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Published on April 24, 2008

Author: Silvestre

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开放英语3:  开放英语3 This is English 3 内容概览 :  内容概览 Slide3:  辉煌 Study chart topic:  Study chart topic Unit1 talking about yourself:  Unit1 talking about yourself Describing yourself and others 描述自己及他人 Language Focus I usually drive to work.一般现在时 They are watching TV at the moment. He was late for work yesterday. As we were watching TV ,the postman arrived. I used to smoke,but I don’t now. He didn't’t go to school yesterday because he was ill. Unit 2 Family influence 家庭影响 :  Unit 2 Family influence 家庭影响 Topic---Describing yourself and others 描述家庭及家庭关系 一般过去时被动语态She was seen first by the local doctors. 短语动词To bring sb up,to put up with sb,to take up with sb use to/would ---My mother never used to come to the fair with us. I would like to invite friends to come along with me. always/forever/to keep---He is forever churching his hair in the mirror. doing用于描述行为She keeps phoning up to see if I am getting better Unit 3 society and family life社会于家庭生活 :  Unit 3 society and family life社会于家庭生活 谈论社会与家庭的变化 talking about changes in the family and society 描述趋势Nouns/verbs:rise,fall,etc.Adjective:sharp,show,etc.adverbs:sharply,slowly, etc. 现在完成The minimum wage has increased, but it is not enough to stop poverty. But/so-There has been a steady rise in production, so we have employed more staff. 描述习惯She goes to the hairdressers once a month. 描述关系To fall in love with sb,to get on well with sb Unit 4 Changes in life 生活中的变化 :  Unit 4 Changes in life 生活中的变化 Topic :Describing changes in your own or other’s life ------描述自己或他人生活中的变化 谈论过去---When he was 65, he decided that he don’t want to stop. 谈论将来---Next month I’m having discussions with an agent in Brazil. 表示将来的时间状语 the day after tomorrow,Tuesday week 用here/there及one---I’m waiting for you in Rio. 避免重复---We’ve been here since Sunday. 定语从句---I listen to journalists that/who were excited about the changes 表示看法---The best thing is the beautiful sea. Unit 5 Ambition and Dreams 报复与理想 :  Unit 5 Ambition and Dreams 报复与理想 谈论成就及对未来职业的理想Topic Talking about achievements and your career hopes for the future 过去完成时---Before I left on the trip,I had trained har and got very fit. travel/journey---Travel by train is slow. trip/voyage---I made three journeys by plane last year. 谈论性格与职业---She like talking responsibility.She has a good eye for detail 谈论将来---She is going to get married next year. I plan/I’m planning to buy a new house this year. Unit7 An Englishman’s home is his castle 我爱我家 :  Unit7 An Englishman’s home is his castle 我爱我家 Topic Learning language related to house and home 学习有关家庭居住的常识To need doing---The roof needs repairing. To need to do---We need to repair the roof. To have/get sth done---Have they had the broken windowpanes replaced yet? 描述方位,位置---in the north/south/west/east of...;further in/further out,etc. 描述感觉 ---It’s good/better/nice+doing 描述外观---That house looks old. Therefore ---They thought that agent didn’t do enough, therefore John was forced to cancle it. Although --- Although he was very healthy. Howere, he was very mean. 形容词和介词的搭配---angry about, appalled by, concerned about,etc. 表示抱怨和道歉---I must apologize about the painting. 书信的写作---地址,日期,称谓,正文,结束语及落款的书写格式 Unit 8 Leisure, Work and Animals 休闲活动与宠物 :  Unit 8 Leisure, Work and Animals 休闲活动与宠物 Topic Looking at leisure activities and animals as pets or for work 学习有关休闲活动及宠物与人的关系的内容 表示数量---a large(small)proportion of…; Over…under…more than…less than to spent time doing---Jack spents under a third of his free time doing housework. 现在完成进行时---He hasn’t been working here for very long. For ---I have been living here for three month. Since--- I have been living here since last March. Unit 9 the Olympic Games 奥运会 :  Unit 9 the Olympic Games 奥运会 Topic Learning ancient and modern Olympic Games 了解奥运会的有关情况 一般过去时被动语态---The Olympic torch relay was not introduced until 1932. 动名词---After winning the bid,major construction began in Beijing. 真实条件句---If we bid for the games,we will promote the country’s economy. 构词法(后缀)---politics/political/ politically/politician Unit 10 Health and Leisure 健康与休闲 :  Unit 10 Health and Leisure 健康与休闲 Topic Learning about personal fitness and dieting学习有关健身与饮食习惯的内容 祈使句-----Always take the stairs. 用should 提出忠告---You should look for exercise opportunities all the time. The patient should not be moved. 虚拟条件句---If I had the time, I’d like sth better. 用虚拟条件句提出忠告If you stretched before you start, you wouldn't’t get sore muscles. Unit 11 Health care, and travel and Health 保健与健康 :  Unit 11 Health care, and travel and Health 保健与健康 Topic Looking at public health care, and the travel and health 学习有关公共卫生保健旅行健康的内容 现在进行时被动语态This high rat of infection is biding blamed on the appalling hygienic conditions. 过去进行时被动语态Last week more than 200 people were being treated in a Glasgow hospital 间接引语She told me she hadn’t slept well before the flight Unit13 Education at school and university学校教育 :  Unit13 Education at school and university学校教育 Topic learning about some aspects of education in the UK学习有关英国学校教育的内容 情态动词表示义务 In many secondary schools children must wear a uniform. If /when If I get the teaching qualification, I will teach history. When he gets back, I will telephone you. 动名词与动词不定式I began learning English five years ago. Do not forget to post the letter. Unit14 learning and learning Styles学习与学习方式 :  Unit14 learning and learning Styles学习与学习方式 Topic Learning about continuing education after school and university学习与继续教育和学习方式相关的内容 非限定性定语从句 The sandwich course ,which I have been on for a week, is really excellent. 将来完成时 By the end of December the technicians will have installed the computers. Unit15 Town Life城市生活 :  Unit15 Town Life城市生活 Topic Learning about urban redevelopment and transport学习与城镇及其发展相关的内容 现在进行时被动语态A factory is being converted into an art gallery. 现在完成时被动语态Our old house has not been demolished already/still/yet Has the shopping mall been opened yet? The old school has already been demolished. The office block is still being completed Unit16 Crime and justice犯罪与司法 :  Unit16 Crime and justice犯罪与司法 Topic Looking at crime and the justice system了解有关犯罪与司法的内容 情态动词表示劝告You must not go through a park alone at night 反意疑问句Burglaries are going down ,are not they? 表达因果关系Poor health can be due to unemployment 动词与介词的搭配to convert sb of sth,to arrest sb for sth Unit17 Live and Let Live和谐共处 :  Unit17 Live and Let Live和谐共处 Topic Looking at different cultures and living in a multi-cultural society了解多元文化及与不同风俗习惯相关的内容 表达数量Nearly all, hardly any,none,etc. 间接引语和间接问句The interviewer asked what he had done. She asked if/whether I was English 反意疑问句 English people do not talk about personal things, do they? Tell/ask He asked me about English culture. He told me not to stay in stay in central London because the hotels there are expensive.

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