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Published on January 13, 2009

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Chelsea Green's 2008 Fall/Winter Catalog with Backlist.

Chelsea Green Fall/Winter 2008

An Open Letter to the Book Publishing Community For more than 20 years, Chelsea Green has been the publishing leader for books on the politics and practice of sustainable living. We are a founding member of the Green Press Initiative and have been printing books on recycled paper since 1985, when we published our first list. One of the books on that list was The Man Who Planted Trees, an ecological fable by the great French writer Jean Giono, which has become one of the most inspirational books about environmental restoration ever published. Since that time we have continued to lead the industry both in terms of content – foundational books on renewable energy, green building, organic agriculture, eco-cuisine, and ethical business – and in terms of environmental practice, printing 95% of our books on recycled paper, containing a minimum 30% postconsumer waste and 100% whenever possible. This past year we launched a Green Partnership Program, the first step in creating a “zero-waste” publishing model. A key part of this initiative is eliminating the incredibly wasteful and inefficient practice of book returns. In exchange for buying on a nonreturnable basis, our retail partners (now over 30 key independent bookstores around the country) receive higher discounts, freight-free, carbon-offset shipping, and a host of other “preferred customer” benefits. The results to date are impressive: an overall 87% increase in net sales over the same period the prior year, reductions in costly returns processing and unnecessary shipping by both parties (our overall returns rate for last year was 18%), and a demonstration that doing the environmentally responsible thing also benefits the bottom line, both for publisher and retailer. This is a perfect example of what is called a “triple bottom line” approach, one that benefits people, planet, and profits – the emerging model for sustainable business in the 21st century. The book industry is poised to go green. The Green Press Initiative has made major progress in getting the largest houses to sign on, and I applaud everyone for their efforts to increase recycled content, reduce energy use, and minimize waste. But we can’t stop there. We need to take on the issue of returns and we need to do it now. Drastic climate change is upon us, and we can no longer tolerate a system that overproduces, oversells, and overships 30-40% of its product, a product – at least for now – that is made of paper and which requires enormous amounts of nonrenewable energy to transport. And paper manufacturing is hardly benign: It is the fifth most energy-intensive industry – ahead of aluminum and mining – and the fifth-highest emitter of toxic emissions, beating out hazardous waste recovery, electrical equipment, and plastics. There is no longer any reason to continue a practice that got its start in the Depression as a way to sell crossword puzzle books! We need to come together and solve this problem with a triple-bottom-line approach. Clearly there is a win-win solution, as we have demonstrated with our Green Partnership Program. We welcome other publishers and booksellers to join us in our efforts. Margo Baldwin President and Publisher CHELSEA GREEN Believes in Protecting the Environment. Please Save This Catalog! Environmental Audit This catalog was printed using 100% postconsumer-recycled paper, processed chlorine-free and manufactured using biogas energy. The use of 5,522 lb. of FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)-certified Rolland Silva Enviro100 Print instead of virgin-fibers paper for this printing reduces this catalog’s ecological footprint by: • 47 Trees • 2,983 lb. Solid Waste • 28,151 Gallons Water • 18.9 lb Particles Suspended in Water • 6,550 lb. Air Emissions 6,825 ft 3 Natural Gas • Printed in Canada by Marquis

contents contents 02 Nature & Environment 02 Ethical Marketplace 19 Science/Sciencewriters 26 subjects Gardening & Agriculture 29 Food/Health/Travel 43 Spirituality & Simple Living 49 Green Building 55 08 Renewable Energy 61 Politics & Social Justice 63 Chelsea Green Kids 67 Other Products 69 Holy Roller 02 Not One Drop 04 26 How the Rich Are Destroying the Earth 05 Exposed 06 Gaviotas 07 Spell of the Tiger 08 Journey of the Pink Dolphins 09 new releases Green Living Handbook 10 The Transition Handbook 11 The Gort Cloud 19 21 A Bee’s-Eye View of and Inquiry into the Nature of SLOW MONEY 20 Finding the Sweet Spot 21 Mortgage Free! 22 Companies We Keep 23 Thinking in Systems 26 Fresh Food from Small Spaces 29 Gaia’s Kitchen 43 29 Organic Places to Stay in the UK 43 The Local Foods Wheel 45 Open Spaces Sacred Places 49 Returning to My Mother’s House 51 • 802.295.6300

