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Published on April 13, 2008

Author: Marigold

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Slide1:  Welcome to NMA’s 2005 Annual Meeting and NMA Report 2005 NMA National Conference October 3, 2005 John Ascuaga’s Nugget Sparks, Nevada Slide2:  Wendell M. Pichon, CM Lockheed Martin Leadership Association Fort Worth, Texas 2005 NMA Chairman of the Board Please welcome . . . Please welcome . . . Slide3:  Purpose of Annual Meeting Look at our successes over the past 12 months Showcase where we are today Envision the future 2005 NMA Leadership Team:  2005 NMA Leadership Team In addition: 6 Area Chairs 6 Function Chairs 3 Non-voting members Parliamentarian ICPM Rep. Past Chairmen Rep. NMA 2005...:  NMA 2005... Goals shared at my Installation: Ask Directors and Area Chairs to fully monitor and network with their assigned chapters Continue to monitor all NMA investments Grow the Association, internally and externally Develop new short workshops or courses Encourage and promote AE Speech Contest Stress individual and chapter recognition Communicate, communicate, communicate NMA 2005...:  NMA 2005... My theme: “Leadership’s challenge is everyone’s challenge.” Management = keeping NMA on track Leadership = laying new track On the horizon was a new and exciting destination to head towards… and that meant laying new track. Slide7:  1925 1956 2005… Our #1 Accomplishment:  Our #1 Accomplishment We have set NMA on firm footing to become Slide9:  Steve Bailey, CM Dayton, OH NMA President A Dynamic Leadership Initiative:  A Dynamic Leadership Initiative What’s It All About?:  What’s It All About? 1925 – The National Association of Foremen 1956 – The National Management Association 2005 – It is Time to elevate and redirect NMA by adding the critical leadership component to our human resource development initiatives. Slide12:  Managers are people who do things right. Leaders are people who do the right thing. Managers imitate… leaders originate Management is a function… leadership is relationships Management is transactional… leadership is transformational Management is about effectiveness… leadership is about movement. Managers are problem-solvers…leaders are risk takers. Popular Views On Leadership & Management A “Management” Timeline :  A “Management” Timeline 1978 – people “aspired” to management 1983 – people “questioning” the role of management 1985 – a need to “defend” the word management 1992 – NMA looks at its name 1995 – chapter names began to change; “management” started to disappear 1997 – NMA looks at its name again 2001 – “Leadership Competency” studies emerge 2003 – 2004 – NMA looks at its name once more 2005 – time to “fish or cut bait” 4 Clues that it’s time! :  4 Clues that it’s time! 50% of our members belong to an affiliated chapter without “management” in its name ICPM Board of Regents - looking at a Senior CM credential: leadership competencies comprise its essence The Internet: O.D. people, trainers, and HR user groups declare “leadership is pervasive”; Google: 51,000,000 hits – 5,900,000 on “organizational leadership” and 15,200,000 hits on “personal leadership” EAC recommendation in 3/04 – “You need to change your name” Why should NMA heed a “call to leadership”? :  Why should NMA heed a “call to leadership”? Fast paced, complex global economy needs “full spectrum leaders” Growing diversity of people and thought in the workplace O.D. research: leaders DO really make a difference Scandals have rocked the business world; many leaders have failed to retain the trust of shareholders, customers and employees Effective leadership is rooted in timeless principles (historic, self-evident truths) and CAN BE TAUGHT The key to every organization’s success or failure is leadership A leadership focus will open doors for NMA growth Slide16:  “Are your parent organizations using a specific leadership development framework in their companies and if so, how does it translate into tactical steps at all levels of the organization? “ “What are considered the “mission-critical” competencies required to achieve their business objectives?” January “assignment” to the Board: Slide17:  Leadership Initiatives Meeting Dayton, OH – March 19, 2005 “Focusing on the Future… and beyond!” Our Quest? “What would make it irresistible to be a member of NMA?” National Officers & Staff Key areas of study:  Key areas of study A better understanding of the marketplace trends in terms of leadership development A handle on what our current customers are doing in this area A clearer picture of what NMA can do to be a resource A leadership competency model for NMA to embrace A series of potential