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Published on May 2, 2008

Author: Riccardino

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Slide1:  现 在 完 成 时 态 The Present Perfect Tense Miss Lu Slide2:  Where have you ever been ? ---I have been to… Where has she gone ? ---She has gone to Beijing . Slide3:  1. Has China held the Olympic Games so far ? --- No, it hasn’t . It hasn’t held them ____. It has ____held the Olympic Games before . 2. Has America ever had the Olympic Games ? ---Yes , it has . It has ______had them for several times . 3. Which country has just held the Olympic Games ? ---Greece has just held them . 4. Have we Chinese made contributions to getting ready for the coming games in /during the past years? yet never already Slide4:  现在完成时态 (时间状语) so far/by now/till now already/yet never/ever just before in/during the past years 一般过去时 (时间状语) yesterday ago last night/week/… in 1998 at that moment just now 现在完成时态:表示过去发生或已经完成的某一动作对现在造成的影响或结果,也可以表示过去已经开始,一直持续到现在的动作或状态。 结构:have/has + done (动词的过去分词) Slide5:  现在完成时与一般过去时的区别: 现在完成时表示过去发生的某一动作对现在造成的影响或结果,强调现在的情况,它与现在有密切的关系,它不能和表示过去的时间状语连用。 一般过去时只表示过去的动作或状态,和现在不发生联系,可以和表示过去的时间状语连用。 Liu Xiang has gone to France . Liu Xiang went to France last week. Slide6:  A: Look at the picture,who is he ? B:He’ Wang Zhizhi . He ____ ever ______( play) basketball in America . A:But he ______(come) back four days ago . has played came Slide7:  A: Which country is it ? B: It’s England . A: Oh, I see. It ______(hold) the Olympic Games many years ago. B: Yes, it ______ already _____ (hold) them several times. held has held Slide8:  Fill in the blanks: 1.Tom _____ just ______ (finish) his homework. He ____(do ) it just now. 2. Three minutes ago, he _____ (call) Mr Smith, but he _____ (be not) in at that moment . 3.Alice ____________(not see) the film before,but her sister ______ (see) it two days ago . 4.---_____ Mike ______ (repair) the computer yet ? ---Yes,he has. He _______(repair) it himself last night . 5.These cities ___________ (change) a lot in the past years. 6. Jack ______(begin)to collect stamps in 2001,he ___________ (collect) a lot of stamps so far. 7.China _____ already_____(have) the chance to hold the Olympic Games . has finished did called wasn’t hasn’t seen saw Has repaired repaired have changed began has collected has had Slide9:  When did the Olympic Games begin? ---The Olympic Games _____more than 2000 years ago . ---The Olympic Games have been popular in the world ____ more than 2000 years. --- The Olympic Games have begun ______more than 2000 years ago . ---It is more than 2000 years since the Olympic Games began . began for since Slide10:  A: What’s your hobby? B: My hobby is drawing pictures. A: When did you learn to draw pictures ? B: I learned it 4 years ago .I have learned it for 4 years // since 4 years ago // It’s 4 years since I learned to draw pictures. Slide11:  Key points: since 和 for都可以引出时间状语与现在完成时连用 。 for+时间段(与延续性动词连用,不能与瞬间动词连用) since+过去的时间点 It’s +一段时间 +since从句(从句用一般过去时) Slide12:  Exercises: 1.Tom borrowed a book from the library last week .He has _______it for 3 days . 2.---When did you join/take part in Greener China ? ---I’ve _________________ of Greener China for 2 years. 3.I left my hometown in 1996 . I’ve ____________ from my hometown for about 10 years. 4. --- Oh, what a bad cold I’ve caught ! ---How long have you _____ it ? ---Since 2days ago . 5. ---Have you got a dictionary ? ---Yes, I bought it last year. ---Though you’ve ______ it for several months,it loks like a new one. kept been a member been away had had Slide13:  瞬间动词转变为延续性动词: borrow--- die--- buy--- come back--- join/take part in--- begin--- leave--- fall asleep--- catch a cold--- end/finish--- become--- go out--- get up--- keep have be in/ be a member of be away from have a cold be be dead be back be on be asleep be over be out be up Slide14:  1.So far ,we ____ 200 English words . have copyed B.have copied C.copyed D.copied 2. ---Where’s your father ? ----He’s_____ Beijing? been to B. gone to C. gone in D. been in 3. A number of the students _______ the film yesterday . see B. saw C. seen D.have seen 4. How long _____ he ______ in this factory ? has, come B. have, come C. has, been D. have,been 5. He’s never been to China, _______ ? has he B. hasn’t he C. isn’t he D. is he 6. My grandma ______ in this village for ten years ,she _____ there in 1994. has lived,has moved B. has lived, moved C. lived, has moved D. lived, moved Exercises: B B B C A B Slide15:  7. How long has the girl’s mother ______? died B. dead C. been died D. been dead 8. How many words have you learned _______ you began to learn English ? for B. if C. before D. since 9. _____ have you been a member of Greener China ? How often B. How long C. When D. How far 10. ---Has he finished his homework ? ---No, he hasn’t finished it ______ . A. already B. ever C. yet D. before D D B C Slide16:  The Smiths _______________(watch) TV this time yesterday . She ____________(make) a lot of friends here so far. Her parents _____________(not write) to her since they left. It is five years since he _________(join) the Party. They _______(live) in this city ten years ago. He ______just ______(come) back from the city . ---Can Alice go hiking with us tomorrow ? ---If she _______(feel) better tonight . 8. Someone _______(call) you just now . 用所给动词的适当形式填空 were watching has made haven’t written joined lived has come feels called

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