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Published on November 27, 2007

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NYU School of Medicine:  NYU School of Medicine “State of the Student Body” Report on Student Initiatives Followed by Q & A February 15, 2005 Joshua Jones President, NYU SoM Student Council Outline for Town-Hall Meeting:  Outline for Town-Hall Meeting Report on Student Initiatives in: Curricular Initiatives Paracurricular Initiatives Extracurricular Initiatives Student Life Initiatives Open Forum Question and Answer Session Curricular Initiatives:  Curricular Initiatives Student Curriculum Committee Selection of Course Liaisons/Curriculum Committee Members Basic Science Subcommittee Update Student-driven modifications to the Curriculum Slide4:  Curricular Initiatives: Student Curriculum Committee Curricular Initiatives: Course Liaison Selection Process:  Curricular Initiatives: Course Liaison Selection Process Established guidelines and requirements for course liaisons and curriculum committee members Streamlined Student Council’s process for selecting course liaisons and curriculum committee members Created two possible liaison positions for each first year course and each second year academic block Detailed information can be found at: Contacts: Amanda Bailes ( Sam Baharestani ( Michael Postow ( Curricular Initiatives: Curriculum Committee Reps - I:  Curricular Initiatives: Curriculum Committee Reps - I Full Curriculum Committee Representation Fourth Year Class President Paul Aronson ( Third Year Class President Bobby Das ( Clinical Science Subcommittee Jaclyn Halpern ( Sandra Han ( Jared Goldberg ( Moushumi Sanghavi ( Erin Tansey ( Curricular Initiatives: Curriculum Committee Reps - II:  Curricular Initiatives: Curriculum Committee Reps - II Contact Information (MS2): Jessica Ackert Sam Baharestani Elizabeth Gaines Shirleen Loloyan Nikki Moses Tara Rao Jon Soverow Justin Thomas Contact Information (MS1): Scott Drutman Melissa Hermann Scott Koenig Mary Lonshteyn Mike Su Curricular Initiatives: Basic Science Subcommittee :  Curricular Initiatives: Basic Science Subcommittee Progress Report Emails are sent to the class before and after each meeting to ensure everyone is aware of the discussions occurring at the monthly meetings Worked with faculty to encourage a policy on student questions during examinations After discussions, an extra week will be added to next year’s Microbio/Pathology course Encouraged a change in the design of the Pathology Conferences Curricular Initiatives: Other Initiatives - I:  Curricular Initiatives: Other Initiatives - I Posting lecture slides on-line Students in the Basic Science Subcommittee have discussed this issue with faculty Sid Govindan has posted slides on the 2nd year Class Web Site Issue is being resolved with the Portal Contact: Sid Govindan ( Gloves for Anatomy Students get unlimited free gloves this year (as opposed to only one box of gloves last year) Curricular Initiatives: Other Initiatives - II:  Curricular Initiatives: Other Initiatives - II “Taking a Sexual History” Initiative Proposals from LGBTPM, MSFC, SHAG Integrating sexual history taking into PPS during first-year with lectures, discussions and OSCEs LGBTPM currently planning two Small Group Discussion Sessions regarding working with LGBT patients Will evaluate sessions this year for possible incorporation into curriculum Contact: Tim Ito ( Curricular Initiatives: Other Initiatives - III:  Curricular Initiatives: Other Initiatives - III Pagers for Clinical Years All students now have access to pagers Program will be re-assessed in one year Contact: John Fahimi ( Other Clinical Programs Several informal shadowing programs have been set up by student clubs and are detailed in the “Extracurricular Initiatives” section Paracurricular Initiatives:  Paracurricular Initiatives Student Portal Professionalism Development Committee (PDC) Student Advisory Committee on Admissions (SACA) Emergency Preparedness Initiative AAMC Representation Paracurricular Initiatives: Student Portal - I:  Paracurricular Initiatives: Student Portal - I Student Portal Committee created April 2004 Goal was to create a “portal” that would effectively replace Portal meant to provide an organizational framework for web-based applications at NYU SoM Worked with SoMIT in prioritizing important features for the portal Full release to medical students on January 17 Students working on applications and priorities for version 2.0 Paracurricular Initiatives : Student Portal - II:  Paracurricular Initiatives : Student Portal - II Essential features integrated in the portal: Calendar allowing administration to input block schedules, student organizations to input extracurricular events and students to input personal events Detailed, organized for-sale site Message Boards and Announcements Personalized bookmarks Updated Headlines (news, weather, etc.) Centralized location for resources (curricular and otherwise) PDA compatibility for Version 2.0 Paracurricular Initiatives: Student Portal - III:  Paracurricular Initiatives: Student Portal - III Student Portal Group is meeting 2/16 at 7:00 pm in Coles Seminar Room 2 For more information on the portal, contact: Sid Govindan ( Jon Maffie ( Josh Jones ( Slide16:  The PDC aims to incorporate the values and tenets of professionalism, such as