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Information about 2009 ABC Green Building Class Presentation

Published on June 26, 2009

Author: petersenengineering

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June 4, 2009 Presented By: James Petersen, PE Petersen Engineering, Inc. ABC Green Building Class Energy Efficiency: Heating, Cooling and Lighting


Figure 1, Annual combined natural gas and electricity consumption. 2006 and 2007 display significant savings resulting from first round of energy efficiency measures. Target rates assume a goal of 75% gas and 25% electricity mix given as a typical mix for a building with this occupancy in this region from the EnergyStar Target Finder Program.

Figure 2, Annual energy cost per square foot of space. Over the span of this data the average annual price of natural gas has increased from $0.74/therm in 2000 to $1.38/therm in 2008 with the latest gas price for April 2008 at $1.53/therm.

Figure 3, Monthly electricity usage. Note the significant reduction starting in October 2005 when energy efficiency measures started to be implemented.

Figure 4, Monthly natural gas usage. Natural gas also experienced a significant reduction in use following implementation of energy efficiency measures. Note however an increase in natural gas usage during the 2007-2008 heating season starting in November 2007. There also is likely more room for improvement in the summer time gas usage.

Figure 5, Annual Electrical Usage. 2006 experienced a 27% reduction from the average of 2002 through 2005 usage. 2007 had a 37% reduction from the same period and 2008 is thus far tracking for similar results.

Figure 6, Annual Electricity Costs. In 2006 and 2007 energy efficiency measures saved $82,566 in electricity costs from the 2005 annual costs.

Figure 7, Annual natural gas usage. 2006 and 2007 experienced a more than 50% reduction in natural gas usage from the average of 2002 through 2004 usage. The weather adjusted data normalizes the natural gas data for the average number of heating degree days for 2000 through 2007.

Figure 8, Annual natural gas costs. In 2005, 2006 & 2007 energy efficiency measures saved $93,369 from the peak cost of 2004. These savings were despite the fact that the average annual gas cost per therm increased from $0.93/therm in 2004 to $1.34 in 2007.

Figure 9, Heating Season natural gas usage. Note that the most recent heating season experienced a 40 % increase in weather adjusted gas consumption over the previous year. This finding reverses the trend of declining gas usage since the energy efficiency measures were implemented in 2005.

Figure 10, Heating season natural gas costs. The 2007-2008 heating season experienced an increase in natural gas costs of $17,750 over the previous year. This is despite the fact that the average cost per therm for gas dropped from $1.54/therm in 2006-2007 to $1.37/therm in 2007-2008. the total cost of the increased gas usage thus is over $24,000.

Figure 11, Annual heating degree days for Rochester, NH. Rochester was used as the basis for normalizing the natural gas use for winter weather intensity.

Figure 12, Annual cooling degree day’s for Rochester, NH. Normalizing electricity use to weather data is difficult without additional metering to separate HVAC loads from plug and lighting loads. Data provided for reference only.

























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