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Published on February 7, 2008

Author: Raffaele

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Slide1:  Jungle Warfare Training Centre (French Guyana) The French Guyana-based Jungle Warfare Training Centre (CEFE) aims at hardening the troops in this harsh environment. It’s got expertise in combat techniques in the Amazonian forest. The offered activities are conducted in total and permanent immersion and autonomy. The CEFE accomodates 120 troops or so, that is to say 4 platoons or 1 unit can be trained simultaneously. Today, about 85 courses are run a year, most of them for the benefit of the Army forces. SERVICE OFFERINGS  : The courses are made up of four major parts, which can be tailored to meet the units’ skill levels as well as to the requirements from the unit’s command : A) Basic Jungle Training : A 4-day introduction to jungle life ; B) Jungle Warfare Course : A two-week course to harden personnel in an operational environment. . This course is made up of several modules and is tailored to the units’ skill levels and role specialization. C) Advanced Jungle Warfare Course : A two week combat training course. This course is developed for infantry and special forces platoons ; D) Survival Course : This course is for any unit willing to acquire specific techniques or to test their specific equipment. The course duration depends on the requirements made by the unit’s command. YEARLY PERIODS OFFERED  : In 2007, the centre will be capable of training foreign platoon-sized units during four different periods: in June, in July and in September. From 2008 on, the centre will be capable of receiving units up to the company level, within the same framework. “MINIMUM PHYSICAL PERFORMANCE” PRE-REQUISITES : At the beginning of the course, excellent physical condition, including good swimming performance, is required for every single course. Each participant will have to perform: 40 knee-bends and 20 push-ups ; 50 sit-ups ; 5 pull-ups ; a 6-meter high rope climbing only with hands and in sport dress (not timed) ; an 8-km run in combat dress under 50’ ; an obstacle course, 500 meters long, in less than 4’30 ; - an aquatic obstacle course, 100 meters long, starting with a jump followed by a 15 meter long apnea. Slide2:  ADMINISTRATIVE AND MEDICAL FORMALITIES : Each personnel has to get : a travel-order, a valid passport and a personal information form; a valid medical certificate, written either in French or English ; an international certificate of vaccinations mentioning vaccinations against yellow fever. Vaccination against DTP, typhus, meningitis and hepatitis A and B is highly recommended . The course participants have to get a repatriation insurance unless they declare they accept financial responsibility for any possible repatriation by civil air transport means. The sending nation has to carefully assess and consider the costs of any hospitalization care in the civil sector. ACCESS REQUISITES AND COSTS (LIFE SUPPORT, POL, ETC.): Today’s daily course fees are around €20 per person, messing included. Since ammunition is not provided, it is recommended that the units provide both their own weapons and the appropriate ammunition. The sending nation has to accept financial responsibility for transport costs to the airport of Rochambeau at Cayenne where the CEFE is responsible for the incoming unit. Initial POC: CFAT/DIV.EMPLOI/BPROG Commandement de la Force d’Action Terrestre Bureau programmation Caserne KLEBER rue du Pont neuf 59998 LILLE Armées France Tel : 0033. Webpage : www.cofat.terre.defense.gouv.fr Jungle Warfare Training Centre - French Guyana (CEFE - Centre d’entraînement en forêt équatoriale situé en Guyane) Slide3:  Mountain Training Centre in the Alps (CAA - Complexe d’aguerrissement des alpes) CAA’s TWO COMPLEMENTARY CENTRES : The Barcelonnette-based Mountain Warfare instruction and Training Centre (CIECM / centre d’instruction et d’entraînement au combat en montagne) focuses on combat training and aims at developing tactical skills in mountainous terrain. It offers a large scale of exercises and live firing ranges for light infantry weapons (up to 12.7 cal. or cal 50). The Briançon-based National Mountain-Hardening Centre (CNAM / centre national d’aguerrissement en montagne) focuses on training in cold weather and in the teaching of mountain survival skills; Each of these centres can host up to 450 personnel simultaneously and offers training for up to 33 coy sized units per year in 11 cycles of three weeks. CAA’S THREE DIFFERENT TRAINING AREAS : the valley region (1,100 