altruism, accountability, and honesty, into all aspects of the medical school curriculum. At NYU SoM, professional development is encouraged via: Workshops (peer feedback, ethical dilemmas) Online Portfolios (self reflections, submissions) Mentor/Mentee Relationships (group and individual meetings) Paracurricular Initiatives: Professionalism Development Committee (PDC) - I Slide17:  The student run committee, under the guidance of Dr. Adina Kalet, receives feedback from the student body and works to develop and modify these programs to best suit the needs of NYU SoM Committee consists of four 4th years, four 3rd years, and fifteen 2nd years If interested in joining, please contact: -Miriam Fishman ( -Alison Kitay ( Paracurricular Initiatives: PDC - II Paracurricular Initiatives: Student Advisory Committee on Admissions (SACA) - I:  Paracurricular Initiatives: Student Advisory Committee on Admissions (SACA) - I Created Fall 2004 Goals were: To improve interview day for prospective students To propose second look weekend for accepted students To increase the student voice regarding the Admissions Process Paracurricular Initiatives: SACA - II:  Successful changes to Interview Day: Tour revamped: now includes Bellevue Hospital Established selection criteria for tour guides Lunch now catered so students do not have to stand on line at cafeteria Dean of Admissions makes daily presentation to interviewing students and is available for questions “Student Life at NYU SoM” revised and updated Materials provided to prospective students were reviewed, revised and updated Paracurricular Initiatives: SACA - II Paracurricular Initiatives: SACA - III:  Contact Information: Tours Nikki Moses ( Barrie Rich ( Jared Goldberg ( General Josh Jones ( Lauren Ende ( Ike Ezon ( Sara Immerman ( Scott Koenig ( Paracurricular Initiatives: SACA - III Paracurricular Initiatives: Emergency Preparedness - I:  Paracurricular Initiatives: Emergency Preparedness - I Goal: To create and implement a comprehensive curriculum of Emergency Preparedness at NYU SoM that addresses current issues facing physicians Paracurricular Initiatives: Emergency Preparedness - II:  Goal: 4 Year Integrative Curriculum Basic Education Overview of Emergency Response System Integrate relevant aspects of WMD into Microbiology, Pharmacology, and Toxicology curriculum Role of Medical Student at NYU SoM during a disaster Resources List-Serve for Questions/ Concerns Where to go for additional information Modified Training Current Objective: Modified first aid course for incoming first years Paracurricular Initiatives: Emergency Preparedness - II Paracurricular Initiatives: Emergency Preparedness - III:  Recent Achievements: 10 NYU SoM students attended an intensive one-week Emergency Preparedness Course conducted by US Army in Fort Sam Houston, Texas (funded by Dean’s office) 9-week Masters Scholar’s seminar series that encompasses many aspects of our curricular proposal Contacts: Richard Bakst ( Jennifer Burrows ( Gregg Rosner ( Paracurricular Initiatives: Emergency Preparedness - III Slide24:  Act as student liaisons between the medical school and the AAMC Report to the Student Affairs Office and Dean of Students Disseminate information to medical students from the AAMC (scholarships and board updates) Develop student initiatives based on material learned at conferences Paracurricular Initiatives: Association of American Medical Colleges Representation (AAMC) - I Paracurricular Initiatives: AAMC - II:  Paracurricular Initiatives: AAMC - II Student Initiatives: Financial Aid Jolly Report Financial Wellness Week Reforming financial aid and office structure Dental plan Curriculum Nutrition Initiative Contacts: Kerry Jo Lee, Class of 2007 ( Raesell Wilson, Class of 2008 ( Bani Chander, Class of 2006 ( Ahmet Altiner, Class of 2006 ( Extracurricular Initiatives:  Extracurricular Initiatives Activities not associated with existing official Student Organizations New Student Organizations New Innovations in existing Clubs Slide27:  Extracurricular Initiatives: Students worked in conjunction with the national organization V-DAY to put on a production of THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES February 4th & 5th @ 8pm in Farkas Auditorium. V-Day is an international non-profit organization that aims to increase awareness of violence against women by encouraging campuses around the world to perform the show in order to raise money for charity. Twenty people (students and faculty) were involved in the cast; many people volunteered their time to work behind the scenes. Slide28:  All ticket sales, T-shirt sales, and other monies fundraised were donated to Sanctuary for Families, a local organization that is dedicated to meeting the needs of victims of domestic violence. 