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Published on March 12, 2008

Author: Laurence

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Slide1:  龙海一中英语 备课组 课标人教实验版高一 Module 3 Unit 5 Writing:  Writing Write a report for Li Daiyu or Liu Qian.:  Write a report for Li Daiyu or Liu Qian. Li Daiyu’s report Sample: What we saw in Canada My cousin and I traveled across Canada by train from west to east. We saw many things from the train on the way across, Slide4:  and in the cities of Toronto and Montreal. Some of the most important and interesting things that we saw are included in this report. We passed through the Rocky Mountains on the train, and saw wild scenery, a grizzly bear and some mountain goats. Slide5:  Canada is a wheat-growing area. The city of Thunder Bay is a port in the center of Canada. Ocean ships can come all the way to the top of the Great Lakes. In Toronto, we went up the CN Tower and saw the mist from Slide7:  Niagara Falls. We visited the covered stadium, which is the home of the famous basketball team. We saw Chinatown and had dinner at the Pink Pearl restaurant. When we arrived in Montreal the next day, we saw many signs and ads in French. Then we went to Old Slide8:  Montreal and sat in a typical café beside the St Lawrence River. We spent the afternoon in shops and visiting the artists in their workplace. There is so much things to see and do in Canada on one trip. We saw only a few things, but we think we would like to go back for another visit. Writing Task on Page74:  Writing Task on Page74 Sample Tour Plan:  Sample Tour Plan Day one: Arrive in Shanghai, China’s city of 21st century. Shanghai is on the east coast, on the Huangpu River and has a population of more than 16 million. It is the China’s most modern city. Slide12:  You will have three days in Shanghai, during which you will visit many famous tourist spots. The bund is a scenic walk along the river, and there are some temples in and around the city. Day Four: We will travel by bus a few kilometers southwest to Slide13:  Hangzhou. There is a beautiful lake on the west side of the city, and within a few kilometers of the city, a famous Buddhist Temple. You will have two days and two nights in Hangzhou. Day Six: We leave Hangzhou early in the morning for Guilin, just Slide14:  a short flight west of Hangzhou. We will see the Elephant Rock, in the center of the city, and then go on a boat on the beautiful Lijiang River to see the famous hills and cliffs. We will spend two days there. Day Eight: From Lijiang we fly to Xi’an, which is a few hundred Slide15:  kilometers away from the coast. Not far from the city you will see the world-famous Terra Cotta Warriors, and just beyond the south gate to the city is the Wild Goose Pagoda. You’ll have three days there. Slide16:  Day Eleven: We leave early for the capital, Beijing, which is the northeast of Xi’an. North of the city is the Great Wall. The Palace Museum and Tian’anmen Square are in the center of the city, and the Summer Palace is a short drive to Slide17:  the northwest. We’ll spend two days in Beijing. Day Thirteen: We leave at noon for our flight south to Shanghai, then make our way home. Homework:  Homework 1. Write a passage. Introduce our hometown to the visitors. In what direction is it of the capital of our province? What does a visitor can see and hear in our hometown? 2. Finish summing up on Page40 after class.

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课标人教实验版高一 Module 3 Unit 5 龙海一中英语 备课组
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