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Published on February 7, 2008

Author: Carmela

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Pack 2842 2007 Popcorn Campaign: Pack 28422007 Popcorn Campaign Popcorn Kernel: Dick Stearns Assistant Kernel: Kurt Kohlmyer Topics: 2 Topics Purpose Ways to sell Product Order Forms Popcorn Pickup Popcorn Delivery Turning in Payments Prizes Why Sell Popcorn?: 3 Why Sell Popcorn? Easy! Quality products – now no diacetyl flavorings Well Organized! Prizes! Pack primary annual fundraiser Profit margin is 30% - Pack keeps 30 cents for every $1 of sales Goal for every Scout: at least $200 ($60 profit) $48 for annual Pack Fee, $12 for Den Dues For all sales over $200, 30% to Scout passbook acct For new Scouts, all profits to passbook acct Door to Door Sales: 4 Door to Door Sales Best sales source… Two of three households that are asked will say “yes” 83% of households are not asked Don’t start before Saturday, Sep 29th Always wear class A uniform Good greeting is key to sale “Hello, my name is ___. I’m a cub scout in Pack 842 and we are selling popcorn to raise funds so I can go camping/to Adventure Camp. Would you please help me?” Parent accompany Scout ALWAYS! Show and Sell: 5 Show and Sell Oct 20th and Oct 27th at Lowe’s Scouts will sign up for one-hour shifts throughout day – sign up tonight! Sales will be allocated proportionately to the Scouts based on time spent at Lowe’s Wear class A uniform Need at least one parent volunteer for each hour Internet Sales: 6 Internet Sales Optional – Scout will be set up with an online account if desire to sell online (see Popcorn Kernel) Scout provides instructions with individual order key so relatives or friends can place orders online from anywhere Scout gets sales credit towards goal Sales by case lot only! Products & Case Lots: 7 Products & Case Lots 5-Way Chocolate Lover’s Tin Savory & Sweet 3-Way Tin Cheese Lover’s Delight Tin 30-Pack Microwave Chocolatey Caramel Crunch Tin Gourmet Caramel Corn Tin 15 Pack Kettle Corn 15 Pack Unbelievable Butter 15 Pack Butter Light Caramel Corn Tin 1 1 1 1 6 6 6 6 6 12 Order Forms: 8 Order Forms Two sheets – one for Scout (inner sheet with prizes) one for parent (take to work, adult friends) New item: $25 donation of Trail’s End product to military and their families Use all columns – mark qty, if paid Checks Payable to PACK 842 Collect payment up front if possible Forms due at Oct 22 Pack Meeting Popcorn Pick Up: 9 Popcorn Pick Up A MUST DO! When: Saturday, November 17 Where: 14207 Brightstone Cir Midlothian When: 11:00am to 4:00pm Phone: 739-4365 Reminder will be sent out prior week Payment Turn In: 10 Payment Turn In 1st Opportunity… Pack Meeting October 22 Remember, Order Forms due this date too 2nd Opportunity… Pack Meeting November 26 (Monday after Thanksgiving weekend) Use provided envelope for final turn in Give only to Kernel or Assistant Kernel PRIZES!: 11 PRIZES! Level | Sales Threshold | Choose One Prize 1 | Any sale | Patch or Pin 2 | $90 | Jack Knife, Radio, metal Flashlight, Coleman Survivor Tool 3 | $180 | Clock Radio, Game Radio, Binoculars, Single Blade Knife 4 | $275 | Multi-Tool with Light, Dart Board, Hiking Kit, Telescopic Rod and Real 5 | $375 | Marshmallow Blaster, 6-Piece Hiking Kit, Mini Trapper Knife, $13 gift card 6 | $575 | MP3 Player, 5-Piece Outdoor Set, 6’x5’ Sport Dome Tent, $22 gift card 7 | $775 | MP3 Player, Remote Control Lantern, Fishing Kit, $30 gift card 8 | $1,050 | Waterproof Binoculars, pair Motorola Radios, Bow Set, $45 gift card 9 | $1,300 | 24” Bicycle, Digital Camera with Binoculars, CD Boombox, $65 gift card 10 | $1,800 | Bushnell Telescope, 16’x7’ Big Sky Tent, DVD Home Theatre System, $100 gift card 11 | $2,300 | Portable DVD Player, Handheld GPS, Sony Walkman Digital Music Player, $140 gift card Extras: If over $1,500, get an extra prize from Trail’s End. If over $2,500, earn a scholarship Highlights: 12 Highlights Goal is at least $200 in sales for each Scout Turn in Order Forms Oct 22 (Pack mtg) Pick up Popcorn Nov 17 All collections due Nov 26 (Pack mtg) Good Luck!

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