10% of the funds went to the Organization of Women’s Freedom in Iraq. Erica Ash ( Extracurricular Initiatives: The Vagina Monologues Extracurricular Initiatives: Student Tsunami Aid Group:  Extracurricular Initiatives: Student Tsunami Aid Group Led by first-years, students mobilized to raise money and collect clothing/supplies for victims of the December 26 tsunami Post-exam party on 2/18 at PM raised approximately $10,000 that was donated to tsunami aid ( Party opened up to individuals around NYC; 650 attendees Subsequent raffle also raised about $3,000 Students organizing to create a sustained effort to help tsunami victims Contacts: Josh Gordon ( Tom Kim ( Joe Shin ( Sayone Thahalolipavan ( Santosh Vardhana ( Extracurricular Initiatives: Cultural Show - I:  Extracurricular Initiatives: Cultural Show - I Week long celebration of culture with different events each night. This year we celebrated: Black History Month events with BALSA Chinese New Year with ASU Bhangra night with SASA Shabbat Dinner with JSA Cooperative event is a cultural showcase of the heritage and talents of NYU students 2nd Annual performance was in February 2005 Extracurricular Initiatives: Cultural Show - II:  A collaborative effort between ASU, JSA, SASA, BALSA, MSA and the general NYU community Cultural and religious groups contribute to the costs of food, equipment, costumes, etc. Each group recruits performers to display their cultures Contacts: Andrew Goldsweig ( Ann Lee: ( Kathir Palanisamy: ( Shaline Rao: ( Amber Wheeler ( Extracurricular Initiatives: Cultural Show - II Extracurricular Initiatives: New Student Organizations:  Extracurricular Initiatives: New Student Organizations Asian Southern Baptist Koinonia (ABSK) American College of Physicians – IMIG Cardiology Club Obstetrics-Gynecology Interest Group Plexus Publication of Research on Biomedical Endeavors (PROBE) Psychiatry Interest Group Spin Doctors Student Collective for Ear, Nose and Throat (SCENT) Extracurricular Initiatives: American College of Physicians Internal Medicine Interest group (ACP-IMIG) - I:  Extracurricular Initiatives: American College of Physicians Internal Medicine Interest group (ACP-IMIG) - I National organization and rich resource for internists and internal medicine Advocacy, Career Advice and Education NYU SoM’s own local ACP – IMIG club Free Student Membership Website: Extracurricular Initiatives: ACP – IMIG - II:  Extracurricular Initiatives: ACP – IMIG - II Introductory Meeting Coming Soon Mark Your Calendars: ACP Regional Conference on April 30th Contact Info: Co-Presidents Alan Pinyavat ’06 ( Satya Rao ’06 ( Co-Vice Presidents Amer Assal ’08 ( Megan Bowers ’07 ( Treasurer - Christian Song ’08 ( Secretary - Teresa Smith ‘07 ( Slide35:  Extracurricular Initiatives: Cardiology Club - I Goal - Introduce students to aspects of cardiology not covered in the medical school curriculum through a series of lectures, demonstrations, and "hands-on" experiences. Events to date: September - Dinner lecture on careers in cardiology. Representatives from invasive, non-invasive, and pediatric cardiology December - Joint educational session with Homeless Health Advocates at 30th St. men’s shelter; discussion covered cardiac physiology, major cardiac diseases, and prevention February - Dinner lecture on new technology and the future of cardiology Slide36:  Upcoming and ongoing projects EKG workshop - tutorial on how to read EKG's and set up leads; participants will run their own EKG on other students; will be completed at the EKG lab at NYU Research and mentoring program - 30+ students have expressed interest in working with a cardiologist on basic science or clinical research; currently compiling list of faculty willing to participate Contact information: Sanaz Harirchian ( Chris Johnson ( Ben Mackowiak ( Jess Zhou ( Jay Doshi ( Extracurricular Initiatives: Cardiology Club - II Slide37:  Up and Running: Clinical shadowing program Each weekday evening per month, students shadow the Ob-Gyn team at Bellevue from 6:00-10pm Dinner Panels Last semester, we held a residency panel with 3 residents, to provide students with information and answers to questions This semester, we are planning a subspecialty panel with 4 physicians Extracurricular Initiatives: Obstetrics and Gynecology Interest Group - I Slide38:  We are working closely with our faculty advisor and the Ob-Gyn department at Bellevue to institute a one-on-one partnership program between medical students and expecting mothers Contact Information: Eve Bloomgarden ( Nicole Moses ( Extracurricular Initiatives: Obstetrics and Gynecology Interest Group - II Extracurricular Initiatives: Plexus: NYUSoM’s Journal of Thought - I:  Extracurricular Initiatives: Plexus: NYUSoM’s Journal of Thought - I Extracurricular Initiatives: Plexus: NYUSoM’s Journal of Thought - II:  Goal: Provide a forum for student discussion and debate. Topics: Range from the healthcare system to political and cultural commentary Polling students and faculty opinion History: First issue published in November 2004 Three issues published to date Three more issues to be published this semester Extracurricular Initiatives: Plexus: NYUSoM’s Journal of Thought - II Extracurricular Initiatives: Plexus: NYUSoM’s Journal of Thought - III:  Future Goals: Wider circulation Improve print quality More school-oriented pieces Greater diversity of content Faculty submissions Contact Info: Samantha Brenner ( Adam Gaffney ( Jeffrey Shyu ( Website: Extracurricular Initiatives: Plexus: NYUSoM’s Journal of Thought - III Extracurricular Initiatives: Psychiatry Interest Group - I:  Extracurricular Initiatives: Psychiatry Interest Group - I Newly formed organization: Fall 2004 Goals: To educate people interested in a career in psychiatry by providing information regarding residency programs, career options, and mentorship opportunities To foster interest in the field of psychiatry among the NYU medical student body To promote awareness of mental health