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Published on March 14, 2008

Author: Silvia

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Slide1:  Charles and Tamara Cook, Missionaries to The Northeast/Northwest, USA Focus Northeast/ Northwest This is a mission program based at Sunset International Bible Institute in Lubbock, Texas to reach out to the Northeast/ Northwest states where the church has historically struggled to survive. WE ARE WORKING TO CHANGE THIS!! Slide2:  THE WORKS OF FOCUS NORTHEAST/NORTHWEST There are many densely populated areas in the Northeast and Northwest where a congregation of the churches of Christ has never existed. Both the Eastern and Western coastlines represent the most densely populated regions of our nation. One can travel through numerous urban centers throughout these regions without finding any evidence of the existence of a church of Christ. The Northeast and the Northwest are indeed mission fields. Focus Northeast/Northwest is designed to stabilize and encourage existing churches of Christ in these parts of the nation and to plant new congregations where they are needed. Through our programs, graduates of Sunset International Bible Institute are introduced to the possibilities of fulfilling their ministries in these mission fields. My wife, Tamara, and I were long time missionaries to Asia, and now we direct Sunset’s efforts to place its graduates in one of these neglected parts of our nation. For three terms out of four I serve as an instructor at Sunset. This schedule allows the us several months out of each year to devote to the Focus programs. It is estimated that 150 Million people live in the areas we call Northeast and Northwest. If each one, the Northeast and Northwest, were a nation themselves they would constitute two of the largest mission fields on earth. They both deserve an adequate presentation of the Gospel of Christ just like the rest of the world. Are there some churches in these regions of our nation? O, yes, there are at least 400 in each one…but we are speaking of many churches with 10 or 30 or 60 members in urban centers with populations in the millions! Though several fine works have been planted in the Northeast and the Northwest, the fact remains that the ratio of members of the churches of Christ to population is far below the middle and Southern sections of the Nation, the Bible Belt. Our primary emphasis is to help settle our Sunset graduates in strategic locations in either the Northeast or Northwest. Each year we also organize and conduct campaigns, seminars, leadership retreats, workshops, VBSs, and other activities throughout these regions to strengthen existing congregations, and, of particular importance, we try to plant new congregations in the population centers without churches of Christ. We have a list of trained families willing to give themselves to evangelizing the areas, but they need sponsorship and oversight from mission minded churches that would really get involved with them. Please contact me if you and your congregation would be interested in learning more. Sunset International Bible Institute’s proven forty year curriculum of Bible Training is now being made available in the Northeast and Northwest via Distance Learning Technology…any students in either of these areas of the country interested in being trained for ministry should contact us immediately for more information about Bible Training via Distance Learning Technology. The Distance Learning Projects will allow "real-time, interactive, live broadcast" of Sunset International Bible Institute’s resident classroom courses from Lubbock to be beamed anywhere in the world. These remote broadcasts run concurrent with our regular school year. The technology involved is available and several with technology backgrounds are helping with this part of the project. We are excited about this part of the Focus Northeast/Northwest project because it not only holds prospects for training leaders and preachers for churches in the USA, it also holds possibilities for enhancing the proclamation of God’s Word all over the whole world. We solicit your prayers and financial support as we move ahead with all the outreaches designed further the spread of the Kingdom in the Northeast/Northwest regions of our great country. Contact: Charles Cook Sunset International Bible Institute 3723 34th Street Lubbock, TX 79410 (806) 792-5191/798-1744 email: ccook00@suddenlink.net www.focus-USA.org Slide3:  FOCUS NORTHEAST/NORTHWEST In the Northeast, the program includes our nation’s capital, Washington D.C., plus the states of Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and the combined New England states. In the Northwest, we are including the states of Washington, Oregon, Northern California, Nevada, Iowa, Idaho, Utah, Montana, Wyoming, Alaska and Hawaii Our demographic studies show that there are at least 6000 cities and townships in these regions without a congregation of the churches of Christ. Slide4:  OUR MISSION VISION FOR THE NORTHEAST/NORTHWEST… ESTABLISH REPRODUCTIVE CHURCHES IN EVERY MAJOR POPULATION CENTER BY... 1. Planting new churches in communities where none exist. 2. Encouraging and helping train already established churches to be self-propagating, self-governing and self-supporting. 