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Published on January 17, 2009

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Presentation on Datang Mobile & TD-SCDMA

Datang Mobile & TD-SCDMA Guiliang YANG June 10, 2005

Contents • Company Overview • TD-SCDMA Solution – Technology and Standard – Solution and Product – Progress 2

About us 3

Overview of Datang Group One of key players in China’s telecommunications industry with broad range of product sections Previous CATT (China Academy of Telecommunication Technology) Including 2 listing companies, 7 Joint ventureshare-holding companies and 8 research institute With more than 10,000 employees, 70% of which are engineers; 4

Organization Datang Telecom and Technology Industry Group Headquarter Datang Telecom Datang Mobile Xin Wei, GaoHong Research Institute. Technology Communications and Xingtang etc. Co., Ltd Equipment Co.Ltd 5

Datang Mobile Core TD-SCDMA Experienced Established on February, 2002 Technology Team consolidating all the mobile assets within the Group Focusing on developing 3G and further wireless solution, providing TD-SCDMA products and service A leading company in TD-SCDMA industry Business Industry relationships Resource 6

Sites Headquarter Shanghai Subsidiary Xi’an Branch 7

Our Business Enable TD-SCDMA to Success Service al Product ion n- ss o Technology ofe ces Pr rvi d We provide the se man We provide de innovative and the best TD- qualified technology SCDMA total and IPR to help TD- solution to SCDMA manufactures facility success… operators and manufactures 8

Standard and Technology 9

• Technology and Standard • Solution and Product • Progress 10

International 3G Standard ☞ 3G Technology: CDMA – TDD Mode: TD-SCDMA (China), UTRA-TDD (Europe) – FDD Mode: WCDMA (Europe & Japan), CDMA2000 (U.S.) ☞ TD-SCDMA, is the sole TDD product with the potential in mass commercialization in China. TDD FDD CDMA CDMA UTRA TD- MC DS TDD SCDMA 11

TD-SCDMA Standard • ITU acceptation in 1998 and approval in WRC2000 • Harmonization with UMTS on CN and architecture • Included in 3GPP from R’4 (2001) to R’7(now) • Specifications fixed and mature for R’4/5, • New features and technologies introduced after R’5 and LTE • Has the characteristics for Beyond 3G defined in ITU 12

What is TD-SCDMA time y d b de e tifi A co n id e DM Dow e nli C l l b t ed nk i r w ca se allo u ch arily Ea or Dow p nli em code nk t Max.16 Uplin k code channels Dow nli nk t sl o e Tim 1.6 M frequency Hz Combined with the advantages of CDMA、TDMA、FDMA Spectrum efficiency and anti-interference capability 13

3GPP TDD vs. FDD 3GPP WCDMA FDD physical layer CN RNC Node B TDD TD-SCDMA physical layer 14

TD-SCDMA Key Technologies ∫Σ(..) 123456 TDD duplex Smart Antenna (SA) Joint Detection (JD) Uplink Synchronization Baton Handover Dynamic Channel Allocation (DCA) 15

TDD duplex UL/DL share the same TDD frequency on time slots Switch point for UL/DL flexible for (a)symmetric UUDDDDDD D services FDD The similar radio channel environment DDDDDD for UL/DL for easy adoption of UU technologies e.g. SA Unpaired band U Uplink D Downlink Empty 16

Smart Antenna With Smart Antenna ... Directional TX and RX UE is tracked during connection W/O Smart Antenna ... Omni-directional TX and RX interference from/to adjacent cells The advantages of SA Minimizing inter/intra-cell interference Effective TX power Improved receiving sensitivity Increased coverage and capacity Reduced Node B cost for RF 17

Joint Detection MAI is the major interference in the CDMA system. Traditional signal processing to deal MAI as noise JD optimizes the specific user signal, including: Specific user signal channel code Specific training sequence Process all the signals in parallel to eliminate MAI 18

Synchronized CDMA Uu UL signals from UE arrived NodeB CODE1 the NodeB synchronized . Minimizd MAI to simplified CODE2 signal processing on Node B, and to reduce the cost Including establishment, dynamic maintainance of synchronization, and the CODEN accurate tracking control t 19

