, you specifically shift with the dials changing; may ask? She looks to her mentor - THE MOST HIGH to assist her in ultimately she was let go. Recognizing her own assist in combating social ills to help move this nation forward. On her path inner “guerilla marketing” entrepreneurial of goal setting, Dee Dee’s final three objectives are to write a book (11 spirit, Dee Dee set out to launch A.B.C. years in the making), direct a film and create an Educational and Business Associates Entertainment Firm. Development Center focusing on teaching the youth to become leaders Since 1999, Dee Dee has consulted, and entrepreneurs. She’s been on her own since the age of 15 and thus coordinated publicity efforts for music has acquired the knowledge of how to hustle for food and shelter, insight events, conducted media training, and that she now applies to her everyday business life. Dee Dee declares, developed public relations strategies for “There are no time for failures and no excuses. Faith is not just knowing but hundreds of indie artists that have included doing and I am a living my movement.” For more information on Dee Dee Killer Mike, DJ Benny D, KRS One, Tony “The HipHop Mama” Cocheta or A.B.C. Associates PR & Marketing Firm: Terry, Producer Isaac “Ike Dirty” Hayes, www.abc-aef.com or www.myspace.com/deedeecocheta III, Rudy Currence, Cherish and Chuck D’s 8 - SEA SEA 1.indd 8 16/3/2009 17:11:24

Destiny Raine DestinyRaine began her modeling career in 2006 under the name of Destiny. During this time she didn’t think much of modeling and continuing higher learning in college. After reviewing and researching the model industry, due to an assignment given by a teacher at school, she decided to really pursue her interest in modeling. In late 2007, her model name was changed to DestinyRaine as an evolution of Destiny. Since then, she has had a great pleasure in working with several photographers within Nashville, Memphis and Atlanta. DestinyRaine calls herself “the model with 1000 arms” because she has her hands in everything from modeling in videos to being a cheerleader/dancer for a Semi-Pro team. DestinyRaine remains humble and has not allowed her local fame to go to her head. While she is grateful for everything, she can’t wait to see what 2009 has in store for her and looks forward to graduating in the spring. DJ LIL BEE The hottest DJ on the ones and twos representing Durham (Bull City), North Carolina is the one and only Bryant Russ aka DJ Lil Bee, also know as the Blendspecialist. He has been making music since 1988, he created his first mix tape, that was over 20 years ago and he is still going harder than ever. DJ Lil Bee is one of the real DJs. His undeniable love for music and his community and his children keep him grounded and making music for you to bounce to. He still scratches, and that is why he is the blendspeacialist. He has put out over 60,000 mixtapes. He is most recog- nized mixtape was 20 Years Later, The Year of the SWAGG, hosted by the legendary Big Daddy Kane. He has joined forces with artist like Blood Raw(CTE),Platinum Producer Kenoe(No Limit),B.G., Lil Flip and Huey(Hits Committee). He was recognized and was featured on MTVs Mixtape Monday. Lil Bee has also been nominated two years in a row @ the southern entertainment awards 4 best blend mix tape. While continuing to rock the party wher- ever he goes, DJ Lil Bee plans to do more for his community. He would like to give the inner city youth something to look for- ward to. He wants them to know that they can be anything they want to be as long as they put their minds to it. He created some artist that you are sure to hear in the 09. The sky is the limit! SEA - 9 SEA 1.indd 9 16/3/2009 17:11:30

SEA 1.indd 10 16/3/2009 17:11:32

DJ 2Mello After having spent years in Jamaica as a young boy, following the likes of such sound systems as Stone Love Movements and Killamanjaro, DJ 2Mello dreamed of one day becoming a deejay and having an ability to hold a crowd in the palm of his hands like they did. Early in adulthood that was not to be as the everyday necessities of life took their toll and DJ 2Mello was forced to put his dreams on hold. In 2003, DJ 2Mello decided after much thought to get back to his first love, music. He then purchased 2 belt drive turntables and a mixer and in the basement of his home in Baltimore he began to hone his skills as a deejay with the help of his cousin and brother for guidance. After having gained the confidence it takes as a deejay to rock venues, DJ 2Mello ventured into the club circuit with his first residency coming in 2004 at The GreenMount Lounge in Baltimore City. He then went on to play at several different clubs in the Baltimore/Washington area for the next 2 years. In 2006, DJ 2Mello found that he could reach a wider and more varied audience with the use of mixtapes as his tool and that summer Undercover RnB his signature mixtape series was born. Since then DEEJAY 2Mello has been interviewed by such websites as rapmullet.com, rapcommunity.de, blakmarket. net, front2backmagazine.de and awready.com. He has also appeared in several issues of Ozone Magazine’s Top 20 Mixtapes and also has had featured mixtapes on MTV Mixtape Mondays. In January of 2008, DJ 2Mello was rewarded for his consistent efforts in putting out quality mixtapes with a Southern Entertainment Award in the category Best Dance/Party Mixtape and was also recognized for those efforts again at the Justo Mixtape Awards with a nomination for Best RnB Mixtape DJ. DJ 2Mello’s dream as a young boy has become reality, he has garnered the respect of his peers in the industry and gained worldwide acclaim within the mixtape art form and as always the love he has for music will continue to fuel his desire to always be the best! DJ AARIES DJ Aaries got his start out as a DJ doing college, high school, and house parties. Those experiences started out as him opening up for other DJ’s, but progressively grew week by week to the point where he was hosting parties himself all over South Carolina. “I like having the people participate, it ain’t just me playing the music, and people dance” when asked what contributes to his early success as a DJ. As his name grew in South Carolina as one of the biggest DJ’s, DJ Aaries decided to relocate West to Atlanta to put himself into a better position to be able to expose artists. Moving to Atlanta seemed like an easy move due to the amount of Hip-Hop that was in the city, but coming from a slower paced area such as South Carolina proved to provide minor problems. “It was so crazy because I didn’t know any of the music. When I got here I was still playing songs that was dated for the clubs that were here.” He began to work with Atlanta independent artists, with some receiving radio play, award nominations, and going on to become a success. While all of that was happening with the artists, his name continued to cultivate throughout Atlanta and in the South. With the growing popularity as a DJ, DJ Aaries has managed to be a part of BET’s “Rap City” multiple times and is one of the new faces of Roc-A-Wear with the “I Will Not Lose” campaign. He also started “Hood Hard TV,” which currently airs in eight markets and the internet. The show is based around providing advice to artists and in a sense is similar to the classic TV show “Yo! MTV Raps.” He also co-organized with Word On The Streets Magazine the “Hood Hard Day Conference,” which is free to DJ’s and Media. The conference has had attendees such as DJ Kid Capri, Remy Martin, and Wendy Day. DJ Aaries also takes enormous pride in creating the Hood Hard DJ’s, an alliance of 150 DJ’s. They do not service music like record pools, but actually are more hands on with artists. To date the group has had their hands on in breaking records such as Nappy Roots “Good Day” and V.I.C.’s “Get Silly” which was their first of- ficial record as Hood Hard Hitmakers. SEA - 11 SEA 1.indd 11 16/3/2009 17:11:35