issues and its impact in all aspects of medicine Extracurricular Initiatives: Psychiatry Interest Group - II:  First event of the year: The Different Faces of Psychiatry: Panel Discussion on Career Opportunities on January 25th, 2005 (Attendance: 33 students) Future events: Comparing Different Modalities of Therapy: Case Presentation & Discussion; Spring 2005 Journal Club: Monthly gatherings to discuss articles of various topics within psychiatry Contacts: David Abramson ( Dara Cho ( Katrina Lust ( Susan Park ( David Perez ( Extracurricular Initiatives: Psychiatry Interest Group - II Slide44:  Extracurricular Initiatives: SPIN DOCTORS NYU SoM Dance Club - I Slide45:  Spin Doctors give students an opportunity to learn different dance styles and acquaint themselves with various types of music Students will learn dance moves in Salsa, Hip Hop, Ballroom and numerous other genres Spin Doctors attracts dancers of all levels, including those with little to NO dance experience Students gain the chance to explore their other talents and boost self-confidence Students will also be able to relieve the stress and pressures of student life by indulging in this fun physical activity Extracurricular Initiatives: SPIN DOCTORS NYU SoM Dance Club - II Slide46:  Contacts: Therese Waltz ( Ike Ezon ( Extracurricular Initiatives: SPIN DOCTORS - III Extracurricular Initiatives: New Innovations in Existing Clubs:  Extracurricular Initiatives: New Innovations in Existing Clubs Student Council AMA, AMSA, AMWA MSFC Free Clinic Hepatitis Project, Streetworks Harm Reduction Alliance Physicians for Human Rights Project Smile SHAG SASA Unite for Sight Extracurricular Initiatives: Student Council – I:  Afghanistan Clothing Drive With Dr. Caroline Ryan, NYU SoM alumna stationed in Afghanistan Collecting and sending clothes to help victims of the war Contact Laura Meyer ( Dental Insurance Working with the administration on securing affordable dental insurance for all students Contact Amanda Bailes ( or Monica Ho ( Public Health School Info Session Coming in April Contact Amber Wheeler ( Extracurricular Initiatives: Student Council – I Extracurricular Initiatives: Student Council – II:  Amendments to Student Council By-Laws Reviewed, revised, updated Stream-line elections Added senior senator position to strengthen relationship with downtown Web Page Revamp Modified, updated Made more functional and user-friendly More information available on-line Contact: Sagar Mungekar ( Extracurricular Initiatives: Student Council – II Extracurricular Initiatives: Student Council – III:  Extracurricular Initiatives: Student Council – III Budgeting Initiatives: Student budget for 2004-2005 increased by ten percent from previous year to accommodate new clubs, in-session budget add-ons, and club budget flexibility Multiple efforts in place to ensure rapid, efficacious reimbursement process Current spending pace will both maximize club endeavors and maintain adherence to the overall allotted budget Extracurricular Initiatives: Student Council – IV:  Guide to Student Organizations: Detailed document set to be released in March 2005 Will provide extensive, easy-to-follow instructions for club leaders on issues such as planning and running events, budgeting, the reimbursement process, alcohol/sports policy, club leader election and transition policy, conferences, amongst other important topics Will provide access to several documents critical to running a student organization at NYU SoM Contacts: Michael Alaia ( Amanda Bailes ( Extracurricular Initiatives: Student Council – IV Extracurricular Initiatives: Student Council – V:  Social Events Ski Trip 2005 2 day/night trip to Killington, VT at discounted price Tons of snow, tons of entertainment Winter and Spring Formals Fall Formal held at Pier 60 Spring Formal to be held at Capitale on March 11, 2005 Contacts: Laura Meyer ( Amber Wheeler ( Extracurricular Initiatives: Student Council – V Extracurricular Initiatives: Student Council – VI:  Big Sibs Program Successful mentoring program through Student Council in which second years act as mentors to incoming first years throughout their first year Attempts in progress to expand the program to include third and fourth year mentors For any questions on any topic related to Student Council, contact: Michael Alaia ( Josh Jones ( Extracurricular Initiatives: Student Council – VI Extracurricular Initiatives: Student Council Senator Report :  Extracurricular Initiatives: Student Council Senator Report Represented NYUSoM at the Student Senators Council (SSC), University Committee on Student Life (USCL), Sub-committee on Graduate Affairs and the University Senate Compiled monthly newsletter to student body detailing all-University events as well as graduate school activities Tour of downtown NYU campus including Union Square and Washington Square Park during orientation Distribution of Washington Square News to NYUSoM students Increased communication between NYU Office of Graduate Affairs and NYU SoM allowing better coordination of events between sister organizations within all NYU grad schools Coordinated School of Medicine’s participation in the All-University Games Thursday at 5:30 pm at Coles Gym – Come on out! Contact: Amanda Bailes ( Extracurricular Initiatives: American Medical Association (AMA):  Extracurricular Initiatives: American Medical Association (AMA) Hosted Debt Management Lecture to help students manage their finances Policy discussions include: health savings accounts and resident and student work hours, with upcoming lunches in the future Current major legislative issues for student AMA groups are the Step 2 Clinical Skills Exam and student debt Debates on policy with AMSA and PNHP Community Service for New York Cares Day and Obesity Awareness and Reduction NYU Students serving as State and National officers at the major AMA conventions Contacts: Samuel Baharestani ( Shaline Rao ( Slide56:  Mission: To give students an outlet in advocacy and activism in issues of legislation, humanism, the problems of the medically underserved, inequities in our health-care system and related issues in medical education To protect and advocate for the rights of medical students National student-run, student led group advocating for students Contacts: Presidents: Abraham Krikhely ( Kerry Jo Lee ( Extracurricular Initiatives: American Medical Student Association (AMSA) - I Slide57:  Activities for the year: Election Panel Charity Booksale Community Service Fair Residency Work Hours Panel Regional Conference Disabilities Lecture Community Service Fair/Healthcare for the Underserved Week AIDS Week National Conference plus Lobby Day Extracurricular Initiatives: AMSA - II Slide58:  NYUSoM classes of 2006, 2007, and 2008 are over 50% women Men still predominate in most high power positions and fields Events for 2004-2005 Mentor lunches Race for the Cure Abortion panel (in conjunction with MSFC) Attended National Conference March is Women’s Awareness Month- promoted by a week of events entitled “Climb to the Top” 4th Year panel Extracurricular Initiatives: American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA) Extracurricular Initiatives: AMWA and the Dean’s Committee on Women:  Extracurricular Initiatives: AMWA and the Dean’s Committee on Women The newly established Dean’s Committee, in conjunction with AMWA, worked this year to establish a mentoring program that pairs 1st and 2nd year female medical students with female attendings Work has also begun to improve interview process, to ensure that the best interests of female applicants is being upheld Contacts: Elizabeth Gaines ( Sara Immerman ( Extracurricular Initiatives: Medical Students for Choice - I:  Education and Discourse: Lectures addressed the human rights premise for reproductive choice. Panels explored national access to comprehensive medical care or the national lack there of. • “The Religious Right to Abortion” October, 2004 • “Legal Landscapes of Choice” November, 2004 • “Retrospectives on Roe v. Wade” January, 2005 Collaboration and Grassroots networking: Students, faculty, providers and activists have loaned their support, fostered learning and engaged in resource development. • Access Project & Center for Reproductive Health Education in Family Medicine, Montefiore • AMWA Reproductive Health Imitative • NYU Nursing Students for Choice • Physicians for Reproductive Choice and Health ( The NYU community has engaged and become more aware of issues related to choice. Events have been sponsored by a range of student groups exploring ethics and religion as they pertain to abortion. Extracurricular Initiatives: Medical Students for Choice - I Extracurricular Initiatives: Medical Students for Choice - II:  Clinical Opportunities: A successful Manual Vacuum Aspiration workshop (1st term procedure) exposed 35 students to this medical procedure and enabled them to practice on a model uterus (papaya). Co-sponsors: Family Medicine and Ob/Gyn Interest Groups Over 45 students will have shadowed an abortion provider by the end of this academic year through the Clinic Shadowing Program. Curriculum Reform: MSFC curriculum committee has partnered with faculty members, over the past 5 years, to enhance NYU preclincal reproductive health education and clinical elective opportunities. “How to Take a Sexual History” was compiled as a primer for the first year PPS curriculum. Nationally MSFC is compiling data regarding medical school curricula (NYU is a contributor) By facilitating preclinical exposure to this compelling work, students are encouraged to seek a comprehensive reproductive health education and inspired to understand the valuable role they will serve as providers. Extracurricular Initiatives: Medical Students for Choice - II Extracurricular Initiatives: Medical Students for Choice - III:  National and Regional Conferences Opportunities to learn from and plan initiatives with students and reproductive rights leaders National list-serves Inform students of current legislature, research and events. Forum for brainstorming workshops, resolving anti-choice rhetoric, and troubleshooting curriculum reform March for Women’s Lives Washington, DC (April 2004) March for Women’s Lives Brooklyn, NY (August 2004) Extracurricular Initiatives: Medical Students for Choice - III Extracurricular Initiatives: The Hepatitis Project - I:  Extracurricular Initiatives: The Hepatitis Project - I A student-run clinic providing screening, vaccination, and education about Hepatitis to clients at a syringe-exchange program in the Lower East Side Active for 6 years, having screened and counseled over 600 clients Most of our clients are IV drug users, so our efforts focus on Hepatitis C screening and education Student