Baton Handover UE hand over with pre UL sync and stepped RNC switch for UL/DL WCDMA TD-SCDMA CDMA2000 Less channel RNC occupation compared with soft hand over Shorter switch gap and NodeB higher reliabilility NodeB compared with hard hand over NodeB Baton Handover Soft Handover 20

Dynamic Channel Allocation Optimal and adaptive allocation of the radio resources according to the Code interference scenario Time DCA aspects include: • Code domain: spreading code • Time domain: time slots • Space domain: beam forming Space Frequency • Frequency domain: carrier 21

Advantages of TD-SCDMA With its key features, TD- SCDMA has become the most competitive in the international 3G standard. Full service Spectrum TD-SCDMA can help improve capacity efficiency the competitiveness of operators and the rich application for the users. Powerful data application enables TD-SCDMA the most Smooth promising 3G technology. migration 22

• Technology and Standard • Solution and Product • Progress 23

TD-SCDMA Network 24

Roadmap 3GPP LTE 3GPP LTE 3GPP R5 3GPP R5 3GPP R4(Dec, 03) 3GPP R4(Dec, 03) + IP RAN + IP RAN 3GPP R4(Dec, 02) 3GPP R4(Dec, 02) + Full band + Full band + Hi-Modulation + Hi-Modulation + 1880-1920MHz + 1880-1920MHz + HSDPA + HSDPA + New tech for RA + New tech for RA 2010-2025MHz 2010-2025MHz + 2Mbps PS services + 2Mbps PS services + UE multi-antenna + UE multi-antenna 384Kbps PS 384Kbps PS + Combined carrier + Combined carrier 64Kbps video phone 64Kbps video phone + CS+PS Services + CS+PS Services AMR voice AMR voice + Banton handover + Banton handover QoS QoS + High-speed DCA + High-speed DCA Hard handover Hard handover Positioning (Single NB) Positioning (Single NB) Low-speed DCA Low-speed DCA Asymmetric UL/DL Asymmetric UL/DL Release 0 Release 1 Release 2 Release 3 Release 0 Release 1 Release 2 Release 3 2004/4Q 2005/2Q 2006/1Q 2007/2Q 25

Node B Products Roadmap Super Node B In-/Out-door Remote RF Node B In-/Out-door Macro High Capacity 3 carriers 1 carrier Micro 2004 2005 2006 2007 26

Node B Products Main parameters Senario • Maximal capacity: 3C3S • Highly populated urban • Omnidirected/sector smart area antenna • common Macro NB • 2010-2025/1880-1920MHz urban area • Iub supportingSTM-1 or E1 (indoor/outdoor) • suburbs interface • rural area • Star, chain, and loop connection • traffic lines • Maximal capacity: 3C • indoor • Omnidirected/sector antenna • coverage enhancement • 2010-2025/1880-1920MHz • rural area Micro NB • Iub supportingSTM-1 or E1 interface • traffic lines • Star, chain connection 27

RNC Parameters 1 frame 4 frame Processing 3,564 32,076 Capacity (Erl.) Data transmission 256M  2G capacity(bps) Maximal E1 256 2,048 connectors Maximal STM-1 48  196 connectors 192  Maximal Node B 1,782 192  1,782  Maximal cells 120,000  1,060,000  Users 200k  1,800k  BHCA 28

OMC-R • OMC-R terminal • OMC-R Server • Protocol gateway • OMC interface • Database server 29

Planning and Optimization Planning Optimizing Data collecting software Analyzing software Field test products 30

• Technology and Standard • Solution and Product • Progress 31

TD-SCDMA Tests Dec 2002 Dec 2003 Oct 2004 Jun 2005 Completing Passing the Finishing the the indoor TD-SCDMA MTnet phase air interface and outdoor Industrialization test MTnet phase I test test II test Completed tests Test plan 32

Commercial Plan 2006 Mass deployment Commercialization 2005 Pre-commercialization Industrialization 33

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