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Published on February 25, 2008

Author: Diana

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Notification systems on large displays:  Notification systems on large displays Alain Fabian Saurabh Bhatia Semi-Public Displays for Small, Co-located Groups :  Semi-Public Displays for Small, Co-located Groups Elaine M. Huang Elizabeth D. Mynatt Semi-Public Displays:  Semi-Public Displays For small co-located group environments, specifically the academic lab setting. Provide information about group members, and foster coordination and collaboration. Make information easily available and reduce the need for group members to remember or retrieve it from overloaded channels, such as email. Information relevance, audience targeting, and information scoping differs from regular large screen awareness displays because of group size. Semi-Public Displays:  Semi-Public Displays SPD uniqueness:  SPD uniqueness Success = ability of the application to provide relevant content + extent to which the application addresses privacy concerns. Systems for promoting awareness in large groups that rely on user-submitted content tend to be uninformative because content is not of interest to much of its audience. SPD uniqueness:  SPD uniqueness Detailed information about individuals is more likely to be of relevance to the group as a whole. Personal information may be more appropriate among a group of co-located co-workers, who are likely to share context and have more personal knowledge of each other. Communication and collaboration within small groups is often greater than that of large, distributed groups  more important for individuals in a small group to have access to information about their co-workers. Designing for SPDs:  Designing for SPDs Reminders – brief requests or facts displayed to foster discussion and enhance awareness of group members. Collaboration Space – designated shared interactive spaces for asynchronous group work. Active Portrait – a graphical representation of the group that provides an overview of group activity over time. Attendance Panel – an abstract visualization of planned attendance at upcoming events to reflect group interests. SPD design:  SPD design Results of evaluation:  Results of evaluation Worked well: Reminders : useful to maintain awareness of group members’ day-to-day work status as well as for getting help with both short-term and long-term tasks Attendance panel: useful for maintaining awareness of others’ plans as well as determining whether events were of interest to them. Did not work so well: Collaboration space: Interesting but not useful, difficult to interact with Active portraits: Difficult to distinguish levels of fading, inaccuracies of keyboard input. Interactive Public Ambient Displays: Transitioning from Implicit to Explicit, Public to Personal, Interaction with Multiple Users:  Interactive Public Ambient Displays: Transitioning from Implicit to Explicit, Public to Personal, Interaction with Multiple Users Daniel Vogel, Ravin Balakrishnan Interactive public ambient displays:  Interactive public ambient displays Public displays can be used to access our personal information securely and easily. We may no longer have to carry around personal devices like PDAs or laptops to access all our personal information. Design goal is for a single display to fluidly serve the dual role of public ambient or personal focused display depending on the context that is inferred from a few key variables, including an individual’s level of attention to the display, and the relationship of available information to an individual currently near the display. Design principles:  Design principles Calm Aesthetics: Aesthetics of the displayed information, and how the interface subtly reacts to input and fluidly signals state changes. Comprehension: An interactive display should reveal meaning and functionality naturally. Notification: Cues such as user’s walking speed and direction, gaze, conversation, and proximity to the display could be used to determine the interruptability tolerance of a potential user. Short-Duration Fluid Interaction: Tasks for quick information queries rather than involved activities, no sign-in/out. Design principles:  Design principles Immediate Usability: Learning by exploration Shared Use: Share the system either individually or collaboratively whether interacting implicitly, explicitly, or simply viewing the ambient display. Combining Public and Personal Information: When appropriate weave an active user’s harmless personal information into the ambient display. Privacy: Techniques to discourage other users from eavesdropping The display of personal information should be controlled by the user. Calm aesthetics design:  Calm aesthetics design Weather Office activity Calendar Email/Messaging Interaction phases:  Interaction phases Interactions:  Interactions Features: Vertical Bar: user interaction area Subtle notifications Different detail levels Personal vs. Private approach Video description of the system:  Video description of the system http://www.dgp.utoronto.ca/~ravin/videos/uist2004_ambient.avi Discussion:  Discussion Personal vs. Public information: which design approach is best? Should interaction require learning gestures, even if simple in public displays? Tradeoff: Interruption vs. Comprehension for public displays. Do you find the calm aesthetics design un-interruptive? Do you understand the meaning? Would you understand its meaning at a glance if you didn’t see it before? Do you think these kind of displays can replace PDA’s assuming they would be everywhere?

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