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Published on January 13, 2009

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LC : LC Welcomes Asia Pacific Postal Union Bureau Delegates March 13, 2007 Reader’s Digest Thailand Agenda : Agenda Introductions Reader’s Digest Company Overview Reader’s Digest Direct Marketing Reader’s Digest Business Requirements Postal Partnership Postal Best Practices RD Thailand Overview & Tour of RD TH Operations Introductions : Introductions Mr Jin Kiat KOH Supply Chain Director Reader’s Digest Asia Pte. Ltd. Ms Saowanee CHANACHAISUWAN Operations Manager Reader’s Digest Thailand Reader’s Digest : Reader’s Digest Company Overview Reader’s Digest : Reader’s Digest Reader’s Digest is a global publisher and direct marketer of products and services that inform, entertain and inspire people of all ages and cultures around the world. We create customer relationships and communities with people of like minds and interests. Reader's Digest, the largest-selling magazine in the world, now appears in 50 editions and 21 languages. The magazine is sold in more than 60 countries. The first edition of Reader’s Digest was published by DeWitt and Lila Wallace in Pleasantville in 1922 Copyrighted by Arnold Newman Reader’s Digest reaches 19 million subscribers all over the world every month and over 80 million readers Reader’s Digest has a global database of more than 100 million households across 70 countries Strong Global Presence : Strong Global Presence Global Reach : Global Reach Product lines designed for multiple markets but sold through a local presence Mobility of successful product and promotion concepts across the world Deliver more than 1.3 billion items by mail each year Spends more than USD 370 million on postal expenses each year Reader’s Digest : Reader’s Digest Direct Marketing Direct Marketer : Direct Marketer Preeminent Global Direct Marketer (FY06 USD 2.4 Billion in Revenue) Our product lines in Asia Magazine Select Editions Card & Binder General Books Recorded Music Direct Marketing - Global : Direct Marketing - Global Global sharing of best practices for promotions: Sweepstakes Creative packages Offers Channels Global sharing of test results: Product Promotion One of the leading Direct Marketers in the world with significant database marketing expertise and knowledge Global customer base of more than 100 million households across 70 countries How We Use Sweepstakes in our Mailings : How We Use Sweepstakes in our Mailings Every mailing carries the Official Prizelist and Rules No purchase is required to enter the main Contest or Sweepstakes we offer customers the chance to win whether they say “Yes” or “No” to the offer We depend on repeat custom, and our customers appreciate going in the draw, and we also want to thank them for considering our offers Deadlines on certain prizes encourage customers to reply quickly, while the offer is fresh in their mind We only want orders from people who want the product, so we clearly state the offer in the letter and the Yes reply envelope What is Sweepstakes? : What is Sweepstakes? Sweepstakes is a lucky draw from entries received, entry is free and by invitation, which can be a life-changing experience for the winners. we’ve run the Sweepstakes in Asia since 1983, and since then we’ve given away more than USD$10,000,000 in prizes to over 100,000 lucky winners runs for 12 months in conjunction with various offers we offer “extra” prize draws including “yes-only” draws as a “thank you” to purchasers also may have Campaign Prizes as an additional “Thank You” for buying people can enter the Sweepstakes more than once, provided they do so with an official entry form in their name Key Channels – International (excl North America) : Key Channels – International (excl North America) Direct Mail: 137 million pieces mailed annually 74 million pieces for Books 80% of new customers are acquired through direct mail Digital/Telemarketing: 10% of customers acquired through these channels 50% through internet Retail Building the retail channel through repackaged products (soft back, smaller format, lower price). Channel would account for less than 5% of volumes and revenues globally. Schools/Libraries Asia is pioneering growth in this channel through agents in Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia Direct Marketing – International (excludes North America) : Direct Marketing – International (excludes North America) 45 million customers on database 9 million are active within past 12 months 3 million customers new within past 12 months Increasing diversification of channels for one to one marketing Expansion into new markets (10 in past 2 years in Central and Eastern Europe) and the expansion has been led by books Central and Eastern Europe, books sales now account for 15% of international sales, with direct mail as the predominant marketing channel. Reader’s Digest : Reader’s Digest Business Requirements Postal Partnership Business Requirements & Risks : Business Requirements & Risks Business Requirements Reliability Customer Focus Cost Effectiveness Open Communications Support and Grow the Direct Mail Marketing Industry Risks New electronic/ online channels Postal Rate Increases Engagement with Post : Engagement with Post Partnership Approach Strategic Discussions Collaboration Leadership Roles in Industry Organizations (eg. DMAs) Postal Best Practice Program Seek Win-Win Solutions with Postal Organizations Partnership Approaches : Partnership Approaches Advance notification of upcoming mailings Automation incentives, eg. barcodes Presort discounts Drop ship discounts Palletization Mail Preparation – increases efficiency of postal handling Contracts – revenue and rate certainty for both parties Partnership Approaches : Partnership Approaches Post manages address changes and mail reroute Post as retail outlets for RD – payments, displays, etc Services outside of main postal activity Logistics Fulfillment Order processing Mail room Reader’s Digest : Reader’s Digest Postal Best Practices Examples Direct Mail Channel Expansion : Direct Mail Channel Expansion Advertising Mail Class Trades speedy delivery for reduced rates on qualified mailing pieces Recognizes importance of advertising or promotional mail Generates revenue for other classes of mail C PROMOTIONS $1.00 Shipments Billings/ Acks Customer Correspondence BRE Misc Orders (Yes)/ Noes Payments Returns Mail/ Correspondence Total Total Postal Revenue $3.00 Direct Mail Channel Expansion : Direct Mail Channel Expansion Attached mail on magazines / parcels Promotion, bill, renewal, sample on a free ride or reduced rate Postal operator handles 1 piece vs. 2 Generates revenue for other classes of mail Linked mail discounts Rewards the use of the mail channel for multiple linked promotion pieces ASM, AEL BREs Loyalty Discounts Rewards the use of the mail channel for the entire direct mail cycle Direct Mail Channel Expansion : Direct Mail Channel Expansion Prospect mailings at special rates Expands business with new customers Investment now ensures future growth Series/ Continuity Discount on every shipment Postal operator has predictable revenue stream for life of the series Multiplier effect applies for bills, payments, additional promotions Series/ Subscription Discount on intro shipments Free/ discounted first volume Guaranteed revenue stream for subscription/ series term Reader’s Digest Thailand : Reader’s Digest Thailand Ms Saowanee Chanachaisuwan Operations Manager RD TH RD TH Product Portfolio : RD TH Product Portfolio Books & Home Entertainment Magazine RD TH engagement with TH Post : RD TH engagement with TH Post TH Post is currently RD Th’s delivery channel for promotions, magazines, products, as well as all BREs, customer correspondence and returns As RD Th’s business expands, our engagement with TH Post in terms of volume and complexity increases Slide 28: RD TH’s Postal KPIs Issues and Resolutions : Issues and Resolutions Missing magazine/ parcels Pre & Post checking address Request Post investigation Acknowledge customers on proper post box. Request to proof recipient signature from Post if customer questions Damaged parcels Redesign packaging (stiffer material) Post evaluates internal handling process Notify and claim at Post Claims returned parcels Training to TH Post branch staff RD and TH Post acknowledge customer on return parcel instructions Slide 30: Key Customer Satisfaction On time delivery Slide 31: Key Customer Satisfaction Good Condition of products received by Customer Slide 32: Operations Work Flow Slide 33: Thank you

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