tracks to run on that translate strategic thinking into tactical steps A commitment to an unrelenting focus for 2005… and beyond! Slide19:  Leadership and management are not the same thing; neither are they mutually exclusive Management skills and abilities don’t go away when one becomes a leader Strong management skills provide the foundation on which effective leaders develop new skills… ones that complement those that made them successful as managers Differences? Largely a matter of focus and movement from details to the bigger picture Keys to success? Ability to integrate new leadership skills with one’s current management skills Some conclusions… Slide20:  “My recommendation is not to get caught up in the latest fad of turning everyone in your organization into a leader while bashing anything that smacks of manager-like behavior. You may end up with chaos and a total lack of business focus. Ideally you will develop managers that can lead and leaders that can manage. A good leader must both lead and manage well and the need for both varies based on what is happening in the organization at any given time in its business cycle.” Peter Senge, MIT Sloan School of Management Author: The Fifth Discipline A Balanced Perspective Slide21:  NMA… as part of a logical progression as a professional society… must place new emphasis on recognizing, promoting, developing, and nurturing leadership skills development. Therefore… NMA 2005...:  A Leadership Commitment… We will LEAD NMA to new heights We will engage new business partners We will make NMA more attractive to new business We will make “NMA – The Place To Be!” NMA 2005... Slide23:  Vision and Mission The mission of the NMA is to provide management and leadership development opportunities and related chapter activities which meet the needs of members and contribute to the effectiveness of sponsoring organizations. MISSION VISION NMA is the recognized worldwide partnership of people and businesses, inspiring outstanding leadership and cultivating highly productive workplaces Slide24:  Searching for a Leadership Model Translating our values and our vision into a visual… Slide25:  Effective Leadership = attributes x results Results Based Leadership by Ulrich, Zenger & Smallwood` Results-Oriented Leadership Model Set Direction (vision, customers, future) Slide26:  Results-Oriented Leadership Model Mobilize Individual Commitment (engage others, share power) Set Direction (vision, customers, future) Slide27:  Results-Oriented Leadership Model Engender Organizational Capability (build teams, drive change) Mobilize Individual Commitment (engage others, share power) Set Direction (vision, customers, future) Slide28:  Results-Oriented Leadership Model Demonstrate Personal Character (habits, integrity, trust, analytical thinking) Engender Organizational Capability (build teams, drive change) Mobilize Individual Commitment (engage others, share power) Set Direction (vision, customers, future) Identifying a Roadmap:  Identifying a Roadmap Education – what is leadership and what leadership competencies are our affiliates seeking? Branding – how should we begin to identify ourselves and equip the NMA team to deliver the right products at the right time, right price, and via the right delivery vehicle(s)? Strategy – how do we craft the NMA services around the decisions we make and Identify the tactical steps toward delivery? What would make NMA irresistible?:  What would make NMA irresistible? See the best & brightest young people participating fully Be lightning-quick in response to the marketplace and customer requests Offer the latest training & development materials via state-of-the-art delivery vehicles Present the best possible Professional Image Setting our sights for 2005 :  Setting our sights for 2005 Setting our sights for 2005 :  Setting our sights for 2005 Setting our sights for 2005 :  Setting our sights for 2005 Setting our sights for 2005 :  Setting our sights for 2005 Setting our sights for 2005 :  Setting our sights for 2005 Four Project Teams with Immediate Focus:  Four Project Teams with Immediate Focus NEW Web Delivered Services NEW Certificate Program in Leadership Development NEW Training Partnerships NEW Streamlined Staff & Volunteer Structures Web Delivered Services:  Web Delivered Services Initial Areas of Focus What e-learning classes have our members participated in (NMA or non NMA)? What are the lessons learned from participating in these electronic classes? What is the future of e-learning in our parent organization? What subjects seem to lend themselves to a live seminar or e-learning format? Web Delivered Services Now Underway:  Web Delivered Services