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Published on May 2, 2008

Author: Dario

Source: authorstream.com

Unit 9 The Olympic Games:  Unit 9 The Olympic Games Session 1 1. practice comparatives and superlatives 2. revise the use of the passive 3. study language for describing international events Session 2 1. study the use of the gerund 2. revise the form and use of the first conditional 3. study vocabulary relating to international events Slide2:  带有 if 的真实条件句 含义:表示可能的条件和可能带来的结果 结构:if 从句(表示条件)用一般现在时,主句用一般将来时 If I buy it, the restaurant will be twice the size. Will you change the name if he makes it bigger? 位置:句首/句尾;位于句首时,需用逗号与主句隔开。见上例。

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