02 memoir New HOLY ROLLER Release Growing Up in the Church of Knock Down, Drag Out; or, How I Quit Loving a Blue-Eyed Jesus -A Childhood Memoir- Diane Wilson In this rollicking memoir, Diane Wilson—a Texas Gulf Coast shrimper and the author of the highly acclaimed An Unreasonable Woman—takes readers back to her childhood in rural Texas and into her family of Holy Rollers. By night at tent revivals, Wilson gets religion from Brother Dynamite, an ex-con who finds Jesus in a baloney sandwich and handles masses of squirming poisonous snakes under the protection of the Holy Ghost. By day, Wilson scratches secret messages to Jesus into the paint on her windowsill and lies down in the middle of the road to see how long she can sleep in between passing trucks. Holy Roller is a fast-paced, hilarious, sometimes shocking experience readers won’t soon forget. It is the prequel to Wilson’s first book, telling the story of the Texas childhood of a fierce little girl who will grow up to become An Unreasonable Woman, take on Big Industry, and win. One of the best Southern writers of her generation, Wilson’s voice twangs with a style and accent all its own, as true and individual as her boundless originality and wild youth. Praise for An Unreasonable Woman “An Unreasonable Woman will stand as one of this nation’s Pub Date: October 2008 greatest works of nonfiction. I have never read a book quite like $24.95 US, $27.50 CAN • HC this one, and worry already that I might not yet again.” 9781933392820 —Rick Bass, author of The Lives of Rocks and Colter 51/2 x 81/2 • 240 pages • B&W photo insert “What a terrific book. I don’t often gush, but this book had me Also by Diane Wilson fascinated from the first page and whomper-jawed half the time. A voice like Diane Wilson’s—working-class woman with five kids—is so rare . . . And to write this well is a stunning achievement.” —Molly Ivins, award-winning columnist and best-selling author Diane Wilson, a fourth-generation shrimper, began fishing the bays off the AN UNREASONABLE WOMAN Gulf Coast of Texas at the age of eight. A True Story of Shrimpers, Politicos, By twenty-four she was a boat captain. Polluters, and the Fight for Seadrift, Texas In 1989, while running her brother’s fish Diane Wilson house at the docks and mending nets, Foreword by Kenny Ausubel she read a newspaper article that listed $27.50 US • HC • 9781931498883 her home of Calhoun County as the $18.00 US • PB • 9781933392271 most polluted place in the country. Her 6 x 9 • 391 pages ensuing work on behalf of the people and aquatic life of Seadrift, Texas, An Unreasonable Woman is a novelistic tale of where she still lives, has won her a number of awards, including the National heroism and skulduggery that plays out against a Fisherman Magazine Award, Mother Jones’s Hell Raiser of the Month, Louis Gibbs’ backdrop of colorful outlaw shrimpers and crooked politicians, enviro-activists and informants, grudges Environmental Lifetime Award, Louisiana Environmental Action (LEAN) and murder, betrayal and redemption. This book Environmental Award, Giraffe Project, Jenifer Altman Award, Blue Planet Award, heralds the arrival of a vital new literary voice and and Bioneers Award. She is cofounder of Code Pink and continues to lead the fight introduces us to a daring, hopeful women’s activism for social justice. that the times demand. • 802.295.6300

