2006 4th Grade Landforms

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Information about 2006 4th Grade Landforms

Published on January 17, 2008

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Slide1:  An atoll is a type of low, coral island found in tropical oceans. By Steven and Malik Slide2:  A butte is a small hill with layers of hard rock. It also has a flat top, and is very steep. Buttes are mostly found in the western part of the of the United states, and around the island of Honolulu. by: Sam M. and William L. Slide3:  A cape is a pointed piece of land that sticks out into a sea, ocean, lake or river. Even though it is called a ‘cape’ it is really a peninsula. By Brian and Karim Slide4:  A channel is a body of water that connects two larger bodies of water. A channel is also a part of a harbor or a river deep enough to let ships sail through. By Brett and Zoe Slide5:  A cliff is a steep face of rock and soil going down a level of land. Famous cliffs include the cliffs in Moher, Ireland. By: Matt,Eric and Shane Slide6:  by Amanda F. and Jaymie Q. The world has seven continents. The continents are North America, South America, Asia, Europe, Antarctica, Africa, and Australia. Slide7:  A cove is a small sheltered bay or inlet along the shoreline of a body of water such as a river or ocean. By Amanda and Joanna Slide8:  Deposit of earth and sand that collect at the mouths of some rivers and is usually three sided. The largest delta in the United States is at the mouth of the Mississippi River. Slide9:  The equator splits the northern and southern hemisphere. It has lines of latitude and parallel lines. By; Gigi and Samantha Slide10:  An estuary is a mouth of river with a triangle form, semi-enclosed coastal body of water, which has a free connection with the open sea and within which seawater mixes with fresh water. Daphne, Jaimi Slide11:  A fjord is a narrow inlet of the sea between cliffs or steep slopes. The steep-sided walls continue to descend below the sea surface. There are a lot of fjords in Norway. By Lindsey and Michelle Slide12:  A glacier is a big mountain of ice that is formed by fresh water. Some have been forming for 75,000 years. By: Tyler, Christian Slide13:  By DAVIN AND CHELSEA A large arm of an ocean Or sea extending into the Land. the Gulf of Mexico is between Florida and Mexico .A very break or cut in the earth Slide14:  A Geyser is similar to a small volcano. A geyser’s water is hot like lava. By Kaitlyn , Devyn A natural hot spring that throws out a spray of steam and water from time to time. Slide15:  Islands are small pieces of land surrounded by water. Volcanoes form some islands. By Justin and Nicholas Slide16:  A lake is a body of water surrounded by land. By this definition, it is hard to tell the difference between lakes and ponds. Most lakes are freshwater with little salt. The five great lakes are Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. By: Taylor T. Kate T. Slide17:  Latitude are lines of parallels that are imaginary lines that separate North and South. By, Renee, Kylie, Mindy Slide18:  Longitude is the angular distance East or west from the North-South line. By Rachel and Christian Slide19:  A mesa is a land formation with a flat area on top and steep walls-usually occurring in dry areas. By Josey and Lucas Also, a mesa has walls made out of rock that are very steep. Mesas are also very flat on the top. Slide20:  Mountains are high points of land. They are like hills, But much taller. Mountains are taller Than 1,000 feet. By Santiago, Amir and Jackie Slide21:  By: Matt H. and Ryan W. A Peninsula is a island surrounded by water on three sides. Florida and India would be a example of a Peninsula. Slide22:  By Abby and Rebecca Plains are flat lands that have only small changes in elevation. Russia’s West Siberian Plain is one of the world’s biggest plains. Slide23:  A prairie is a large, flat grassland with very little water or trees. Prairies are usually found in temperate regions. By: Robin and Paul Slide24:  A SOUND IS A WIDE INLET OF THE SEA OR OCEAN THAT IS PARALLEL TO THE COASTLINE. IT OFTEN SEPARATES COASTLINE FROM A NEARBY ISLAND. by: stephanie ,and madison Slide25:  A strait is a narrow body of water that connects two larger bodies of water. The Bering strait is the most famous strait in the world. By, Bill & Chris Slide26:  Valleys are a deep grooves in the Earth’s surface. They are low areas of land between two higher areas. The valley bottom is called a floor. Valley sides are called walls or slopes. By Mathew K. Evan C. Slide27:  A waterfall is a sudden unsupported drop in a stream. It is formed when the stream’s course is interrupted when a stream passes over a layer of hard rock. By Dionna and Kelsey

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