2008| Chita08 Workshop Presentation @ Pecha Kucha #12 Shanghai

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Information about 2008| Chita08 Workshop Presentation @ Pecha Kucha #12 Shanghai

Published on December 16, 2008

Author: urijoe

Source: slideshare.net


4 december 2008
presentation of chita workshop at Pecha Kucha Shanghai #12
transcript here: http://www.slideshare.net/urijoe/pecha-kucha-chita08-speech-presentation

Design for Sustainable & Harmonious Lifestyle 为可持续和和谐生活方式的设计 Jiangnan University 江南大学设计学院 & INDACO Design Department Politecnico di Milano Chita08 WORKSHOP: Collaborative Service & Mobile Comunication 协作服务与移动通信

Design & sustainability The only certain thing that we know about the future is that the current change must change direction, it must find the way to sustainability.

Design Questions how design can promote the grassroots social innovations and diffused social enterprises?

Design process&team

Our keywords y Communities Networking Daily wellness Social respect p Multiculturality Open Culture Mobility Knowledge sharing

first: explore context We knew very f thi W k few things about Chi b t China…

second: a way for storytelling y y g create knowledge & awareness about the local context

third: deep field research discover China together!

the six projects p j MOM’S TALK

The service helps marginalized migrant workers to express themselves through a virtual platform of sharing , and open to them pride and equal opportunities q pp in the cities

collect memories from places and provide a new access to the ancient neighborhood neighborhood.

facilitates the connection and participative activities between the pregnant women, new mothers and doctors t facing the problems and to f i th bl d share the experiences MOM’S TALK together.

a service of community supporting agriculture, agriculture to match the needs of organic foods from the urban residents and providers of small- scale family food producers in suburbs

p2p community based on places, stories places stories, routes and sustainable footprints of travels

concept is a particular ti ti l case of car pooling with the local context in which public transportation is not enough and flexible for the users of local place. place

Wuxi International Industrial Design Exhibition | November 8th - 10th 2008 中国国际工业设计博览会

next steps…

http://chita.politecalab.org & http://flickr.com/chitaworkshop

THANKS TO EVERYBODY: STUDENTS: Huang Jianbo 黄剑波, Zhao Peng 赵彭, Zhao Ting 赵婷, Zhao Yunpeng 赵云 g g 彭, g 婷, p g 鹏, Lu Ming 鹿鸣, Wang Zilin 王梓霖, Kang Yuan 康源, Wang Ningning 王宁宁, Gao Yupeng 高寓鹏, Chen Jiaji 陈佳基, Wang Yushan 王玉珊, Mu Sinan 穆思难, Guan Yimai 关一脉, Hu Kai 胡凯, Zhang Huizhong 张慧忠, Liu Ying 刘莹, Ran Xiangfei 冉祥飞, Li Le 李乐, Yang Xiaoming 杨晓明, Ma Weizhe 马伟哲, Lou Ming 娄明, Zhang Shu 张庶, Li Long 李隆, Tian Longbo 田龙伯 | LECTURERS: Miaosen Gong 巩淼森, Francesca Valsecchi, Irina Maria Suteu, Joon Sang Baek, Chakrapipat Assawaboonyalert, Musstanser Tinauli, Shen Jie 沈杰, Ming Cao 曹鸣, Liu Xing 刘星 | PROFESSOR Ezio Manzini Zhao Bin 赵斌 free521521521@gmail.com & Xu Jiang 许江 bearandwolf@126.com project managers & coordinators | francesca.valsecchi@polimi.it | miaosen.gong@mail.polimi.it

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