volunteer membership has tripled this year, largely from an influx of first year students eager for clinical experience with a medically-underserved population Contact: Serena Roth ( Extracurricular Initiatives: The Hepatitis Project - II:  New Directions: Expanded focus to work with numerous other organizations: Asian American Hepatitis B Program, of the Center for the Study of Asian American Health Students have become involved in screening days at clinics in Chinatown and Queens Will receive educational training sessions about Hepatitis B, and our volunteers will be helping with HBV testing, counseling, and research survey administration NYC Department of Health Begun working with the Hepatitis C coordinators at DOH and meeting with medical leaders of the South Bronx Task Force Hope to have student volunteers become involved in Hepatitis screening efforts throughout Manhattan and the Bronx, especially at SROs Harm Reduction Coalition The Hepatitis Project works closely with the HRC, a major non-profit organization focused on harm reduction issues Two NYU SoM volunteers presented about “Hepatitis Vaccination in Street Youth” at the HRC conference last November Preparing a presentation for next year’s conference, focusing on the interaction of medical professionals and harm reduction practitioners Extracurricular Initiatives: The Hepatitis Project - II Extracurricular Initiatives: The Hepatitis Project/Streetwork -I:  Safe Horizon/Streetwork In May 2004, students from the Hepatitis Project began a Hepatitis education, counseling and vaccination program for homeless at the Streetwork program The Streetwork project has been successful, and will continue to expand in the coming year From May to Oct, 28 street youth were vaccinated and a return rate of 36% for follow up vaccinations. Program has given NYU med students further opportunities to work with doctors and patients in a community-based health care setting Project has been accomplished with very limited funding thanks to the support of community organizations, DOH, NYU SoM, and the staff at Streetwork Extracurricular Initiatives: The Hepatitis Project/Streetwork -I Extracurricular Initiatives: The Hepatitis Project/Streetwork -II:  Future Goals To maintain a positive relationship with the street youth and to continue to provide information and health care relating to hepatitis; all interested patients are referred to a local, free clinic (Hepatitis Project: NYUSOM) for Hep C testing To share our experience regarding community hepatitis vaccination program and the feasibility for medical students to be involved in the coordination of a community outreach program Contacts: Randi Abbani ( Amber Alayyan ( Leah Zallman ( Extracurricular Initiatives: The Hepatitis Project/Streetwork -II Slide67:  New Attendance Records at Most Events: Shabbat Services and Shabbat Dinner 85 students “Jewish Perspectives on Abortion” Lecture 50 students (medical, dental, and graduate) Six Brand New Events Including: Student-Written Tu b’Shvat Seder Service Jerusalem Day Rally and Barbeque Trips to Ellis Island and Tenement Museum Mixer with NYU Law and Stern Business Jewish Groups NEW!!! Extracurricular Initiatives: Jewish Students Association - I Slide68:  New Supplies for the Present and Future: Durable 10 ft. x 10 ft. Sukkah Hut, 2 Kosher BBQ Grills 25 Prayerbooks; 100 Songbooks; 40 Scroll of Esther Books 50 Hanukkah Menorahs Distributed; 50 Yarmulkes 30 JSA T-shirts Distributed to First Year Students 100 Yartzeit Memorial Candles Distributed for Holocaust Day Contact Information Andrew M. Goldsweig, President E-mail: Phone: (917) 572-6363 Fax: (212) 553-7307 Extracurricular Initiatives: Jewish Students Association - II Extracurricular Initiatives: NYC Free Clinic - I:  Extracurricular Initiatives: NYC Free Clinic - I 2004-2005 has been another successful year for the NYC Free Clinic. Record numbers of volunteers, improved attendance, and general patient and student satisfaction stand as proof of the value of the NYC Free Clinic to the NYU and NYC communities. NYC FC has played a key role in aiding other schools in starting Free Clinic programs including: Cornell Medical School, Columbia Medical School, & Vanderbilt Medical School Leading conference groups on starting a clinic at American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC) national and government meetings Extracurricular Initiatives: NYC Free Clinic - II:  Changes at the Free Clinic: New appointment procedures includes a waiting list for patients to be filled with cancellations during the week New location within the same building with more rooms providing opportunity for clinic growth in the next 5 years New computer record system for more efficient and effective patient charting and data collection Goals: To expand outreach services in the community Proposal in the works to include a disease screening stand at the Green Market in Union Square To expand access to employment services and mental health services Increase volunteer staffing for mental health Better provision of materials for employment agencies Extracurricular Initiatives: NYC Free Clinic - II Extracurricular Initiatives: NYC Free Clinic - III:  Challenges: Improving Research and Patient Care Recently the NYC FC was awarded an American Medical Association Foundation Grant to research and implement better patient health education