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Published on January 15, 2008

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Empowering Parents: From Birth and on:  Empowering Parents: From Birth and on Presented by: Dulce Costa, IBCLC, RN-4 Main Jennifer Somera, IBCLC, RN, CNS-MCCP Chantal Vincelette, RN, HN-4Main/ICN Disclosure Statement:  Disclosure Statement No affiliations nor any financial interests that would pose a conflict of interest. Presentation Outline:  Presentation Outline To define empowerment in the context of Maternal Child Care Transferring & Sharing knowledge Empowerment Mother-Baby-care Baby-Friendly Initiative: Breastfeeding & Skin-to-skin Mother-Baby separation Smoking Cessation Program Gift of empowerment Empowerment and Maternal Child Care:  Empowerment and Maternal Child Care Definition: Complex concept (Rodwell, 1996) Process or outcome (Gibson, 1999) “A woman’s confidence and ability to give birth and to care for her baby are enhanced or diminished by every person who gives her care, and by the environment in which she gives birth.” (Coalition for Improving Maternity Services, 1996) Teachings on Mother-Baby care:  Teachings on Mother-Baby care Postpartum: What to expect Baby bathing, cord care, and diapering Breastfeeding Skin-to-skin care Shaken Baby Syndrome Infant car seat safety Maternal-baby bonding Reflection on Empowerment:  Reflection on Empowerment Nurse “I mean, empowerment to me is probably a bunch of different things. It’s mainly how do I help support another person to be who they are and also get what they need. Be able to access the system. Be able to be independent. To be able to care for themselves and their children without maybe needing a whole bunch of people to help them. To make them feel sort of…to help them be independent” Aston et al. (2006) 10 Steps to Successful Breastfeeding:  10 Steps to Successful Breastfeeding Written breastfeeding policy Train all health care staff: 18 hours Inform all pregnant women of the benefits Initiate skin-to-skin immediately after birth (one hour) Show mothers how to breastfeed & maintain lactation if separated from infants Breastmilk only, unless medically indicated Rooming-in  24 hours a day Encourage breastfeeding on demand No pacifiers or bottles to breastfeeding infants Foster breastfeeding support groups and ensure follow-up upon discharge, as needed Does Breastfeeding Empower women?:  Does Breastfeeding Empower women? Research study by Locklin & Naber (1993) 10 educated, low-income, minority women were interviewed. 5 Themes: Against all odds Personal motivation Attachment Support Telling the world Successful breastfeeding does empower women! Reflection on Empowerment :  Reflection on Empowerment Patient: “The nurse is empowering the mother so that…which means that they’re giving them courage, or they’re teaching them and helping them to learn whatever it is that they need to learn. Like how to breastfeed or empower me to be positive…Not to give up…to give you strength and to keep doing it. You know they teach you how to do it and do it properly, but the courage , the strength not to give up easily ‘cause it is, can be a struggle…it’s women helping women” Aston et al. (2006) Mother–Baby Separation :  Mother–Baby Separation A TEAM approach to ICN care Teach: what to expect Empower: give them the tools Assess: ongoing assessment of needs (ie. Breastfeeding, emotional support) Monitor: analyzing how the family centered approach is meeting the needs of the parents. Ward (1999) Smoking Cessation Program:  Smoking Cessation Program Goal: To educate mothers, spouses and others on second-hand smoking and its potential impact on the baby Implemented in April 2007, collaboration with the DSP Why in Maternal Child? Empowerment and Smoking Cessation:  Empowerment and Smoking Cessation Establish a rapport with the client Praising positive behaviors Meaningful date or event Role modeling Educational materials Reflection on Empowerment:  Reflection on Empowerment Nurse “… just trying to figure it out…I think empowerment is trying to help someone see their strengths and use them to the best of their ability” Aston et al. (2006) Gift of Empowerment:  Gift of Empowerment Transfer of knowledge Transfer of skills Slide15:  Thank you! Questions/Comments?:  Questions/Comments? References :  References Aston, M., Meagher-Stewart, D., Sheppard-Lemoine, D., Vukic, A., & Chircop, A. (2006). Family Health Nursing and Empowering Relationships. Pediatric Nursing, 32(1), 61-67. Coalition for Improving Maternity Services. (1996). The Mother-Friendly Childbirth Initiative: the first consensus initiative of the Coalition for Improving Maternity Services (CIM). Journal of Perinatal Education, 5(4), 1-6. Darmstadt, G.L., Kumar, V., Yadav, R., Singh, V., Singh, P., Mohanty, S., & Baqui, A.H. (2006). Introduction of community-based skin-to-skin care in rural Uttar Pradesh, India. Journal of Perinatology, 26, 597-604. Gibson, C. H. (1991). A concept analysis of empowerment. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 16, 354-361. Locklin, M.P., & Naber, S. J. (1993). Does breastfeeding empower women? Insights from a select group of educated, low-income, minority women. Birth, 20(1), 30-35. Locklin, M. P. (1995). Telling the World: Low income women and their breastfeeding experiences. Journal of Human Lactation, 11(4), 285-291. Persson, E. K., & Dykes, A-K., Parents’ experience of early discharge from hospital after birth in Sweden. Midwifery, 18, 53-60. Rodwell, C. M. (1996). An analysis of the concept of empowerment. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 23, 305-313. Swick, K.J., DaRos, D. A., & Kovach, B.A. (2001). Working with Families: Empowering parents and families through a caring inquiry approach. Early Childhood Education Journal, 29(1), 65-71. Ward, K. (1999). A TEAM approach to NICU care. RN, 62(2), 47-9.

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