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Published on January 14, 2009

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Slide 1: Our Only Addiction is the Game: Tobacco, Alcohol , and Drug-Free Policies for Youth Sports Organizations Brittany McFadden Tobacco-Free Youth Recreation program, Association for NonSmokers—Minnesota Summit for Youth Sports Leaders November 11, 2006 Tobacco’s Effects on Physical Activity : Tobacco’s Effects on Physical Activity Tobacco use makes physical activity difficult for tobacco users and those who are exposed to secondhand smoke on a repeated basis because it: Inhibits lung growth Causes shortness of breath during exercise Makes the heart beat 2-3 extra beats per minute, wasting valuable energy and resulting in fatigue In 2004, 29% (male) and 28% (female) of 12th graders and 14% (male) and 16% (female) of 9th graders reported smoking in the last 30 days. Facts Coaches Should Know about Alcohol and Drugs : Facts Coaches Should Know about Alcohol and Drugs Alcohol: drug teens are most likely to abuse. Youth rarely try marijuana, cocaine, or any “hard” drugs without first trying alcohol and tobacco. Today’s marijuana is 10 to 20 times stronger than it was in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Athletes may turn to alcohol and other drugs to deal with the pressures put on them to win, perform well, or maintain a “cool” image. When athletes use alcohol or drugs, they feel the same “high” as winning a game. If they lose a game, they may turn to drugs to get that natural high. Source: 2004 Minnesota Student Survey Tobacco and Alcohol’s Presence in Youth Sports : Tobacco and Alcohol’s Presence in Youth Sports Have you observed these situations? Coaches using spit tobacco during the game Parent/spectator smoking in the stands, at the entrance to the hockey arena, or while having a team meal at a restaurant Alcohol being sold at concession stands of youth sports events Adults bringing coolers with alcohol to community sports events Hospitality rooms at sports tournaments where alcohol is served and is made a main activity of the event Implications of Tobacco and Alcohol Use in Sports Settings : Implications of Tobacco and Alcohol Use in Sports Settings People can be exposed to secondhand smoke, especially in bleachers and at building entrances Cigarette butts cause significant litter (safety hazard) Alcohol use leads to unruly, sometimes violent, fans Adults involved in youth sports are role models in the eyes of youth and influence youth by the example they set. Tobacco use and alcohol use are promoted to youth as an acceptable behavior when they are used by these role models in any youth sports setting. Slide 6: School grounds/recreational facilities MN state law: no tobacco use in school buildings or vehicles alcohol?? City- or county-owned outdoor recreational areas Policies vary from no use to use at certain times or for specific events. 89 Minnesota cities and 4 counties have specific policies around tobacco at their outdoor sports facilities and parks areas. Alcohol- and Tobacco-Free Policies Slide 7: Minnesota Cities with Tobacco-Free Park Policies November 2006 What’s your role in establishing a policy? : What’s your role in establishing a policy? If you are in charge of park facilities, start a discussion with policy makers. Ask TFYR for assistance. If your programs use city park areas, lend your support to the adoption of a policy. If you are part of a youth sports organization, enact or enforce your own policy. Tobacco-Free Model Policy for Youth Sports Organizations : Tobacco-Free Model Policy for Youth Sports Organizations The use or possession of any form of tobacco during all activities sanctioned by or in which our organization participates is prohibited. This policy applies to all participants: players, leaders, teachers, coaches, managers, club officials, administrators, and spectators. Tobacco and Alcohol Policies:A winning strategy : Tobacco and Alcohol Policies:A winning strategy 1. Establish a Policy Reinforces to youth the message that tobacco and alcohol use is unhealthy and unnecessary behavior. Ensures that participants and spectators are not exposed to secondhand smoke. Allows leaders to model positive, healthy lifestyle choices. Shows that adults care about the health of young people and want them to choose healthy lifestyles. Groups that Support Tobacco-Free Policies : Groups that Support Tobacco-Free Policies The Minnesota Youth Soccer Association prohibits the use of tobacco during sanctioned events and activities The Minnesota Youth Athletic Services Coach/Player Code of Conduct prohibits tobacco use at all MYAS/AAU sporting events. All metro YMCA’s have tobacco-free buildings and grounds. The National Alliance for Youth Sports states that parents must demand a tobacco, drug and alcohol-free environment. MN Recreation and Park Assn. supports initiatives that promote healthy lifestyles by reducing or eliminating tobacco use in parks, recreational facilities, and open spaces. Tobacco and Alcohol Policies:A winning strategy : Tobacco and Alcohol Policies:A winning strategy 2. Communicate the policy to those involved in your program Written methods including policy manuals, newsletters, and e-mail updates Signed statements for teams, participants, coaches, and parents Signage and other visual reminders Formal meetings and trainings Tobacco and Alcohol Policies:A winning strategy : Tobacco and Alcohol Policies:A winning strategy 3. Educate participants, adult leaders, parents, & spectators about the policy and the importance of a healthy lifestyle Editorials in your newsletters and web page Community events Signage and other visual reminders Coaches and parent trainings Tobacco and Alcohol Policies:A winning strategy : Tobacco and Alcohol Policies:A winning strategy 4. Capitalize on Positive Role Models Avoid the “do as I say, not as I do” conflict by choosing not to use or possess tobacco or alcohol products. If adult leaders use tobacco or alcohol products, encourage them to talk with participants about the personal struggles with this harmful product. If participants or leaders violate the tobacco or alcohol policy, talk with participants about the policy and why the policy is important. Use the media as a source for educational opportunities. Encourage youth players to be peer role models Assistance & Materials : Assistance & Materials Policy Development & Implementation Materials TFYR Model Policy Examples of various park & recreation policies Free outdoor signage Other Prevention Materials Tobacco prevention posters Team/Player Pledges Recreational Leader’s Guide TFYR Sign Qualifications : TFYR Sign Qualifications To qualify for TFYR’s FREE signs, your tobacco-free policy must include: A list of when, where, and to whom it applies A statement that all forms of tobacco use are prohibited An enforcement plan that includes participant and spectator notification Signs are only available in MN Contact Information : Contact Information Tobacco-Free Youth Recreation Brittany McFadden Association for Nonsmokers-MN 2395 University Ave West, Suite 310 St. Paul, MN 55114-1512 (651) 646-3005; bhm@ansrmn.org www.ansrmn.org

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