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Published on June 18, 2007

Author: Malbern

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FRBR and OCLC Research:  FRBR and OCLC Research Eric Childress OCLC Research UNC SILS Chapel Hill, NC 10 April 2006 Outline:  Outline FRBR explained OCLC Work Audience Level FictionFinder Dewey Browser Live Search OCLC FirstSearch WorldCat FRBR FRBR basics:  FRBR basics FRBR = Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records Work done under the auspices of IFLA Uses an entity-attribute approach to provide a conceptual model of the bibliographic universe Provides a clearly defined, structured framework for relating bibliographic data to user needs Four User Tasks::  Four User Tasks: Find entities that match the search criteria Identify entities (confirm that the user has found what they were looking for) Select an entity that matches the user’s criteria Obtain access to the entity through purchase, loan, or through electronic remote access And, maybe a fifth: Navigate FRBR defines 3 groups of entities:  FRBR defines 3 groups of entities Group 1: products of intellectual or artistic endeavor that are named of described in bibliographic records work, expression, manifestation, item Group 2: entities responsible for the intellectual or artistic content, the physical production and dissemination, or the custodianship of such products person, corporate body Group 3: entities that serve as the subjects of intellectual or artistic endeavor concept, object, event, place Slide6:  From William Denton (http://www.frbr.org/) intellectual/ bibliographic units agents 'aboutness' Group 1 Entities:  Work Expression Is realized through A distinct intellectual or artistic creation The intellectual or artistic realization of a work The physical embodiment of an expression A single exemplar of a manifestation Group 1 Entities OCLC FRBR work set algorithm-based cluster of related WorldCat records:  OCLC FRBR work set algorithm-based cluster of related WorldCat records Original English Translation Illustrated edition Abridged edition Adaptation Expressions Work¹ Work² e¹ e² e³ e¹ Slide9:  'The FRBR model is revolutionary. The (computer) catalogue is not seen as a sequence of bibliographic records and a replica of the traditional card catalogue, but rather as a network of connected data, enabling the user to perform seamlessly all the necessary functions.' -Dr. Maja Žumer. National and University Library, Ljubljana, Slovenia Applying FRBR in services:  Applying FRBR in services Incorporating the concepts of the FRBR model in systems: Superior presentation of search results Esp. in large files – more intuitive clustering May help streamline library cataloging Reduces repeated keying of work-related info Bibliographic andamp; management intelligence New insights into works (e.g., OCLC’s 1000 list) Libraries can operate at workset level (e.g., ILL) OCLC Projects:  OCLC Projects Audience Level FictionFinder Dewey Browser Live Search OCLC FirstSearch WorldCat FRBR OCLC Research:  OCLC Research Mission: To expand knowledge that advances OCLC's public purposes of: Furthering access to the world's information Reducing library costs Description: ~ 30 staff (including 8 scientists) in Dublin, OH Applied research in metadata, taxonomies, search standards, retrieval systems, user IR behavior, digitization, collection analysis, and related areas Also various standards work (e.g., Dublin Core) Worldcat (FRBR stats):  Worldcat (FRBR stats) Manifestations Works Items (est: holdings*1.5) 59,879,322 47,423,810 1,531,400,969 35,372,459 28,542,021 1,194,751,352 Total Print books Slide14:  Works with 1 manifestation: 87% Works with between 2 and 5 manifestations: 12% Works with andgt; 5 manifestations: 1% Works with 1 manifestation: 43% of total holdings Works with between 2 and 5 manifestations: 40% of total holdings Works with andgt; 5 manifestations: 17% of total holdings Manifestations By Holdings Works in WorldCat Top 10 works in WC by holdings:  Top 10 works in WC by holdings 10 Audience Level:  Audience Level An OCLC Research prototype A two-step process for assigning a relative 'audience level': Use MARC 'Target Audience' if present If not, calculate the audience based on weighted holdings Features: Human- and machine-readable interfaces Resolves OCLC record number or ISBN to probable 'audience level' OCLC Research Team: Lynn Connaway (lead) Brian Lavoie Ed O’Neill Cliff Snyder Akeisha Heard Calculating “audience level”:  Calculating 'audience level' Sum of Holding Weight ÷ Total Holdings 139.63 ÷ 177 = 0.78 Operations research for libraries and information agencies : techniques for the evaluation of management decision alternatives by Donald H Kraft andamp; Bert R Boyce [San Diego : Academic Press, ©1991] Slide18:  work manifestations in workset Human-readable interface 0.62 Slide19:  work manifestations in workset Human-readable interface 0.45 FictionFinder:  FictionFinder An OCLC experimental prototype Supports searching andamp; browsing of fiction materials cataloged in WorldCat Fiction records — 2.8 million Unique works — 1.4 million Total holdings — 130 million Employs FRBR to: Build a 'work' view andamp; cluster related records Support the creation of special indexes OCLC Research team: Diane Vizine-Goetz (lead) Roger Thompson Carol Hickey Lance Osborne J.D. Shipengrover New version: Available later in 2006 Improved navigation andamp; work-based displays Slide21:  Slide22:  Alphabetical browse display in redesigned interface Slide23:  Nearly 20,000 works retrieved The record for Don Quixote represents 2,300+ editions Slide24:  Don