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Published on June 24, 2009

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2009 Social Recruitment Survey Results

2009 Social Recruitment Survey Results Executive Summary This report contains results of the second annual Jobvite Social Recruitment Survey, which found that employers are not just recruiting on professional online networks now, but also recruiting extensively on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. The survey also found that employers are more satisfied with the quality of candidates from employee referrals and social networks than those from job boards. As a result, companies intend to invest more in these cost-effective candidate sources in 2009, rather than job boards and other traditional sources, including search firms. The majority of those surveyed are planning to invest more in social recruiting. 76 percent plan to invest in employee referrals and 72 percent plan to increase their use of social networks while a majority say they will invest less in more costly sources, including job boards, third-party recruitment and campus recruiting. This echoes the results of Jobvite’s 2008 Social Recruit- ment Survey, in which 68 percent of recruiters said they would increase their use of referrals and employees’ networks. The survey results showed that 80 percent of companies use or are planning to use social networking to find and attract candidates this year. Among those using social network sites for recruiting, LinkedIn is now used by 95 percent of respondents and Facebook use grew from 36 percent in 2008 to 59 percent in 2009. A new addition, Twitter, ranks third with 42 percent of recruiters using the tool to source candidates. Employee referrals and internal transfers are the most highly rated sources in terms of quality of candidates generated. However, employee involvement in referrals is still low. Only 15 percent of respondents said that they extensively tap employees’ social and professional networks for hiring, while the majority said they “somewhat” utilized employee networks. An average of one-third of employees participate in referrals, indicating there is untapped potential for employee referrals. The 2009 Jobvite Social Recruitment Survey was conducted online between April 30 and May 15, 2009. The survey was completed by individuals responding to an invitation on the Jobvite website or to an invitation emailed to human resource and talent management professionals. 438 individuals completed the 23 question survey. Respondents answered questions using an online survey tool. Response data is available only in aggregate form. About Jobvite Jobvite is used by companies to manage all aspects of hiring in an easy to use Web 2.0 platform. Jobvite is the only eRecruit- ment application that powers word of mouth marketing for jobs. Jobvite engages people to send targeted job invitations to contacts in their social networks and helps companies make high quality hires at lower cost. Customers of the Software-as- a-Service application include leading edge companies like Advent, Infinera, SupportSoft, TiVo and Zappos.com. For more information, visit www.jobvite.com. Copyright ©2009 Jobvite, Inc. 2

2009 Social Recruitment Survey Results Social Networks 1. Do you or your company use social networking or 2. Which social networking sites do you or your social media to support recruitment efforts? company use to find candidates? Check all that apply. Plan to Begin Don't Know LinkedIn 95% This Year 2% Facebook 59% 13% Twitter 42% No Other 13% Yes 17% 68% MySpace 11% Ning 10% None 1% 3. Why do you use online social networks for recruiting? Check all that apply. Reach Passive Jobseekers 77% Low Cost Candidate Source 74% Source of Hard-to-Find Skills or Experience 72% Good Way to Find Our Target Candidates 72% Identify Potential Candidates Before a Requisition Opens 60% Promote Jobs or Employment Brand to a Target 59% Other 3% Don't Use Them 2% 4. Have you successfully hired a candidate through an online social network? Don't Know 12% Questions 2, 3, and 4 were completed only by No Yes the respondents who answered affirmatively 22% 66% that they are using or planning to use social networks to support recruitment in question 1. These respondents account for 81% of the total responses. Copyright ©2009 Jobvite, Inc. 3

2009 Social Recruitment Survey Results 5. What percentage of candidates disclose their 6. What tools do you use to research candidates? social networking presence to you? Check all that apply. Disclose LinkedIn 76% 24% Search Engine 67% Call References 61% Facebook 44% Twitter 21% Other Social Networking Sites 14% Other 11% MySpace 10% None 5% 7. What type of candidates does your company find through traditional employee referrals and online social networking referrals? Check all that apply. Mid-level / Manager (3-6 years of experience) 77% Entry-level (1-2 years of experience) 76% Senior-level / Director (7-10 years of experience) 62% Executive / VP 44% C-level 28% Don’t know 5% Not applicable 3% Traditional Mid-level / Manager (3-6 years of experience) 51% Senior-level / Director (7-10 years of experience) 43% Entry-level (1-2 years of experience) 34% Executive / VP 27% C-level 13% Not applicable 7% Don’t know 5% Online Copyright ©2009 Jobvite, Inc. 4

