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Published on September 11, 2007

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Status of IPv6 Trial Servicesin Korea:  Status of IPv6 Trial Services in Korea HyoungJun KIM andlt;khj@etri.re.krandgt; Director of IPv6 Forum Korea Feb., 2006 Why IPv6 in Korea?:  Why IPv6 in Korea? Preparing IPv4 address depletion Assigned 70% of total IPv4 addresses(4.3 billion) from the world Having used all the IPv4 addresses (41M) held in Korea More IP addresses to be needed for the future IT services Promoting IPv6 based New Services IPv6 based Home Network Service (more than 10 IP addresses at home will be necessary by 2010) - IPv6 Service over WiBro (2.3 GHz based Wireless Broadband Internet) - IPv6 based VoIP Service - IPv6 based Telematics Service, etc. IT839 Strategy : A master plan for the IT industry, in an effort to gain more growth momentum from the IT sector in Korea Eight New Services : WiBro, DMB, Telematics, W-CDMA, etc. Three Infrastructure : BcN, RFID/USN, IPv6 Nine IT New Growth Engines : NG Mobile Comm., Digital TV, etc. IPv6 Promotion Policies in Korea:  IPv6 Promotion Policies in Korea IPv6 Equipments Development - Accelerating to develop the IPv6 equipments for commercialization - Obtaining global competitiveness of the domestic IPv6 equipments to the market Diffusion of IPv6 Application Services Accelerating to develop the IPv6 Application for common users Providing various pilot services for the activation of IPv6 Facilitation of IPv6 Public and Commercial Network - Plan to migrate the Public andamp; Commercial Network with IPv6 IPv6 Pilot Project : KOREAv6 To verify IPv6 equipments andamp; services and drive them to commercialize by using KOREAv6(Nation-wide IPv6 based test network) IPv6 Equipments Development:  IPv6 Equipments Development IPv6 Home andamp; Small Router(2004. 12.), Medium Access Routers(2005. 6.) - Manufacturer : Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Mercury, Locus, Dasan Networks, Lanbird Inc., etc. IPv6 Solution Equipments (VPN, NMS : 2005. 9.) - Manufacturer : Future Systems, EsNet, K-Sign, etc. IPv6 Translators(Dual Stack, NAT-PT : 2004. 6.) - Manufacturer : iBiT, NeoTelecom, etc. Others - IPv6 Camera, VoIPv6 Phone, etc. IPv6 Equipments’ Domestic Market:  IPv6 Equipments’ Domestic Market $ 8,201 Million is the total sum(2005 ~ 2010) (Unit : Million $) ※ Source from NCA 832 1,008 1,190 1,390 1,696 2,086 Diffusion of IPv6 Application Services:  Diffusion of IPv6 Application Services IPv6 based P2P primary introduction IPv6 N/W camera test to deployment Deploying to the remote home-care application service Deploying to the remote health-care application services WLAN + Wired Internet + PSTN - Hotspot pilot services Providing VoIPv6 service Deployment of WiBro related service P2P based E-Learning primary deployment Deploying to the internet broadcast /remote lecture Providing End-to-End IPsec VPN service Diffusion of service in public sector Providing IPv6 based P2P pilot service Diffusion of IPv6 based P2P services Facilitation of IPv6 Public & Commercial Network:  Facilitation of IPv6 Public andamp; Commercial Network New IPv6 e-Government Network from 2005 - Lead 16,000 Public Sector Organizations to adopt IPv6 until 2008 2005 2006 2007 2008 LAN 2005 2006 Evolution Plan WAN e-Government Network 4,000 organizations 8,000 organizations 16,000 organizations Plan to migrate ISP’s commercial networks with IPv6 IPv6 Pilot Project : KOREAv6:  KOREAv6 is the name of the Nation-wide IPv6 Pilot Project Composed with IPv6 Trial Services and Field Test for IPv6 Equipments Creating IPv6 businesses in the public andamp; private sector Accelerating commercialization of IPv6 equipments Promoting IPv6 awareness to the public IPv6 Pilot Project : KOREAv6 Campus Government Device Test HDTV KOREAv6 Network ISP Service IPv6 Portal Enterprise Home Network CDMA/WCDMA Hospital KOREN KREONET 6KANet ISP KOREAv6 – Phase Ⅰ(2004):  Purposes - Define barriers to deployment of IPv6 services in such areas in home, office, campus, etc. - Improve awareness of IPv6 service to the public Key contents - Construct the nation-wide IPv6 trial network Provide 10 trial services such as Ecosystem Monitoring, VoDv6, VoIPv6, Internet gateway service, etc. Test the stability and interoperability of 39 equipments such as routers, switches, VPN and so on Outcomes Retain operation skill of IPv4/IPv6 network with dual stack, NAT-PT Create a market of two-way services such as VoIPv6, Camerav6 etc. Enhance the functions of IPv6 equipments (KOREAv6 Logo has been given to 35 IPv6 equipments) KOREAv6 – Phase Ⅰ(2004) KOREAv6 – Phase Ⅱ&Ⅲ (2005-2006):  Phase II (2005) VoIPv6 Services in Public Sector - Offering VoIPv6 service to users in public sector (Daejon City, Korea Meteorological Administration, MoND) - Establishing VoIPv6 reference model for 16,000 governmental agencies IPv6 based WiBro