03 memoir from the book Advance praise for Holy Roller “How in the world does Texas turn out so many sassy, silver-tongued agitators like Ann Richards, Molly Ivins—and now, Diane Wilson? Holy Roller helps answer that question . . . Any reader who loves Harper Lee, Carson McCullers, or Flanner y O'Connor will find much to savor and admire in this mesmerizing tale of growing up among shrimp fishermen on the Texas bayous.” —Lisa Alther, best-selling author of Kinfolks and Kinflicks “This book is hothothot. Sizzling hot, hot as hellfire. Once again, Diane Wilson totally enthralls me with her one-of-a-kind voice and exotic material. My mouth is agape.” —Janisse Ray, author of Ecology of a Cracker Childhood wife said Deuteronomy or Ecclesiastes. So the same girl won H oly Rollers loved missionaries. Hey, I loved missionaries, every time, and the pastor’s wife always handed her the same too. They were the generals in God’s army. That’s why I was prize—a scrapbook full of pictures of Christians wearing a Junior Missionette (girls nine to twelve years old and namesakes heavy coats at a revival somewhere in Alaska. We didn’t know for the real thing). Missionettes always met on Sunday evening who they were. right before the night church service so we could get from one church thing to the next church thing without indulging in any Being a Junior Missionette didn’t take up all my time. There worldly nonsense like riding around in cars and chewing gum. was leftover time for the gypsy drawing. There was leftover We all wore the same Missionette uniform, too. White shirt time for the windowsill messages. Then there was time for (purity and submission), navy blue skirt (labor for the Lord), and hiding. But almost as good as the hiding was seeing how long a little gold pin (golden streets of glory), stamped with an M in I could sleep in the middle of the road before a truck came. So the middle, and pinned to our shoulder. We’d sit around a metal far I have made it six days with nothing major happening table in an empty part of the church—ten little girls number- except the sun coming out from behind a cloud and blistering painting Jesus’s face in oil and eating vanilla wafers and drinking me. I was a fierce little bump in the road, as any truck driver red Kool-Aid until our lips were red as a horde of Jezebels. We would tell you. Anyhow, back to the hiding. I was hiding had a huge responsibility on our little white shoulders. Just by under the kitchen table and Momma was slaving away over the sitting there we were setting good examples and winning souls to stove and burning the fish when Sister Pearl shot into the Christ and it was unfortunate that nobody could see us. kitchen and shouted, “Praise Jesus, Sister Goldie! The missionaries are comin’!” After the Jesus faces and the Kool-Aid ran out, the pastor’s wife lined us up to test our memories on books of the Bible. My Sister Pearl was a big German lady with a white-crepe face and limit was about seven. I’d go straight for the easy ones: Matthew, neck and she had more hair than me and Momma put together Mark, Luke, and John. Then I’d hop over to what I called the and always wore it pinned up around her head like a crown of devil chapters: Deuteronomy and Revelation. Finally, I gave up thorns. She also was a big house-cleaning fool with a huge with the easiest one of all: Genesis. farmhouse with lots of rooms and front and back porches and an attic that needed cleaning from top to bottom and behind My momma was a serious, serious Christian woman with two boards nailed to the wall and underneath iron bathtubs and in preachers in the family, and a mother who obsessed over a pitch-black closets, so I was watching her shoes and hoping radio evangelist from San Antonio, but her emphasis was she’d scoot right back to her farmhouse. But she leaned down cleanliness was godliness and no body part was too low to be and peeked under the table like she’d seen me just yesterday in service, so she wasn’t much for batting books of the Bible fooling around with the worst boys in town. “You know, Silver, around with her kids. That was a huge waste of time! She Jesus can see you under there. You can’t hide from Jesus.” could have two lines of wash strung out before the pastor’s • 802.295.6300