DJ C DUB First, giving honor to God who is the head of my life. It all started at the age of 16, working his first job at the Rivergate Skate Center where he began learning about different genres of music. There he started deejay- ing for the kids and old school skate parties. Corey “DJ C-DUB” Gray is a 22 year old senior at Tennessee State University with a concentration in Mass Communication. He is an intern at 92Q WQQK where the program director, Kenny Smoov, teaches C-DUB the knowledge of radio. C-Dub is a part of the programming department at WTST campus radio. He also does a live mix-show Mon-Fri on www.tsuradio.com to get your day started and motivated. Constructing mixtapes, participating in DJ battles, hosting parties, traveling, and attending DJ/Music conferences are just some of the things he does to stay focused on his goals. He has also had the opportunity to be a part of the professional public relations showcase (PPR 101) and conference acting as a judge on the panel to give the perspective of a DJ. DJ C-Dub is a 2009 nominee for Southern Entertainment Award (SEA) for Mix-tape Rookie. DUB Entertainment Foundation is a non-profit organization he started to help educate and promote safe sex and HIV/AIDS awareness. Volunteering at the community centers, dee- jaying for the kids, and going to middle schools are just some of the community service projects he’s involved in. C-Dub has been on the road doing shows on the Bow Wow tour and concert shows for Young Buck, “Rip” Cashville Ace, and The-Dream. DJ C-DUB is a true humbling example of what it takes to make it in this industry! DJ Diamond Kuts Skill is defined as the ability, coming from one’s knowledge and practice, to do something well. Diamond Kuts is the first and only female mixer to have a slot on Philadelphia Radio. Her Saturday night show on Power 99 from 9 pm to 2 am caters specifically to the crowd headed to the clubs and her mix does just that. She has also, been added to Philly’s number one morning show on Power 99 to get the people of Philadelphia moving in the mornings, along with Friday nights at 8pm. Recently Diamond has just been hired at BET to co-host the new hip hop show titled “The Deal” which will take the place of Rap City on BET’s network. Born Tina Dunham, a native of Philadelphia, DJ Diamond Kuts always had an affinity for music. However, it wasn’t until her father gave her a DJ starter kit for Christmas that she knew just how she was going to leave her mark on the entertainment industry. Before her radio career took off, Kuts put a series of mixtapes out that caused the streets of Philadelphia to take notice. “I started to get my buzz by dropping mixtapes when I was in school. I felt that the only way to keep my name out there was to drop tapes every month.” People would line up to get one of her mixtapes and she turned that hustle into a career. With influences like Cosmic Kev, Coca Chenelle, Jazzy Joyce and Beverly Bonds, DJ Diamond Kuts decided to perfect her craft and make it her life’s work. After practicing in her basement and hanging out at Armand’s Records with DJ Fat Cat, Diamond starting DJing at a local sneaker store in Philadelphia called Sneaker Villa and spinning in 21 and over clubs at the age of 18. In July of 2005, Diamond got her big radio break spinning on Power 99’s Mix Master Weekend for the first time. “After I spun for the Mix Master Week- end I got a call from my APD, Kashon Powell. She called me in for an interview and a week later I was hired at Power 99.” Diamond’s first position at the station was a 2 to 3 am slot on Saturday mornings until her PD, Thea Mitchem, was convinced that she should be placed on a more prime time slot and gave her the 9pm to 2am slot on Saturday nights. Diamond Kuts is the official tour DJ for Lil Mama on Jive Records. She started touring with Lil Mama in March 2007 and has traveled all over the world including just coming off of the Chris Brown Tour. Diamond Kuts won the DJ Jazzy Joyce Award at the 2nd Annual Beverly Bonds, “Black Girls Rock Awards” and has appeared on BET’s Rap City, 106 & PARK, and MTV’s Total Request Live. She has appeared at the Author Ashe US Open telecasted on CBS and Diamond is also a member of the very influential Murda Mamis, a clique that consists of some of the most talented women in the entertainment industry. Many say Diamonds love for music is equal to her fathers love for Hip Hop. Diamond Kuts’ father was legendary Philly MC and hip-hop pioneer Grand Tone, who was a member of the Grand Masters of Funk. When asked about her career as a female DJ, she simply replies, “I want to be a good DJ, period. A lot of female DJs are satisfied just with being called a female DJ

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