Applications and Contents - Developing WiBro contents that can be provided over IPv6 Wireless Broadband network from 2006 IPv6 based Home Network Service - Providing IPv6 Home G/W, Remote control, VoIPv6 to 130 households Phase III (2006) IPv6 based 8 Services over All-IPv6 Network - Offering 8 services using integrated/converged terminals to end users in the large-scale trial complex KOREAv6 – Phase Ⅱandamp;Ⅲ (2005-2006) VoIPv6 Services in Public Sector (Phase II):  VoIPv6 Services in Public Sector (Phase II) Establish VoIPv6 reference model for government agencies Reduce VoIPv6 transition cost of public sector Develop VoIPv6 industry Purpose Agency A Agency A (branch) Agency B Agency C VoIPv6 Ref. model SIP IPv6 Agency A Agency B Agency C Interoperability Eliminate complexity → Ensure interoperability Reduce operation cost (network construction andamp; management) Market transition : VoIPv4 -andgt; VoIPv6 Expectations Agency A (branch) IPv6 based WiBro Applications (Phase II) - (1/2):  IPv6 based WiBro Applications (Phase II) - (1/2) Develop WiBro applications andamp; contents that can be provided over IPv6 wireless broadband network from 2006 Develop mobile IP technology for WiBro mobility Suggest service model for WiBro Develop security and authentication mechanism Purpose The biggest IPv6 wireless network in KOREA Secure service experience andamp; network operating technology IPv6 promotion through successful IPv6 transition of large scale portal Secure major technologies for IPv6 based WiBro service Expectations IPv6 based WiBro Applications (Phase II) - (2/2):  IPv6 campus network (KAIST) using WLAN – similar to WiBro environment Research andamp; Development - Mobile IPv6/Fast Handoff - Windows based terminal with MIPv6 - IPv6 based authentication, security Service verification on WiBro testbed Network IPv6 portal service using NAT-PT KTH Paran.com IPv6 transition guideline for legacy portal verify and test IP mobility service andamp; Contents on large scale network Apps andamp; Contents Trial Service Subscribers : 250~300 person KAIST Students, staffs, etc. Supporting IPv6 Premium service on Paran.com Free charge during trial service IPv6 based WiBro Applications (Phase II) - (2/2) IPv6 based Home Network Service (Phase II) – (1/2):  Improve technological level and acquiring ‘IPv6 Ready Logo’ Activate of IPv6 usage to various field (Home, office, and so on) Commercial market of IPv6 home gateway IPv6 based Home Network Service (Phase II) – (1/2) Study of service model in IPv6 home network field Develop commercial IPv6 home gateway Provide IPv6 home G/W, remote control, VoIPv6 to 130 households Purpose Expectations IPv6 based Home Network Service (Phase II) – (2/2):  IPv6 based Home Network Service (Phase II) – (2/2) IPv6 tunneling PLC protocol (S-cube, LNCP, Z256, HNCP, etc) WLAN AP (IEEE 802.11 a/b/g) Various interfaces (F/E, USB, RS485/232) IPv6 Home Gateway Features VoIPv6 service (Wired andamp; Wireless VoIP phone) monitoring service using IPv6 network camera IPv6 portal service IPv6 Application Promotion Council:  Promotion Council Promoting of voluntarily-based investments from the commercial sector Chair : Minister of MIC Member : CEO of ISPs andamp; Vendors, Univ., and Randamp;D Organizations Outcomes : Roadmap of Nation-wide IPv6 Adoption(2004. 3.) Role Assignment : Government : Policy (Show Vision and Plan) Randamp;D Organizations : Research / Standardization Commercialization /Advertisement : ISPs andamp; Vendors IPv6 Strategy Committee organized in September 2003 IPv6 Experience in Korea:  IPv6 Experience in Korea Early on, ISPs were reluctant to invest heavily because the IPv6 market was not formed at that time Government has actively encouraged IPv6 market forces to realize a New IT World with IPv6 Organizing IPv6 Strategy Committee and making IPv6 Adoption Roadmap Creating demand in public sector and, through IPv6 pilot project, ISPs have begun invest more in the primary market From the these results, a primary market was formed and extensive investment from the ISPs andamp; Vendors is expected to continue Slide18:  Public Relations andamp; Int’l Cooperation KIESv6(IPv6 Showroom) Ubiquitous Dream Exhibition Opened at the end of March, 2004, MIC BD 1st Floor Show Ubiquitous Future Life through IPv6 - Home Network - Telematics, RFID - Digital TV, Robot, etc Opened Oct, 2003, NCA BD 15th Floor Exhibits - Mobile VoIPv6 - IPv6 Network Camera - Botanicsv6 - IPv4/6 transition mechanisms Government level of cooperation between China-Japan-Korea IPv6 Cooperation through TEIN(Trans Eurasia Information Network) Global IPv6 Summit in Korea 2006, June 14-15 International Cooperation Slide19:  Thank you !! HyoungJun KIM Director, IPv6 Forum Korea NGI Standards Team in PEC/ETRI E-mail: khj@etri.re.kr Tel: +82 42 860 6576, Fax: +82 42 861 5404 http://www.etri.re.kr Contact Information

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