04 nature & environment New NOT ONE DROP Release Betrayal and Courage in the Wake of the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Riki Ott Betrayed by oilmen’s promises in the 1970s, the people of Prince William Sound, Alaska, awaken on March 14, 1989, to the nation’s largest oil spill. Not One Drop is an extraordinary tale of ordinary lives ripped apart by disaster and of community healing through building relationships of trust. This story offers critical lessons for a society traumatized by political divides and facing the looming catastrophe of global climate change. Author Riki Ott, a rare combination of commercial salmon “fisherm’am” and PhD marine biologist, describes firsthand the impacts of oil companies’ broken promises when the Exxon Valdez spills most of its cargo and despoils thousands of miles of shore. Ott illustrates in stir- ring fashion the oil industry’s 20-year trail of pollution and deception that predated the tragic 1989 spill and delves deep into the disruption to the fishing community of Cordova over the following 19 years. In vivid detail, she describes the human trauma coupled inextricably with that of the sound’s wildlife and its long road to recovery. Ott critically examines shifts in scientific understanding of oil-spill effects on ecosystems and communities, exposes fundamental flaws in governance and the legal system, and contrasts hard won spill-prevention and spill-response measures in the sound to dangerous conditions on the Alaska pipeline. Her human story, varied background, professional training, and activist heart lead readers to the root of the problem: a clash of human rights and corporate power embedded in law and small-town life. Pub Date: November 2008 Not One Drop is as much an example of how too many corporate owners and political leaders $21.95 US, $23.95 CAN • PB betray everyday citizens as it is one of the universal struggle to maintain heart, to find the 9781933392585 courage to overcome disaster, and to forge a new path from despair to hope. 6 x 9 • 320 pages • B&W photo insert Also by Riki Ott A commercial salmon “fisherma’am,” Dr. Riki Ott (PhD in marine biology) experienced firsthand the devastating 2005 Finalist, effects of the Exxon Valdez oil spill—and Benjamin chose to do something about it. Ott retired Franklin Award from fishing and founded three nonprofit SUSAN HARDING organizations to deal with lingering harm. Her previous book on the spill is Sound Truth and Corporate Myth$. She lives in Cordova, Alaska. SOUND TRUTH AND CORPORATE MYTH$ The Legacy of the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Praise for Sound Truth and Corporate Myth$ Riki Ott Foreword by Walter Crinnion $24.95 US • PB • 9780964522664 51/2 x 81/2 • 560 pages “This book doesn’t just change our view of the Exxon Valdez spill; it Tracing 15 years of lingering harm to humans forces us to dramatically reassess the risks from petroleum and the and wildlife from the Exxon Valdez oil spill, enormous costs that industry is imposing on our health and planet.” author Riki Ott reveals how corporate greed, government shortsightedness, manipulation of —Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., president, Waterkeeper Alliance the truth, and the media have kept the public from learning the deadly nature of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Includes relevant information and practical recommendations for people and policy makers at this critical juncture in the history of civilization. • 802.295.6300

05 nature & environment New HOW THE RICH ARE Release DESTROYING THE EARTH Her vé Kempf A best seller in France, and already translated into Spanish, Italian, Greek, and Korean, Hervé Kempf ’s How the Rich Are Destroying the Earth now appears in its first English edition. Bringing to bear more than twenty years of experience as an environmental journalist, Kempf describes the invincibility that many of the world’s wealthy feel in the face of global warming, and how their unchecked privilege is thwarting action on the single most vexing problem facing our world. In this important primer on the link between global ecology and the global economy, Kempf makes the following observations: First, that the planet’s ecological situation is growing ever worse, despite the efforts of millions of engaged citizens around the world. And second, despite environmentalists’ emphasis that “we’re all in the same boat,” the world’s economic elites—who continue to benefit by plundering the environment—have access to “lifeboats” that insulate them from the resulting catastrophes. Societies have not been able to effectively combat the expanding ecological crisis because it is intimately linked to the social crisis in which the ruling form of capitalism has been organized to impede democratic initiatives. This link explains the failure to make progress against the greatest emergency of our time, because in this relationship the oligarchy plays an essential and destructive role. For this reason, solving the ecological crisis depends on disrupting the power of the world’s elite. We cannot understand the entwined ecological and social crises, Kempf argues, if we don’t see Pub Date: September 2008 them as the two sides of the same disaster—a disaster that comes from a system piloted by a $12.95 US, $14.50 CAN • PB dominant social strata that has no drive other than greed, no ideal other than conservatism, 9781603580359 no dream other than technology. But Kempf also calls for measured optimism: “Despite the 53/8 x 83/8 • 160 pages scale of the challenges that await us, solutions are emerging and—faced with the sinister prospects the oligarchs promote—the desire to remake the world is being reborn.” “[A] bombshell book.” —Louis-Gilles Francoeur, Le Devoir (Montréal, Québec) “An intellectually original and undeniably pugnacious endeavor.” —Patrick Piro, Politis Hervé Kempf has more than 20 “An invigorating book, to be read at once.” —L'Ecologiste years of experience as a reporter. He is the environmental editor of Le Monde, France’s most influential daily newspaper, and the founder of “A vigorous indictment against the ‘neoliberal Reporterre, a Web site devoted to ideology,’ guilty of driving the planet towards discussion about the environment and its own destruction.” —Olivier Nouaillas, La Vie social justice. He lives in France. “Stunning survey . . . great journalism.” —Anne Crignon, Le Nouvel Observateur • 802.295.6300