Now Underway New Web Delivered Leadership Initiatives NMA LiveOnline – to provide effective leadership courses anywhere NMA QuickTools – to help chapters & councils operate more efficiently NMA LeaderLabs – to experience realistic leadership challenges and interactions Certificate Programs:  Certificate Programs Initial Areas of Focus Putting “a laser on leadership” What are the specific leadership characteristics, attributes, and competencies that NMA should be developing, measuring, and recognizing? What will our customers support in terms of NMA leadership development programs & initiatives? Certificates in Leadership Development What is the value of such certificates and what form should they take? Partnership Training:  Partnership Training Initial Area of Focus How can NMA become your training partner? Investigate potential partners; look at ASTD, SHRM, and ASQ models; consider re-packaging what we have with a leadership focus and/or linking it to such popular programs as Six Sigma, Lean Management, etc. Staff & Board Structures:  Staff & Board Structures Initial Areas of Focus Board of Directors Composition, meeting schedules, time utilization NMA Staff Board and staff interface, support by volunteers, chapter interaction & service The Big Picture What do we look like to our customers, competitors, corporate sponsors, and other constituencies? Steps Taken To Date:  Steps Taken To Date Project teams “working” issues Initiatives unveiled at Leadership Development Conferences (LDC’s) Conducted EAC “Reality Check” in August In addition…:  In addition… 3 New web delivered programs underway NMA QuickTools NMA LiveOnline NMA LeaderLabs Next steps:  Next steps Utilize EAC recommendations Update members at National Conference Complete Project Team assignments Finalize leadership competencies Identify deliverables and milestones … and keep on rolling in 2006 and beyond!!! Slide45:  “The essence of 2005 is to set NMA on a breakaway performance model to which our constituencies have a breathtaking response” …and then begin driving change down, around, and through the organization. Leadership’s Challenge is Still Everyone’s Challenge… Achievements in 2005:  Achievements in 2005 Managing… by keeping important initiatives on track Financial, Membership, Operations Leading… by laying important NEW track Implementation of Leadership Initiatives Slide47:  NEW Chapter Lockheed Martin Leadership Association Clearwater Clearwater, Florida Chartered: 7/1/05 Charter celebration: 7/14/05 Achievements in 2005 Achievements in 2005:  Achievements in 2005 Financial Alignment of NMA’s fiscal year & administrative years Completion of 18-month cycle Staff realignments & reductions to control expenses LDC income exceeded expenses Employee pension fund fully funded Investments performing to new “Investment Policy Statement” standards New tenants and building updates Achievements in 2005:  Membership Currently 21,946; year ago - 22,806 2,677 new members added in past year New Membership Campaign underway, tailored to chapters’ preferences – 901 new members reported as “campaign gains” New chapter: Lockheed Martin Maritime Systems and Sensors, Clearwater, FL, chartered in July Achievements in 2005 Achievements in 2005:  Operations Newly revamped NMA website Directors and Officers Liability Insurance Streamlined NMA Policy & Procedure operations manual Achievements in 2005 Achievements in 2005:  Professional Development New partnership with Dale Carnegie Institute – “The People Side of Process Improvement” Focusing on the most consistent challenge of all process improvement programs! In accordance with our new “NMA results-oriented leadership model, this course is centered in involving, engaging, and maintaining enthusiastic employee participation across all levels of the organization. Achievements in 2005 Achievements in 2005:  Web Delivered Services Achievements in 2005 Boeing Aerospace Leadership Chapter Huntington Beach, CA Thanks to the leadership of Dr. Pete Kurzhals NMA QuickTools NMA LiveOnline NMA LeaderLabs Achievements in 2005:  Web Delivered Services Achievements in 2005 NEW: NMA QuickTools “How To’s” for Chapter Leaders located on NMA’s website – easy, fast, concise, and linked to additional NMA and non-NMA resources for further information Achievements in 2005:  NMA QuickTools QT09 “How to Conduct an Effective Membership Drive” Achievements in 2005 Achievements in 2005:  Web Delivered Services Achievements in 2005 NEW: NMA LiveOnline 60 minute LIVE, interactive web-based workshops E-learning from the training room or from the desktop Achievements in 2005:  NMA LiveOnline - How can you help? Ask 1-2 of your key people to evaluate an