Quixote work view aggregates information from 2,367 editions in 40,212 libraries Slide25:  Don Quixote work view limited to Spanish language editions ordered by latest publication date Slide26:  Link to OCLC WorldCat Find in a Library Service Edition (manifestation) record display Slide27:  DeweyBrowser:  DeweyBrowser An OCLC experimental prototype Supports searching andamp; browsing collections organized by DDC Presents search results at three levels corresponding to the three main summaries of Dewey Collections available: wcat – 2.2 million of the most widely held WorldCat records abr14 – selected data from the Abridged Edition 14 of DDC ebooks - 210,000+ electronic book records from WorldCat Summaries can be displayed in: English French German Spanish Swedish OCLC Research team: Diane Vizine-Goetz (lead) Thom Hickey (lead) Harry Wagner Carol Hickey Lance Osborne Slide29:  Slide30:  Live Search:  Live Search OCLC Research prototype Features: Quick searches target with each additional keystroke of search term/phrase Retrieves ordered, FRBR-inspired results (combined with holdings-based ranking) Narrow-by Dewey attributes (expressed as captions) OCLC Research Team: Thom Hickey (lead) Jenny Toves Ralph LeVan Files being prototyped: Phoenix Public+DDC LCSH Slide32:  Search results automatically regenerate as searches are entered Slide33:  Search categories automatically update as search results update Slide34:  Narrow by natural facets ('categories') of any given result set Slide35:  item data drawn from Phoenix Public’s OPAC FirstSearch WorldCat FRBR:  FirstSearch WorldCat FRBR Prototype of planned OCLC Production version of WorldCat on the OCLC FirstSearch platform FRBR-inspired clustering of search results Pilot testing underway Production release sometime in 2006… Currently in FirstSearch:  [kw: harry potter goblet fire] Currently in FirstSearch Comparing current FS with FRBR-inspired results :  Comparing current FS with FRBR-inspired results [kw: harry potter goblet fire] and scrolling to the bottom.:  and scrolling to the bottom. bottom of multi-version record manifestations Selecting Large Print within that record:  Selecting Large Print within that record Questions?:  Questions? Eric Childress Consulting Project Manger OCLC Research http://www.oclc.org/research/staff/childress.htm Resources on FRBR :  Resources on FRBR IFLA-related FRBR resources:  IFLA-related FRBR resources IFLA FRBR Review Group http://www.ifla.org/VII/s13/wgfrbr/wgfrbr.htm Functional requirements for bibliographic records : final report / IFLA Study Group on the Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records ; Approved by the Standing Committee of the IFLA Section on Cataloguing. Münich : K.G. Saur, 1998. viii, 136 pages. ISBN 3-598-11382-X also online: http://www.ifla.org/VII/s13/frbr/frbr.htm FRBR Bibliography: http://www.ifla.org/VII/s13/wgfrbr/bibliography.htm FRBR in 21st century catalogues (Workshop held at OCLC) http://www.oclc.org/research/events/frbr-workshop Statement of International Cataloguing Principles http://www.loc.gov/loc/ifla/imeicc/source/statement-draft_jan05.pdf Selected additional resources:  Selected additional resources Boston, Tony, Bemal Rajapatirana and Roxanne Missingham 'Libraries Australia: Simplifying the Search Experience' (2005) http://www.nla.gov.au/nla/staffpaper/2005/boston1.html Denton, William. 'FRBR and Fundamental Cataloguing Rules.' (2003) http://www.miskatonic.org/library/frbr.html Tillett, Barbara, What is FRBR?: A Conceptual Model for the Bibliographic Universe (2004) http://www.loc.gov/cds/FRBR.html OCLC FRBR-related activities:  OCLC FRBR-related activities OCLC Resarch FRBR page: http://www.oclc.org/research/projects/frbr/ OCLC Research projects: Audience Level http://www.oclc.org/research/projects/audience Curiouser http://www.oclc.org/research/projects/curiouser OCLC FRBR Algorithm http://www.oclc.org/research/projects/frbr/algorithm.htm Fiction Finder http://fictionfinder.oclc.org/ xISBN http://www.oclc.org/research/researchworks/xisbn/ Top 1000 titles http://www.oclc.org/research/top1000 OCLC production services: Open WorldCat http://www.oclc.org/worldcat/open FRBR-inspired FirstSearch WorldCat (coming in 2006) OCLC Research Presentations on FRBR:  OCLC Research Presentations on FRBR Diane Vizine-Goetz FictionFinder: Don Quixote to Graphic Novels (PPT:1.4MB/24slides) WebWise 2006, 17 February 2006, Los Angeles,California (USA) Eric Childress What's FRBR? (PowerPoint:1.1MB/43 slides) Central Ohio Chapter, American Society of Information Science andamp; Technology, 21 July 2005, Columbus, Ohio (USA) Brian Lavoie and Roger C. Schonfeld (Ithaka) A Systemwide View of Library Collections (PowerPoint:300K/35slides) CNI Spring 2005 Task Force Meeting, 4-5 April 2005, Washington, DC (USA) Thom Hickey FRBR: Algorithms and Applications (PowerPoint:1.17MB/40slides) California Library Association pre-conference Institute, 12 November 2004, San Jose, California (USA) Edward T. O'Neill Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records: OCLC's Experience Identifying and Using Works (PowerPoint:26MB/35 slides) FRBR Workshop, 8–9 July 2004, Frankfurt (Germany) Other FRBR tools, activities, etc.:  Other FRBR tools, activities, etc. AusLit http://www.austlit.edu.au/about/metadata FRBR Blog http://www.frbr.org/ LC FRBR Display Tool http://www.loc.gov/marc/marc-functional-analysis/tool.html RLG’s RedLightGreen http://www.redlightgreen.org/ VisualCat (Denmark) http://www.portia.dk/pubs/VisualCat/Present/VisualCatOverview20050607.pdf VTLS http://www.vtls.com/Corporate/FRBR.shtml

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