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Published on January 29, 2008

Author: Soffia

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59-Minute Scrum:  59-Minute Scrum Pam Rostal prostal@trissential.com Topics:  Topics Scrum Relevance 59-Minute Scrum Agenda Scrum Overview Scrum Work Products Scrum References Scrum Relevance:  Scrum Relevance Would you be interested in: An installment plan that delivers your highest priority software on a monthly basis? Visibility into what’s really going on at any time? Manageability of short time-boxes that produce production-quality code every time? Rapid feedback cycles that prevent bottlenecks? Adaptability that captures the best of what’s been delivered as input into the requirements for your next iteration? Well-informed decisions made by a responsible, accountable Product Owner, Scrum Master, and Team (including the customer)? 59- Minute Scrum Agenda:  59- Minute Scrum Agenda Timetable: Introduce Scrum Concepts 30 minutes 59-Minute Exercise: Complete Sprint Planning Meeting 10 minutes Conduct a Sprint “Day 1” 10 minutes Conduct a Daily Scrum Meeting 05 minutes Conduct a Sprint “Day 2” 10 minutes Conduct a Sprint Review/Demo 06 minutes per team (x4) Debrief the exercise 15 minutes Questions 15 minutes This exercise is based on a simulation developed by Jean Tabaka and Hubert Smits and a presentation delivered by Rachel Davies. Slide5:  Scrum is an iterative, incremental process for developing any product or managing any work. It produces a potentially shippable set of functionality at the end of every iteration. Scrum Definition Scrum Practices:  Scrum Practices Product Backlog Sprint Planning Meeting Roles Scrum Team Product Owner Scrum Master Sprint Sprint Backlog Daily Scrum Meeting Sprint Review Meeting Scrum Flow:  Scrum Flow Slide8:  Product Backlog Definition Prioritized list of work to be performed on a product Anyone can contribute backlog items Product Owner is responsible for prioritization Sprint Planning Meeting:  Sprint Planning Meeting 2-part meeting to define the next sprint Product Backlog Team Capabilities Business Conditions Technology Stability Most Recent Executable Product Increment Review Consider Organize Next Sprint Goal Sprint Backlog Product Owner:  Establishes, nurtures and communicates the product vision Sets development schedule by prioritizing backlog Monitors the project against its stated goals and financial vision. Works with others to estimate items on Product Backlog One person in this role ensures that only one set of requirements drives development. He/she can be influenced by committees, management, customers, sales people, but is the only person that prioritizes, thus eliminating the confusion of multiple bosses, different opinions, and interference. Product Owner Scrum Team:  Scrum Team Selects and develops the highest priority items on the Product Backlog Self-organizing Cross-functional with undifferentiated roles Seven plus or minus two Responsible for committing to work Authority to do whatever is needed to meet commitment Scrum Master:  Scrum Master Responsible for setting the team up for success by: ensuring the project and organizational cultures are optimized for meeting the goals of the project establishing Scrum practices and rules, shielding the team from outside disturbances, and removing obstacles representing management to the project Slide13:  Product Backlog in Perspective Sprint:  Sprint A fixed period of 30 days to develop a deliverable product The Sprint includes design, coding, testing, and documentation Once a Sprint has started only the Scrum Team can add or remove items in Sprint backlog Abnormal termination of Sprint is called for when the Sprint Goal no longer makes sense Slide15:  Sprint Backlog Daily Scrum Meeting:  Daily Scrum Meeting Members of Scrum Team are known as Pigs because they are committed to delivering Sprint Goal. Every day, they face each other in a circle and answer 3 questions at the daily scrum meeting: What did you do since the last scrum meeting? Do you have any obstacles? What are you planning to do before the next scrum meeting? People who are involved but not dedicated to the project are known as Chickens - they attend Scrum meetings as observers Slide17:  Sprint Backlog Expanded Slide18:  Sprint Burndown Chart Sprint Review Meeting:  Sprint Review Meeting During this meeting, the team tells the story of its journey during the Sprint. The team delivers to management, customers, users and the Product Owner the product increment that has been built during the Sprint so they can try it for themselves. Powerpoint presentations are forbidden! The team follows the demo meeting with a team retrospective to learn from their experiences this sprint. Slide20:  Scrum teams are characterized by: High visibility into what is happening at all times. Rapid incorporation of feedback into the project’s planning process. Adaptation to changing business and technology conditions. Frequent communications among all members. High productivity. High level of cooperation. Awareness of their relation to other teams working on the same or complementary projects, whether the number of workers involved is six or over a thousand. Members who feel good about doing the best job they can and making a real contribution to their company. Scrum Teams Exercise - Sprint