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Published on March 25, 2008

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China – Kent’s cup of tea?:  China – Kent’s cup of tea? The big country:  The big country Population Density:  Population Density Uninhabited 0 1 10 100 200 0 2.5 26 250 520 Persons per square mile Persons per square kilometre China facts:  China facts Population: 1.3 billion and growing Beijing 14.93 m Shanghai 14.6 m Kunming 4.55 m 125m Chinese can afford high-end luxury goods, rising to 250m in 5 years Outbound Travel :  Outbound Travel 16 million outbound in 2004 UK has 0.6% market share 95,000 Chinese visitors to the UK in 2004 Approximately £131m spend in 2004 23% Holiday visitors, 38% Business, 21% VFR UK 16th on list of top destinations in 2004, after Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand, Italy Slide6:  Beijing Shanghai Kunming China International Travel Mart Sino-UK Cultural Heritage Tourism Seminar Mission Mission - November 2005:  Mission - November 2005 Objectives Learn more about the Chinese Visitor economy Make contact with organisations and businesses with whom relationships can be built for the future Visit the CITM Valuable market intelligence:  Valuable market intelligence Domestic market and maturity of the international inbound market are signposts for our strategy. Outbound market will inevitably develop and grow from these roots. Environment for the development of the cultural heritage industry is very different throughout China. Some common strands but difficult to generalise. The Chinese visitor economy is ready for development. Mission underscored the need to invest in a medium to long term strategy. Challenge of maintaining relationships language and cultural differences and sheer distance means that this market is not for the faint hearted. Impressions of the market :  Impressions of the market China is a fascinating, complicated and exciting market with clear opportunities for those willing to invest in a medium to long term strategy In emerging markets the potential for the outbound tourism market is fanned by the growth of the domestic market. The growth of outbound travel is the next natural step for countries with a strong and mature domestic market. China is clearly developing that domestic market and the move to the two day weekend and greater economic prosperity amongst the middle classes is the main stimulus. Impressions…:  Impressions… An insight into the status of the domestic tourism industry and the infrastructure and product that backs it up. Rapid pace of museum and destination building No customer centric approach to this development Continues to be complete lack of business planning due to reliance upon state funding. State funding insufficient to develop these places. In some cases basic facilities are of a very poor standard. A recognition, that things need to change Impressions…:  Impressions… Outbound tourism market small but growing and organised through a limited number of state run travel agencies. Scale of the CITM in Kunming is an indicator that tourism, both domestic and international, is growing fast. Huge event with a good spread of domestic offerings and a growing number of overseas exhibitors. Britain’s stand was very small compared to other European countries. The ADS signed in early 2005 allowing the Chinese to travel to the UK on a leisure visa is clearly a major step for opening up the market but there is still a strong desire to go via the business visa route amongst those I spoke to on the mission. Impressions…:  Impressions… There is a hunger to learn about how the UK runs its tourism industry. Business visits and long term relationships with partners overseas, with mutual benefits in an MOU arrangement, seems to be the favoured way for the Chinese to work. Many of the Cultural institutions were seeking invitations from UK organisations in order to carry out study visits. More research needed to see if this can be identified as a market segment for Kent and London. China International Travel Mart:  China International Travel Mart CITM – metrics:  CITM – metrics Largest Travel Show in Asia 3100 Exhibitors – 1975 Domestic 1125 Overseas From 81 countries and regions Feedback from CITM…:  Feedback from CITM… Thousands of enquiries many lead nowhere The perception that the visa process is difficult The need to concentrate effort on the operators (China and UK based) Shopping is very important to all visitors Our heritage is a pull but as the Chinese have so much of their own heritage it is only part of the mix; There is a growing class of millionaires in China A trip to the UK will be one dot on the map on a whistlestop tour the big tour operators e.g. Gullivers are well organised. Next steps…:  Next steps… VisitBritain’s strategy for China: Make contact with China specialists based in the UK. Currently VB has two very recently appointed staff (Shanghai and Beijing). Individual UK tourism destinations should not work in isolation in the market as this would be a waste of time. Barriers to doing business..:  Barriers to doing business.. Cost of travel. Language and costs related to translation and interpretation. Cultural Different approaches to doing business. Need to commit long term. Scare stories and rumours about how complex the market is putting people off. Next steps….:  Next steps…. Discuss approach with Kent County Council’s International team and Kent Tourism Alliance investors to consider the following: VisitBritain’s China team, TSE & SEEDA Consider potential of study tourism segment, generic group travel and upscale groups Consider potential of an MOU between the Great Wall of China and Canterbury Cathedral/Canterbury Next steps….:  Next steps…. Organise a “China Masterclass” in Kent in Spring 2006 with help from TSE UKTI and CBBC. Join CBBC Explore CBBC “launch-pad” for Kent County Council in China Research with CBBC into suitable partner for KCC and the KTA in China leading to the signing of an MOU Selectively follow up leads and contacts made KTA China working group…:  KTA China working group… Interested parties so far: Leeds Castle Medway Council Canterbury Cathedral English Heritage Bluewater Resources Master class in late Spring

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