and disease screening Student projects including the free clinic involving issues such as chronic care training Improving Research and Patient Care New funding sources being researched, including: Corporate donations Small business donations Grant/Foundation donations Contact: Shaline Rao ( Extracurricular Initiatives: NYC Free Clinic - III Slide72:  Extracurricular Initiatives: NYC Harm Reduction Alliance Purpose: to assist in training non-judgmental practitioners committed to understanding and reducing drug-related harm. We recognize that morbidity and mortality of high risk patients is often due to limited access to health care and insufficient information about safer practices. Activities: A program on “How Users Inject” taught 1st and 2nd year medical students on ways to educate IV drug users about safe injection practices in order to prevent infection and spread of disease An upcoming panel discussion about the sex work industry will include a lawyer and a sex work advocate discussing the complex issues related to this risky lifestyle Contacts: Randi Abbani ( Anna Podolanczuk ( Leah Zallman ( Extracurricular Initiatives: Pediatric Obesity/Diabetes Prevention Program - I:  Extracurricular Initiatives: Pediatric Obesity/Diabetes Prevention Program - I Held at Norman Thomas High School Purpose: Discuss various health related topics including nutrition, obesity, body image, and diabetes with medically under-served teens. Empower the students to apply what they’ve learned and become health educators for their peers Sponsored by BALSA Contacts Sybil Montas ( Teresa Smith: ( Extracurricular Initiatives: Pediatric Obesity/Diabetes Prevention Program - II:  Project Goal: At the end of the curriculum, students will educate their peers through creative projects around the theme of “Improving the Health of Your Community” Extracurricular Initiatives: Pediatric Obesity/Diabetes Prevention Program - II Desired Outcomes: To improve eating habits, increase physical activity, raise awareness about healthy lifestyles in an at-risk population, and gain media attention towards program in effort to stop the obesity epidemic Extracurricular Initiatives: Physicians for Human Rights - I:  NEW PROJECTS: In the fall of 2004, Amber Alayyan, Megan Bowers, and Nancy Levy of PHR-NYU joined Dr. Allen Keller to facilitate a health and human rights advocacy seminar through the Master Scholars Program. The PHR officers and a group of 1st and 2nd year students who participated in the seminars are now working to turn issues discussed in the sessions into local and national advocacy projects. These projects include writing and sponsoring a letter from deans of medical schools opposing the military’s use of torture; and a campaign to oppose U.S. House Resolution 10, which calls for expedited deportations of asylum seekers at detention centers. PHR has begun to take medical student volunteers to meet regularly with asylum-seeking detainees at the Wackenhutt Detention Center in Queens. Amber Alayyan has written a monthly international health and human rights column on behalf of PHR in The Plexus, NYU’s medical student Journal of Thought. Extracurricular Initiatives: Physicians for Human Rights - I Extracurricular Initiatives: Physicians for Human Rights - II:  Other Projects: In November PHR organized “Responding to the Crisis in Darfur: MSF in Sudan,” a dinner lecture with Brigg Reilley of Doctors without Borders In February, Dr. Jack Geiger, former President of PHR-National gave a lecture entitled “Keeping Idealism Alive: How to be a Lifelong Physician Activist” Future Events: In March, PHR will co-sponsor NYU’s AIDS Awareness Week with other student organizations In the Spring of 2005, a number of films will be shown on human rights issues as part of PHR-NYU’s “Human Rights in Film” series PHR will send 6 members of the organization to the PHR National Student Conference in Birmingham, Alabama this March Contacts: Amber Alayyan ( Megan Bowers ( Nancy Levy ( Extracurricular Initiatives: Physicians for Human Rights - II Extracurricular Initiatives: Project Smile - I:  Extracurricular Initiatives: Project Smile - I With medical students’ broad interests and educational backgrounds, we can provide the ultimate resource for families and organizations helping children with cleft deformities around the world. Activities Awareness meetings for students and faculty at NYU about international programs dedicated to children with congenital deformities. Two educational presentations on international health care/multidisciplinary cleft care. One community outreach event, such as a visit to a Cleft Care/Craniofacial Clinic. Organize a charity event to sponsor cleft surgery for children abroad. Extracurricular Initiatives: Project Smile - II:  The 2004 National Smile Train Medical Student Program meeting was held at NYU SoM, focusing on multidisciplinary and international health care moderated by members of Smile Train’s Medical Advisory Board and other experts in the field Club members encouraged to sign up for weekly Cleft Clinic 2 times per semester on the calendar located on the Smile Train Bulletin Board Journal club and didactic lectures held on a quarterly basis; recent topics included Van Der Woude’s Syndrome and new studies analyzing Interferon Regulatory Factor 6 in cleft palate pathogenesis Following successful participation