06 nature & environment New in Paperback EXPOSED The Toxic Chemistry of Everyday Products and What’s at Stake for American Power Mark Schapiro “A gripping new book” —The Economist From tainted pet food to toxic toys, Americans can thank the successful lobbying efforts of the U.S. chemical industry for the secret ingredients in everyday products that have been linked to rising rates of infertility, endocrine system disruptions, neurological disorders, and cancer. While the U.S. Congress stalls in the face of these dangers, the European Union has chosen to act. Strict consumer-safety regulations have forced multinationals to manufacture safer products for European consumers, while lower U.S. standards allow them to continue selling unsafe products to Americans. Schapiro’s exposé shows that short of strong government action, the United States will lose not only its ability to protect citizens from environmental hazards but also, as economic priorities shift, whatever claim it has to commercial supremacy. Increasingly, products on American shelves are equated with serious health hazards, hazards that the European Union is legislating out of existence in its powerful trading bloc, a lead that even China is beginning to follow. Schapiro illustrates how the blowback from weak regulation at home carries a steep economic, as well as environmental, price. In Exposed: The Toxic Chemistry of Everyday Products and What’s at Stake for American Power, investigative journalist Mark Schapiro takes the reader to the front lines of global corporate and political power, where tectonic battles are being waged that will determine the physical and economic health of our children and ourselves. Pub Date: January 2009 $22.95 US, $29.95 CAN • HC 9781933392158 $16.95 US, $18.50 CAN • PB 9781603580588 6 x 9 • 224 pages 2008 Nautilus Book Awards Silver Winner “In this smart and timely new book, Mark Schapiro . . . examines the widening gap between American and EU chemical and environmental regulation, cogently arguing that although the United States used to be a leader in environmental protection, the power has shifted across the Atlantic.” —ForeWord Magazine “Americans’ confidence in their government-sanctioned environmental and consumer protections receives another blow in investigative Mark Schapiro is editorial director of the Center for Investigative Reporting. He reporter Schapiro’s exposé.” —Publishers Weekly has written extensively on foreign affairs and his work has appeared in Harper’s, The Nation, Atlantic Monthly, the New “[Schapiro’s] startling message is that by lagging behind on York Times Magazine, and other publica- tions, and he has reported stories for environmental innovation, American industries are jeopardizing FRONTLINE/World, NOW with Bill their financial future.” —San Francisco Chronicle Moyers, and public radio’s Marketplace. Schapiro lives in San Francisco, California. • 802.295.6300

07 nature & environment 10th Anniversary Edition GAVIOTAS A Village to Reinvent the World Alan Weisman New afterword by the author By the author of the national best seller The World Without Us Los Llanos—the rain-leached, eastern savannas of war-ravaged Colombia—are among the most brutal environments on Earth and an unlikely setting for one of the most hopeful environmental stories ever told. Here, in the late 1960s, a young Colombian development worker named Paolo Lugari wondered if the nearly uninhabited, infertile llanos could be made livable for his country’s growing population. He had no idea that nearly four decades later, his experiment would be one of the world’s most celebrated examples of sustainable living: a permanent village called Gaviotas. In the absence of infrastructure, the first Gaviotans invented wind turbines to convert mild breezes into energy, hand pumps capable of tapping deep sources of water, and solar collectors efficient enough to heat and even sterilize drinking water under perennially cloudy llano skies. Over time, the Gaviotans’ experimentation has even restored an ecosystem: in the shelter of two million Caribbean pines planted as a source of renewable commercial resin, a primordial rain forest that once covered the llanos is unexpectedly reestablishing itself. Colombian author Gabriel García Márquez has called Paolo Lugari “Inventor of the World.” Lugari himself has said that Gaviotas is not a utopia: “Utopia literally means ‘no place.’ We call Gaviotas a topia, because it’s real.” Relive their story with this special 10th-anniversary edition of Gaviotas, complete with a Pub Date: October 2008 $16.95 US, $18.95 CAN • PB new afterword by the author describing how Gaviotas has survived and progressed over the 9781603580564 past decade. 6 x 9 • 244 pages • Photos & diagrams Previous edition: 9781890132286 “In the wake of the fall of so much idealism in Latin America, it is wonderful to discover this luminous book about a luminous place in eastern Colombia. Alan Weisman takes us to Gaviotas via many stories—stories that make the path completely engrossing.” RONN SPENCER —Julia Alvarez, author of In the Time of the Butterflies and A Cafecito Story “Gaviotas is the ongoing saga of what real, hands-on sustainability means, calluses and all, practiced in the most demanding social and environmental Author of the critically acclaimed New York Times best seller The World circumstances conceivable.” Without Us, Alan Weisman is an —Paul Hawken, author of The Ecology of Commerce and Natural Capitalism award-winning journalist whose reports have appeared in Harper’s, the New York Times Magazine, Atlantic Monthly, “Gaviotas is not merely a book of hope, but a story of twists and turns that Discover, and Orion, among others, remind us just how rich the human spirit and a human community can be. and on National Public Radio. A former Weisman himself proves again that he is among the best journalist essayists contributing editor to the Los Angeles North America has offered to the world toward the end of this millennium.” Times Magazine, he is a senior radio —Gary Paul Nabhan, author of Coming Home to Eat and Why Some Like It Hot producer for Homelands Productions and teaches international journalism at the University of Arizona. He lives in western Massachusetts. • 802.295.6300