up to 1,400 m) for various tactical exercises, with or without reinforcements, in urban and wooded terrain; the highland region (1,400 up to 2,400 m) for tactical training as well as the soldier’s physical and psychological hardening; the high-mountain region (2,400 to 4,000 m) for the mountain troops wishing to practice their specialisation in this specific terrain. THREE-LEVEL TRAINING: The activities are suited to the unit’s role-specialisation and are different at every level : specialised units are trained and accompanied by highly skilled French specialists. The units will find the tools for a high-level training so as to enhance the unit’s mastery of mountaineering skills; combat troops not specialised in the mountain role are trained in fire and manoeuvre in order to enhance their overall operational readiness; training activities for other units not specialised in the mountain role aim at enhancing their physical and morale capabilities on both the individual and collective levels . THE CAA’s OFFER TO MEET THESE OBJECTIVES ARE: 3-week-long courses adapted to the unit’s type (Special Ops and Mountain Troops, Infantry or others), including basic and advanced training within an adapted tactical framework and a physically/psychologically demanding environment. These courses end up with a realistic field exercise that matches the unit’s engagement options ; short-duration courses (1 to 2 weeks) for the training of platoons and companies on a main topic. These courses aim at learning specific techniques: technical training in mountainous terrain, sniper training in mountainous terrain, survival training in low temperatures and at high altitudes, triggering of avalanches, dog units, etc. Slide4:  This unique centre is complementary to the Military School for High Mountains at Chamonix (EMHM / Ecole militaire de haute montagne) where French officers and NCOs and a number of foreign students are trained on the technical aspects. Access Requisites and Costs (life support, POL, etc.) TBD in co-ordination with the POC. Initial  POC : CFAT/DIV.EMPLOI/BCPO Commandement de la Force d’Action Terrestre Bureau programmation Caserne KLEBER rue du Pont neuf 59998 LILLE Armées France Tel : 0033. Websites : www.cofat.terre.defense.gouv.fr and www.ciecm.terre.defense.gouv.fr Mountain Training Centre in the Alps (CAA - Complexe d’aguerrissement des alpes) Slide5:  The Commando Training Centre - GIVET (CEC - Centre d’entraînement commando de GIVET) The CEC is located in the French Ardennes, at Givet, close to the Belgian border. It can welcome 560 trainees and is able to train up to 48 Coys per year within 12 courses. CEC’s TASKS ARE : - training and hardening in commando-like missions ; - physical and psychological training for officers and NCO’s in stressful and harsh conditions ; - unit tactical training. The training is made up of two modules : 1 - TECHNICAL TRAINING : - Close combat techniques ; - Training obstacle course on the individual and collective levels (164 obstacles); - Climbing wall (up to 70 meters high) ; - Nautical base with rubber boats ; - Explosive fire field. 2 - TACTICAL TRAINING : Basic or advanced training in military operations in built-up area or in forested combat area. FOR INFANTRY UNITS : tactical practice in combat village ; combat in insecurity area. FOR OTHER UNITS : Individual and collective combat know-how in insecurity area. IN ORDER TO MEET THESE OBJECTIVES THE CEC OFFERS : . 3-week courses divided into three periods : - the first one prepares the units through simple techniques and training obstacle courses ; the second one focuses on cohesion and collective restitutions ; the third one aims at assessing the level of the units. . 1 to 2 weeks’ courses during which the CEC welcomes up to two platoons for a specific teaching like close combat, urban combat. Air commandos, special forces and Army aviation pilots are the main interested units by the CSAR course. This centre is an additional training facility to the National Centre for Commando Training (CNEC - centre national d’entraînement commando) where French officers and NCO’s and a number of foreign students are trained. Slide6:  The Commando Training Centre of GIVET/ centre d’entraînement commando de GIVET(CEC) Access Requisites and Costs (Life Support, POL, etc.) TBD in co-ordination with the POC . Initial  POC : CFAT/DIV.EMPLOI/BCPO Commandement de la Force d’Action Terrestre Bureau programmation Caserne KLEBER rue du Pont neuf 59998 LILLE Armées France Tel : 0033. Website: www.cofat.terre.defense.gouv.fr

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