Planning:  Exercise - Sprint Planning Sprint Planning Meeting 10 mins Review the Product Backlog Select an achievable Sprint Goal with Product Owner Determine what the number of features might be that your team can complete Think about initial assignments Produce a Sprint Backlog on team worksheet Example Sprint Backlog:  Example Sprint Backlog Sprint Goal: Develop Park Entertainment Brochure 6 Team members Potential effort: 6 members * 20 min = 120 minutes Describe entertainment in the park Music 20 min Comedy/Improv 20 min Describe special events Bonfire Night 15 min Sandwich appreciation month 10 min Suggest related nearby activities and events Lego Museum 25 min Giant ball of twine 17 min = 107minutes YOUR Sprint Backlog:  YOUR Sprint Backlog Sprint Goal: ___________________________ ___min ___ min ___________________________ ___min ___min ___________________________ ___min ___min ____________________________ ___min ___min = _____ TOTAL Exercise - Daily Scrum:  Exercise - Daily Scrum Scrum Meeting 5 mins Team stands in a circle facing each other Each team member answers 3 questions: What have I completed since our last meeting ? What do I intend to complete before our next meeting ? What is getting in my way ? Exercise - Sprint Review:  Exercise - Sprint Review Sprint Review 6 mins Elect a spokesperson to facilitate the Sprint Review and Demo Meeting Conduct a Sprint Review and Demo of your brochure at the end of the sprint: What is the potentially shippable increment (Demo)? What did we complete of our Sprint Backlog? What is the feedback from our Product Owner? A Few Rules:  A Few Rules Each team MUST work together Everyone MUST have work in the Sprint Each team MUST demo something at the end of the Sprint (free of choice about how) Each team MUST complete their Sprint Planning with a Sprint Backlog on the worksheet Each team MUST conduct their Daily Scrum meeting No Scrum Master is used in this exercise No predefined roles on Team; self-organization rules! Slide27:  Beedle, M. and Schwaber, K. Agile Software Development with Scrum, Addison-Wesley, Reading, MA, 2001. Schwaber, K. Agile Project Management with Scrum. Addison-Wesley, Reading, MA, 2004. www.controlchaos.com http://www.scrumalliance.org/ Scrumdevelopment yahoo group Scrum References Doggy Daycare Brochure:  Doggy Daycare Brochure Create cover art, brand, and/or logo Define major care sections Outline minimum requirements (shots, temper, breeding, etc.) Define all service offerings Set pricing structure for services Outline boarding options Complete a guarantee policy Define “Ultra Doggy Spa” service Write testimonials Suggest daypack contents to accompany clients Provide satisfied customer testimonials Complete a certification structure Complete bios on staff members (backgrounds, training, interests) Define discounted partner pet services Outline full week lunch menu Martian Visiting Earth – Tourist Brochure:  Martian Visiting Earth – Tourist Brochure Create cover art, brand, and/or logo Define major topics for Martian tourism Describe “Art Interests in Europe” tour Describe a tour based on photosynthesis Outline a “7 wonders of the world” expedition Set prices for the tours Outline warning messages (gravity, oxygen, fungi,etc.) Suggest clothing options Explain travel options to/from Mars Describe a “Human Sports” tour Outline refund policy Suggest related services Define advertisers Define a 12-month campaign Set-up how to get more information Spam Brand Theme Park Marketing:  Spam Brand Theme Park Marketing Create cover art, brand, and/or logo Define major topics about Spam Design 3 key rides that involve Spam Describe a general museum associated with the park Set prices for the rides Outline concession stand choices Set-up how to get more information Suggest clothing options Explain travel options to/from the Park Describe interactive contest opportunities Outline refund policy Define advertisers Set-up a musical act line-up for a concert series at the park Suggest related services Define a 12-month campaign Wedding Planner Brochure :  Wedding Planner Brochure Create cover art, brand, and/or logo Define major service offerings Define format for layout of brochure Include services for out-of-town guests Provide references from happy clients Set the pricing structure Define music options List catering options and pricing Define special bridal party treatments List reception location recommendations Provide bios of your staff Create 3 minute promotion infomercial List template itineraries Gather names of preferred service providers Define custom wedding themes Relocation Service for Workers from India Coming to the U.S. :  Relocation Service for Workers from India Coming to the U.S. Create cover art, brand, and/or logo Define major service offerings Define format for layout of brochure Set the pricing structure for consulting services Options for moving you and your belongings to the U.S. Outline visa options Provide email addresses for further inquiries Provide references from happy clients Describe housing options Gather names of preferred housing providers in the U.S. Provide clothing guidance Suggest sightseeing destinations Create 3 minute promotion infomercial Discuss learning American English – slang guide Outline dating guidelines for the U.S.

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