08 nature & environment From the author of the best-selling The Good Good Pig, SPELL OF THE TIGER The Man-Eaters of Sundarbans Sy Montgomer y With a new afterword by the author A book that earned Sy Montgomery her status as one of the most celebrated wildlife writers of our time, Spell of the Tiger brings readers to the Sundarbans, a vast tangle of mangrove swamp and tidal delta that lies between India and Bangladesh. It is the only spot on earth where tigers routinely eat people—swimming silently behind small boats at night to drag away fishermen, snatching honey collectors and woodcutters from the forest. But, unlike in other parts of Asia where tigers are rapidly being hunted to extinction, tigers in the Sundarbans are revered. With the skill of a naturalist and the spirit of a mystic, Montgomery reveals the delicate balance of Sundarbans life, explores the mix of worship and fear that offers tigers unique protection there, and unlocks some surprising answers about why people at risk of becoming prey might consider their predator a god. Pub Date: February 2009 $16.95 US, $18.50 CAN • PB 9781603580595 51/2 x 81/2 • 240 pages • Color photo insert “Sy Montgomery puts the fear of God into you with her tales of the great mangrove swamp of Sundarbans.” —Los Angeles Times PHEBE LEWAN “Spell of the Tiger is a splendid, transcendental book, distilled like brandy. Lovers of nature should love it.” “Part Indiana Jones, part Emily Dickinson,” —Edward Hoagland as the Boston Globe describes her, Sy Montgomery is an author, naturalist, doc- umentary scriptwriter, and radio commentator “In a spiritual comprehension, people of the Sundarbans know that who has traveled to some of the world’s most remote wildernesses for her work. She has without the tiger, their human world is incomplete.” —Time worked in a pit crawling with 18,000 snakes in Manitoba, been hunted by a tiger in India, swum with pink dolphins in the Amazon, and “Clear, emotionally telling and always right to the point, her been undressed by an orangutan in Borneo. accounts of the other forms of life are without peer.” She is the author of 13 award-winning books, —Farley Mowat, author of Never Cry Wolf including her national best-selling memoir, The Good Good Pig. Montgomery lives in Hancock, New Hampshire. • 802.295.6300