NMA LiveOnline workshop in October Get your co-workers/chapter members to take advantage of NMA LiveOnline Ask one of your instructional developers to create an Online Session on a specific topic of your (or their) choosing Get LiveOnline into the chapter’s schedule of activities – make it part of the process Achievements in 2005 Achievements in 2005:  NMA LiveOnline already available: Succession Planning – Who does your work when you’re not there? Win-Win Leadership – Making diversity of thought work for you Increasing Participation – Getting the right people engaged and involved Preventing Burnout – Keep all the fires burning, especially your own E-mail Part One – Thinking Outside Your Inbox E-mail Part Two – Enhancing Your Performance through Technology Merging Groups Part One – Focusing on Inclusive Communications Crucial Conversations – When you HAVE to get it right! Achievements in 2005 Yet to come in 2005-2006:  Yet to come in 2005-2006 Web Delivered Services Coming Next: NMA LeaderLabs Live, interactive scenario-based learning sessions to immerse participants in critical thinking and teambuilding exercises Yet to come in 2005-2006:  NMA LeaderLabs - How can you help? Share suggested “scenario topics” with us Share any proprietary exercises and give us permission to include in our programming Ask a member of your human resources staff to assist us in developing this initiative Yet to come in 2005-2006 Achievements in 2005:  NMA Executive Advisory Committee Meeting August 4-5, 2005 Houston, Texas Gaining an upper management perspective on our planning and positioning Achievements in 2005 EAC recommendations:  EAC recommendations GO with “NMA… THE Leadership Development Organization” EAC recommendations:  EAC recommendations What do you go home and share?:  What do you go home and share? Leadership is all about movement… and NMA is on the move… taking every NMA chapter from where it is… on to higher ground. What else do you do?:  What else do you do? To fully realize your potential… Be newly visible and valuable to upper management or community leaders Be totally focused on your customers Have meetings so good that people are looking forward to the next one Become a Learning & Leadership Laboratory for your members Have the chapter recognized as THE PLACE TO BE In other words…:  Lead a chapter that is SO connected to the company’s mission or the community’s needs… and SO very much a key link in the communication chain… that no one can resist signing up! “The word is PARTNER… become your community’s or your company’s best business partner!” In other words… In other words…:  Wrap-up In other words… Slide67:  Alan R. Watson 2005 NMA National Treasurer Space Gateway Support Chapter Kennedy Space Center, Florida Please welcome… Slide68:  Martha E. Bear Manager, Administration and Finance Dayton, OH Thank you, Martha! 2006 Elected Directors:  2006 Elected Directors Jonathan Pearce Lockheed Martin Leadership Association Colorado Front Range Colorado Springs, Colorado 2006 Elected Directors:  2006 Elected Directors Gwen Jackson Lockheed Martin Leadership Montgomery County Chapter Rockville, Maryland 2006 Elected Directors:  2006 Elected Directors Donna Cottingham, CM City of San Diego San Diego, California 2006 Elected Directors:  2006 Elected Directors Dr. Pete Kurzhals Boeing Aerospace Leadership Chapter Huntington Beach, California 2006 Elected Directors:  2006 Elected Directors Ronnie Long American Cast Iron Pipe Company Chapter Birmingham, Alabama 2006 Appointed Director:  2006 Appointed Director Pattie Boyd Lockheed Martin Leadership Association Fort Worth, Texas Director’s Oath:  Director’s Oath “On my honor as a professional leader… I pledge to accept the responsibilities of National Director… to abide by the Constitution… to uphold the dignity and prestige of the Association… to conduct myself according to its principles… to believe in and supervise by the Code of Ethics… and work to further all Association objectives.” 2006 Key Dates:  2006 Key Dates Northeast/Southeast/Central Leadership Development Conference April 27-29 Marriott Orlando Airport Orlando, Florida $100 S/D 2006 Key Dates:  2006 Key Dates Pacific North/Pacific South/Southwest Leadership Development Conference May 4-6 Marriott City Center Hotel Salt Lake City, Utah $112 S/D Slide79:  2006 National Conference Sheraton Music City Nashville, Tennessee November 4-6 Educational Forum Session:  Educational Forum Session “Back to Basics” Leadership T. Max Haynes International Speakers Group Reno/Tahoe, Nevada Slide81:  Remember… Bidding Closes at 11:45 am! NMA Silent Auction Slide82:  Announcements

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