3. Communicating this vision to the brotherhood in general. 4. Identifying and targeting the key areas where churches need to be planted. 5. Researching demographics, culture, receptivity and current works in each state. 6. Enlisting available resources in our brotherhood among current missionaries, training schools and local congregations. 7. Recruiting sending congregations, ministry families and mission teams. 8. Finding available resources for training ministers/missionaries and helping them get settled in either the Northeast or Northwest. 9. Providing adequate mentoring, encouragement, guidance and resources to the missionaries after their arrival on the field. 10. Helping missionaries and/or mission teams in the transition of leadership to the local church. 11. Establishing Satellite Schools and Distance Learning facilities in the key cities to assist the Northeast/Northwest churches in training and developing church leaders in local congregations. 12. Conducting Church Growth Seminars, Leadership Retreats, Gospel Meetings and other activities for churches anywhere in the Northeast or Northwest...our services are free…by invitation only. Slide5:  Charles and Tamara Cook Help train and mentor ministers and missionaries at Sunset International Bible Institute. Represent the interests and needs of these two domestic mission fields to churches, schools and individuals in the southern parts of the USA. Encourage and Strengthen existing works in the Northeast/ Northwest through campaigns, mission seminars, gospel meetings and personal visits. Recruit Workers, Form Teams, encourage these two mission areas, help begin new congregations, Distance Learning Schools, local Satellite Schools, enroll World Bible School students, preach, teach, train, visit and do every-thing possible to spread the Kingdom. Focus Northeast/Northwest OUR ASSIGNMENT: Slide6:  FOCUS NORTHEAST SOME OF THE THINGS ACCOMPLISHED SO FAR…1998 TO 2007... TAKING CHRIST TO MILLION IN THE GREAT NORTHERN STATES OF THE U.S.A. • WE HAVE HELPED PLACE 40 OF OUR GRADUATE FAMILIES IN THE NORTHEAST AND NORTHWEST REGIONS OF THE NATION. • WE HAVE PERSONALLY ENGAGED IN HUNDREDS OF PREACHING APPOINTMENTS TO ENCOURAGE STRUGGLING NE/NW CHURCHES (1998 - 2007). • WE HAVE MADE NUMEROUS PERSONAL VISITS THROUGHOUT BOTH REGIONS OF THE COUNTRY. • WE HAVE PERSONALLY AND/OR SENT OTHERS ON NUMEROUS SURVEY TRIPS TO VARIOUS PLACES TO MAKE PLANS FOR SETTLING A FUTURE SIBI TEAM OR PLANTING A NEW CHURCH. • WE HAVE CONDUCTED TWELVE AREA WIDE CAMPAIGNS IN MAJOR POPULATION CENTERS (ONE IN CANADA). • WE HAVE CONDUCTED THIRTY LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT/ CHURCH GROWTH WORKSHOPS. • WE HAVE HELD TRENTY-FIVE GOSPEL MEETINGS. • WE HAVE STARTED A DISTANCE LEARNING SCHOOL IN FALL RIVER, MA AND WILL OPEN ANOTHER ON IN SEATTLE, WA THIS YEAR. • WE HAVE HELPED IN THE PLANNING AND PLANTING OF THIRTEEN NEW CONGREGATIONS. • IN VARIOUS PLANNING STAGES, WE HAVE CAMPAIGNS, LEADERSHIP SEMINARS, CHURCH GROWTH SEMINARS, NUMEROUS PREACHING APPOINTMENTS AND GOSPEL MEETINGS IN THE WORKS. SEVERAL MISSIONARY FAMILIES PRESENTLY IN TRAINING AT SIBI ARE TALKING WITH ME ABOUT DOING THEIR MINISTRIES IN THE NORTHEAST AND NORTHWEST. REQUESTS FROM THE NORTHEAST/NORTHWEST BRETHREN FOR OUR SERVICES COME IN ON A REGULAR BASIS. • WE HAVE EITHER WITNESSED OR HAD REPORTED MORE BAPTISMS THAN WE CAN REMEMBER…HUNDREDS ARE REPORTED EACH YEAR. SIBI Satellite Schools :  SIBI Satellite Schools Local congregations purchase our SIBI video/DVD library and use them to conduct their own local Bible Training Program. We assist in helping set up these schools. Dozens of Satellite Schools operating in the Northeast and Northwest States. We Work Closely With:  We Work Closely With DISTANCE LEARNING SCHOOL -- LIVE CLASSROOM VIA VIDEO CONFERENCING – NE & NW SITES:  DISTANCE LEARNING SCHOOL -- LIVE CLASSROOM VIA VIDEO CONFERENCING – NE & NW SITES LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS CONCEPT AT: http://www.sibi.cc [click on Academics] Lubbock, TX Fall River MA Seattle, WA CHURCH PLANTINGS IN THE NORTHEAST:  CHURCH PLANTINGS IN THE NORTHEAST TROY, NY TORRINGTON, CT MILFORD, DE NEW YORK CITY, NY WESTERLY, RI LEWISTON /AUBURN, ME PHILADELPHIA, PA HARTFORD, CT BALTIMORE, MD (3) BROCKTON, MA PRINCE FREDERICK, MD COURSES TAUGHT AT SUNSET BY CHARLES COOK :  COURSES TAUGHT AT SUNSET BY CHARLES COOK Paul’s Letters to Timothy and Titus Leadership Development Evangelistic Methods First Corinthians Homiletics Introduction To Missions Advanced Missions Church Growth Romans Revelation Gospel of John World Religions Interpretive Reading Conflict Resolution (seminar) The Islamic Religion (seminar) The Hindu Religion (seminar) Postmodernism (seminar) Servant Leadership (seminar) Natural Church Development (seminar) Slide12:  We are asking that you form a partnership with us in this great work…please support us with your prayers and funding: Charles and Tamara Cook Sunset International Bible Institute 3723 34th Street Lubbock, TX 79410 Your resources can make a difference. CONTACT US: (806) 792-5191/798-1744 email: ccook00@suddenlink.net http://www.focus-USA.org

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