09 nature & environment two highly acclaimed books back in print! JOURNEY OF THE PINK DOLPHINS An Amazon Quest Sy Montgomer y With a new introduction by the author When Sy Montgomery ventured into the Amazon to unlock the mysteries of the little- known pink dolphins, she found ancient whales that plied the Amazon River at dawn and dusk, swam through treetops in flooded forests, and performed underwater ballets with their flexible bodies. But she soon found out that to know the botos, as the dolphins are locally called, you must also know the people who live among them. And so in Journey of the Pink Dolphins, Montgomery—part naturalist, part poet, part Indiana Jones—winds her way through watery tributaries and riverside villages, searching for botos and hearing the tales of locals who believe these ethereal dolphins are shape-shifters—creatures that emerge from the water as splendidly dressed men or women only to enchant their human onlookers, capture their souls, and then carry them away to the Encante, an underwater world. Montgomery takes readers on four separate journeys, exploring the river-dwelling dolphins’ natural history, chronicling their conservation pressures, unraveling their prehistoric roots, and visiting with shamans who delve into the Encante. Pub Date: February 2009 “One of the most brilliant books of our time.” $19.95 US, $21.95 CAN • PB —Elizabeth Marshall Thomas, author of The Tribe of Tiger 9781603580601 51/2 x 81/2 • 320 pages • Color photo insert “I started to read this book at six in the morning and did not move out of my chair for the rest of the day. I did not lose a day; I gained a whole world.” —Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson, author of When Elephants Weep “Montgomery’s smart, bighearted book reminds us that there are still places whose sheer existence is cause for wonder.” —New York Times Book Review “A rich odyssey both real and mythical.” —Christian Science Monitor “The voyage is the ultimate in extreme . . . Deadly possibilities and impossible-to-imagine rewards lurk around the river’s bend . . . [Montgomery] writes with flair and with an ease that makes you feel like she’s sitting next to you, telling you her stories.” —USA Today DENNIS OTTEN WIKIMEDIA COMMONS COURTESY • 802.295.6300

10 nature & environment New Release GREEN LIVING HANDBOOK A 6-Step Program to Create an Environmentally Sustainable Lifestyle David Gershon Now, in an expanded edition, Green Living Handbook (originally called EcoTeam) is available to the trade for the first time. The original book has been translated into 22 languages, and with more than 250,000 copies sold through its unique grassroots distribution model, David Gershon’s in-depth program for sustainable living is the fulcrum of a global movement that is changing the way the world thinks about going green. Green Living Handbook has been driving environmental-behavior change in cities, faith communities, universities, and businesses for over a decade. Much more than another collection of eco-tips for the newly green, this illustrated workbook walks readers step-by-step through a comprehensive lifestyle transformation program that has proven it can get results. Thousands of past participants of the program have reduced their environmental footprint by 25 percent on average. In a time when more and more Americans are seeking sustainable lifestyles, this first trade edition of Green Living Handbook is perfectly poised to help thousands of Americans translate their good intentions into action and contribute to a sustainable future for us all. Pub Date: September 2008 $14.95 US • PB • 9780963032744 8 x 11 • 160 pages EMPOWERMENT INSTITUTE “Green Living Handbook is the first step-by-step plan for turning David Gershon is the author of nine environmental concern into action.” —The Chicago Tribune books, including the best-selling Empowerment: The Art of Creating Your Life As You Want It. The founder “A movement . . . of unquestionable zeal is challenging consumption and CEO of Empowerment Institute, he at the grassroots . . . Local support groups called EcoTeams are is one of the world’s leading authorities on behavior change and large-scale methodically helping members reduce the amount and kind of transformation. He has lectured at material that flows in and out of homes.” —The New York Times Harvard, MIT, and Duke and served as an advisor to the Clinton White House and the United Nations on behavior change and sustainability issues. He lives with his wife, Gail Straub, in the Hudson River Valley of New York. •••Other EcoTeam books by David Gershon••• Winner of the 2007 Independent Publisher “Most Likely to Save the Planet” Book Award JOURNEY FOR THE PLANET LOW CARBON DIET WATER STEWARDSHIP A Kid’s Five-Week Adventure A 30-Day Program to Lose 5000 Pounds A 30-Day Program to Protect and to Create an Earth-Friendly Life David Gershon Conserve Our Water Resources . . . David Gershon One Drop at a Time $12.95 US • PB • 9780963032720 David Gershon $12.95 US • PB • 9780964437302 8 x 11 • 80 pages • B&W illustrations 8 x 11 • 72 pages • B&W illustrations $12.95 US • PB • 9780964437371 8 x 11 • 88 pages • B&W illustrations • 802.295.6300

