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Published on May 2, 2008

Author: Venere

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Slide2:  The foreigners have already arrived at the station.(改为否定句) The foreigners ______ _______ at the station ______. 2. She’s never heard of the story, ______ ________? 3. They’ve read the book twice. (对画线部分提问) _______ ______ ______ ______ they read the book? 4. We got to the Great Wall two weeks ago. = We ________ ______ the Great Wall two weeks ago. 5. Jim bought a new pen three days ago. = Jim ______ _______ a new pen since three days ago. haven’t arrived yet arrived at How many times have has she has had Slide3:  今天冲浪运动怎么样? What’s _______ _______ _______ today? 2. 你向你叔叔学习冲浪了吗? Have you ________ _______ ______ your uncle? 3. 你曾到过夏威夷吗? Have you ______ ______ ______ Hawaii? 4. 哪里的海滨比这里的好。 The beaches there _____ ______ ______ the ones here. 5. 我真的不知道怎样潜水。 I _______ don’t know ______ ______ ______. the surfing like learnt surfing from ever been to are better than really how to dive Slide4:  Find out the key sentence or the main idea of each paragraph. Paragraph 1: Paragraph 2: Paragraph 3: Paragraph 4&5 : Surfing is one of the world’s most popular water sports. Waikiki is one of the best beaches for surfing in Honolulu. There is a big difference between serious surfers and the so-called “beach boys.” Sth about Jake Booth. Slide5:  Why is Waikiki one of the best beaches for surfing in Honolulu? Weather, water, waves Slide6:  What is the difference between serious surfers and the so-called ‘beach boys’? Stronger, thinner, live to surf, three times a day Slide7:  Is Jack Booth a serious surfer or a beach boy? Why? give up, works as a … in the morning, a … at night Slide8:  What is his dream? He hopes that…be an event of the … Slide9:  1.all over the world全世界 2.large numbers of/a large number of=many 3.all the year round 整年,一年四季 在广州,一年四季都有美丽的花。 There are beautiful flowers in Guangzhou all the year round. 这种树常绿。 This kind of tree is green all the year round. Slide10:  4.no matter what/when/where/who/which/how 不管什么/何时/哪里/谁/哪个/怎样 不管他说什么,我都不相信他。 No matter what he says, I don’t believe him. 不管你什么时候来,都欢迎。 You are welcome no matter when you come. 不管谁敲门都不要开。 No matter who knocks at the door, don’t open it. 不管多困难,你都必须把他做出来。 No matter how hard it is, you must work it out. Whatever whenever Whoever However Slide11:  5.a 21-year-old man 6.give up sth / sth 放弃 医生告诉Tom戒烟。 The doctor told Tom to give up smoking. 虽然她很穷,但是她从来没有放弃学习。 She is poor, but she never gives up her studies. 6.ever since 此后一直, 从…以 来 从那时起我就住在这儿。 I have lived here …. 我从小就认识他。 I have known him ever since I was a child. doing Slide12:  7.He works as a part-time assistant in a surf shop. --what is his father? --He works as a driver. 8.be off (副词) 停止(工作),休息 她今天休息。 She is off today. 9.take / have …off (腾出时间)休息 我的老师打算明天休息。 My teacher is taking tomorrow off. 国庆节我们放了一周的假。 We had a week off on National Day. Slide13:  10.although 虽然……但是……,尽管 他们虽然很穷,但食物还是够吃的。 Although they are poor, they have enough to eat.= They are poor, but they have enough to eat. 虽然下着雨,但我们出去了。 Although it was raining, we went out. = It was raining, but we went out. 11.Surfing makes me fit. Slide14:  全世界 all over the world 不论什么 no matter what 和……都 both… and 放弃 give up sth / doing 从……时间以来 ever since… 以……闻名 be famous for 很多数量的 large numbers of =a large number of take / have …off (腾出时间)休息 Slide15:  especially attract so-called possible prize although competition event Olympic Games 特别,格外,尤其 虽然 竞赛,竞争 大事,事件,活动 吸引 所谓的 可能的 奖品 奥运会 Slide16:  Does your brother work ______ a teacher? A. or B. as C. so D. but 2. You often go and help Grandpa Wang, _____? A. aren’t B. don’t you C. doesn’t he D. isn’t you 3. The Chinese people are very _______. A. friendly B. friend C. friends D. friendship 4. Jack is a _______ man. A. 21st B. 21-year-old C. 21-years-old D. 21 years-old 5. I have got a very good _______. A. work B. working C. job D. jobs Slide17:  冲浪运动受世界各地人们的喜爱。 夏威夷以它美丽的海滩而著称。 无论天气怎样,你总能看见外面有冲浪者在乘风破浪。 无论冬夏,只要有可能,他们一天冲浪三次。 晚上他在餐馆做服务员。 Slide18:  The first paragraph: … popular water sports. … started on … … enjoyed by … Hawaii … famous for … … attract … tourists Slide19:  The second paragraph: Waikiki … best beaches for …. It is …hot…cold… The water is … The waves … No matter … you can find… Slide20:  The third paragraph: … big difference between … Serious surfers …than … They live to … They surf …, in both … and … Voice your opinions: What do sports bring us? What’s the spirit(精神) of the Olympic Games?

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