2009 Social Recruitment Survey Results Candidate Sources 8. In what candidate sources are you/your company investing more and less this year? Check all that apply. Employee referrals 76% 3rd party recruiters/search firms 72% Social networks 72% Job boards 57% Corporate career site 64% Campus recruiting 45% Direct sourcing 58% Direct sourcing 21% Internal transfers 55% Internal transfers 18% Campus recruiting 29% Corporate career site 17% Job boards 26% Other 12% 3rd party recruiters/search firms 9% Social networks 11% Other 7% Employee referrals 8% More Less 9. Rate your satisfaction with the quality of candidates from 10. What percentage of your company’s total these sources. 1 is the least satisfaction and 10 the most. vacancies are listed on paid job boards? Employee Referrals 8.1 Listed Not Listed 57% 43% Internal Transfers 7.8 Direct Sourcing 7.2 Corporate Career Site 6.7 Social Networks 6.7 Other 6.2 Campus Recruiting 5.8 Job Boards 5.7 3rd Party Recruiters/Search Firms 5.4 Copyright ©2009 Jobvite, Inc. 5

2009 Social Recruitment Survey Results Referrals 11. How extensively do you feel you tap into 12. What percentage of your employees participate your employees’ social and professional in referring candidates? networks for hiring? Not At All 25% Extensively 15% average 31% 13. What percentage of total vacancies do you fill by referral? Somewhat 60% average 29% 14. What percentage of jobs at your company carry a referral bonus? average 63% Hiring Plans 15. Did your company conduct layoffs during the past 12 months? Yes No 59% 41% Copyright ©2009 Jobvite, Inc. 6

2009 Social Recruitment Survey Results 16. What are your hiring plans in 2009? Check all that apply. Making new (growth) full time-hires 50% Making only full-time replacement hires (no new growth hires) 35% Plans are uncertain/Don’t know 27% Adding contractors or part-time hires 24% Not hiring at all 5% The next three questions were completed by the 66% of respondents that are either making new (growth) full-time hires, making only full-time replacement hires (no new growth hires) or adding contractors or part-time hires. 17. How many hires (new or replacement) is your company 18. If you are hiring, what level of experience planning to make in the remainder of 2009? will you hire? Check all that apply. Over 250 Mid-Level 76% 51 to 250 10% Entry-Level 55% 11 to 50 Senior-Level 47% 1 to 10 34% 18% Executive/VP 15% All Levels 15% C-Level 5% 38% 19. Do you plan on hiring employees to fill recruitment, staffing or talent acquisition positions? No, not hiring at all 50% Plans are uncertain/Don’t know 24% Yes, making new full-time hires 12% Yes, making replacement hires only 10% Yes, adding new contract or part-time staffing positions 4% Copyright ©2009 Jobvite, Inc. 7

2009 Social Recruitment Survey Results Demographics 20. How many employees does your company have? 21. What’s your role in recruiting at your company? 5,000+ Other 12% 1,001 to 5,000 CXO 2% 15% 20% 501 to 1,000 HR VP 5% Recruiter 31% 251 to 500 101 to 250 21% 1 to 100 17% HR Manager Dir. Of Staffing 12% 15% 18% Sourcer 4% Consultant 4% HR Director 12% HR Generalist 10% Hiring Manager 2% 22. What type of organization do you work for? 23. What industry do you work in? Independent Consultant Other 5% Transportation Energy 4% Recruitment Agency Services and Storage 6% 2% 4% Independent Contractor 5% Employer Recruitment 89% Agency Technology 6% 33% Retail and Wholesale 6% Healthcare 6% Public Service, Finance and Education, Recreation Insurance 10% 8% Communication 8% Manufacturing 8% Copyright ©2009 Jobvite, Inc. 8

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