11 nature & environment New THE TRANSITION HANDBOOK Release From Oil Dependency to Local Resilience Rob Hopkins Foreword by Richard Heinberg We live in an oil-dependent world, arriving at this level of dependency in a very short space of time by treating petroleum as if it were in infinite supply. Most of us avoid thinking about what happens when oil runs out (or becomes prohibitively expensive), but The Transition Handbook shows how the inevitable and profound changes ahead can have a positive outcome. These changes can lead to the rebirth of local communities that will grow more of their own food, generate their own power, and build their own houses using local materials. They can also encourage the development of local currencies to keep money in the local area. There are now over 30 “transition towns” in the UK, Australia and New Zealand with more joining as the idea takes off. They provide valuable experience and lessons-learned for Pub Date: September 2008 those of us on this side of the Atlantic. With little proactive thinking at the governmental $24.95 US, $27.50 CAN • PB level, communities are taking matters into their own hands and acting locally. If your town 9781900322188 is not a transition town, this upbeat guide offers you the tools for starting the process. 9 x 9 • 240 pages • Two-color GREEN BOOKS “The book is a great guide for how we must live in a future world where the limits of nature are honoured, but so are the basic comforts and joys of communities coming together in a great common cause. There is no more important book than this one for any community seeking change toward ecological sustainability.” —Jerry Mander, founder/director of the International Forum on Globalization and author of In the Absence of the Sacred Rob Hopkins is the founder of the Transition Network. Having successfully created an Energy Descent Plan for Kinsale “If your town is not yet a Transition Town, here is guidance for in Ireland, which was later adopted as making it one. We have little time, and much to accomplish.” policy by the town council, Rob moved to —Richard Heinberg, from the foreword Totnes in Devon and initiated Transition Town Totnes, the first UK town to address the issues of life after peak oil. “This is much more than just a book. It is a manual for a movement. And not just any movement, but one which—in Richard Heinberg is Senior Fellow at avoiding the civilisational collapse threatened by the twin crises the Post Carbon Institute. He is the author of peak oil and climate change—could prove to be the most of several influential books on resource important social force humanity has ever seen.” depletion including Peak Everything: —Mark Lynas, author of Six Degrees Waking Up to the Century Of Declines. • 802.295.6300

12 nature & environment The Chelsea GREEN Guides Our Chelsea Green Guides offer succinct, useful advice on greening your life, whether at home, at work, or in between. Great as gifts and stocking stuffers, they are also well suited as promotional items or for businesses aiming to promote more environmental awareness (and cost-saving habits) among employees. REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE: BIKING TO WORK GREENING YOUR OFFICE: AN EASY HOUSEHOLD GUIDE FROM CUPBOARD TO Ror y McMullan CORPORATION, AN A–Z GUIDE Nicky Scott 9781933392981 • 96 pages • Full color Jon Clift & Amanda Cuthbert 9781933392752 • 96 pages • Full color For those who live within biking distance of 9781933392998 • 96 pages • Full color work, this book offers simple safety, bike- Answers all of your recycling questions buying, gear-buying, and basic maintenance with a complete listing of everyday house- An A-to-Z guide for offices of all sizes, from tips, as well as ways to best plan your route hold items and how to recycle them. From energy use and better supply purchases to and from the office. By biking to work, old cell phones and e-waste to expired to recycling and reusing materials, plus you can improve your physical and mental medicines and motor oil, this little guide summaries of a range of renewable-energy health, save money, avoid creating pollution, shows you where you can send your options, commuting techniques, and more. and contribute to friendlier cities. In the unwanted items and how you might make These tips help your workplace save money face of rush-hour traffic, biking is often a bit of money while you’re at it. Also while reducing environmental impacts and faster than driving too! includes great ideas for reducing con- can boost employee morale in the process. sumption and your volume of rubbish— ideal for businesses and consumers alike! WATER: USE LESS—SAVE MORE ENERGY: USE LESS—SAVE MORE COMPOSTING: AN EASY HOUSEHOLD GUIDE Jon Clift & Amanda Cuthbert Jon Clift & Amanda Cuthbert Nicky Scott 9781933392738 • 80 pages • Full color 9781933392721 • 80 pages • Full color 9781933392745 • 96 pages • Full color One hundred energy-saving tips for every- One hundred simple and effective tips for thing in your home or business. Includes saving water inside and outdoors at your An A-to-Z directory of how to compost suggestions on heating and cooling, home or business. Packed with practical everything from ash to weeds, plus expert lighting, cooking, appliances, and much ideas for your kitchen, bath, landscaping, advice on how to compost in small spaces, more. Also provides an overview on and water-using chores. bins, and wormeries and getting your renewable-energy options. community involved. $7.95 US each • PB • 43/4 x 61/2 • Illustrated 24-Copy Displa

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