in Project Smile Chapter, students are eligible for a 4th year rotation at an international Smile Train partner hospital; international elective consists of both clinical and research endeavors while studying with a Smile Train affiliate Extracurricular Initiatives: Project Smile - II Extracurricular Initiatives: Project Smile - III:  Contacts: Co-presidents: Matthew Greives ( Natalie Seiser ( Vice President: Keith Blechman ( Secretary: Shahram Aarabi ( Treasurer: Sam Baharestani ( Extracurricular Initiatives: Project Smile - III Extracurricular Initiatives: Sexual Health Advocacy Group (SHAG) – I:  Extracurricular Initiatives: Sexual Health Advocacy Group (SHAG) – I Purpose: To provide education and resources related to sexual health to the NYU School of Medicine and the local community as well as to increase students' comfort levels regarding the discussion of all aspects of sex and sexual health. Contacts: Amber Alayyan ( Tori Mayer ( Renata Scott-Ram ( Extracurricular Initiatives: SHAG - II:  Extracurricular Initiatives: SHAG - II New Activities: Condom Baskets: February 14-18 is National Condom Week and will serve as the kickoff week for SHAG’s condom baskets; condoms were distributed to students on Valentine’s Day, and a constant supply of condoms and lubricant will be kept in baskets around the school and residence halls throughout the year Volunteer and Counseling Opportunities: In early February, students were given information regarding volunteer and counseling information for various sexual health related organizations around the city, including Planned Parenthood and GMHC; students will also be given the opportunity to shadow various physicians who work with sexual health issues Extracurricular Initiatives: South Asian Student Association:  Extracurricular Initiatives: South Asian Student Association Blood pressure & diabetes screenings at a temple in Queens Tsunami relief efforts Dinner lectures on Meditation, & Immigrant Health Issues Celebrations for Diwali, Cultural Week, and Holi (coming soon!) Contacts: Kathir Palanisamy ( Shaline Rao ( Extracurricular Initiatives: Unite For Sight:  Extracurricular Initiatives: Unite For Sight 2004-2005 Highlights: April, 2004: NYU hosts Unite For Sight’s First Annual International Conference: Eyes on Public Health May, 2004: NYU Chapter receives Join Hands Day Grant for Community Vision & Health Screening in Greenwich Village September, 2004: NYU Chapter receives AMA Policy Promotion Grant to host Unite For Sight Global Partners Symposium October, 2004: NYU Chapter sends 6 representatives to American Academy of Ophthalmology in New Orleans, LA to represent Unite For Sight Contact: Sam Baharestani ( Student Life Initiatives:  Student Life Initiatives Committee On the Residential Environment (CORE) Housing Committee Rubin Association Rubin Gym Rubin Lounge Student Well-Being Committee Student Life Initiatives: Committee On the Residential Environment (CORE) - I:  Student Life Initiatives: Committee On the Residential Environment (CORE) - I CORE addresses “brick and mortar” issues at NYU SoM Eight committees with a student co-chair, faculty co-chair and administrative co-chair for each committee CORE did not meet from February 2004 until January 2005; now meets monthly with each committee meeting as needed between full meetings Student Life Initiatives: CORE - II:  Student Life Initiatives: CORE - II Committees, Projects and Contacts: Computer Services (TUGME) Student Portal Coles 201 Clerkship Lottery Email issues (working with Student Council) Slide Updates Wi-Fi, PDAs Contacts: Sid Govindan ( Josh Jones ( Jon Maffie ( – Student Co-Chair Student Life Initiatives: CORE - III:  Student Life Initiatives: CORE - III Committees, Projects and Contacts, con’t: Dining Services Plasma Screens in Student Cafeteria New Equipment (microwave, scale by salad bar, etc.) NYU Card use at Student Cafeteria? Contacts: Bani Chander ( Richard Chang ( Victoria Dinsell ( Lauren Ende ( Student Life Initiatives: CORE - IV:  Student Life Initiatives: CORE - IV Committees, Projects and Contacts, con’t: Health Services Free meningitis shots for all students Dental Insurance (with Student Council) Work with Student Well-Being Committee Larger facilities Contacts: Jessica Ackert ( Student Co-Chair Student Life Initiatives: CORE - V:  Student Life Initiatives: CORE - V Committees, Projects and Contacts, con’t: Housing and Real Estate Services Work with Rubin Association to improve living conditions in Rubin Hall Heat in Rubin Hall Finalize renovations of Rubin Lounge/Rubin Lobby (after Smilow Construction complete) Aesthetics Contacts: Adele Damlamian ( Vicky Jones ( Michael Postow ( Student Co-Chair Student Life Initiatives: CORE - VI:  Student Life Initiatives: CORE - VI Committees, Projects and Contacts, con’t: Library Increasing hours before exams Dealing with the problem of “Squatting”, where individuals reserve spaces by leaving books for hours on end Upgrading chairs with nails protruding underneath Work with Dean’s Committee on Ehrman Medical Library Contacts: Joshua Lader ( Student Co-Chair Nicole Malouf ( Student Life Initiatives: CORE - VII:  Student Life Initiatives: CORE - VII Committees, Projects and Contacts, con’t: Facilities Hallway to Anatomy Lab Northwest Corridor Signs with directions at NYU SoM On-line calendar of room usage Room reservation policies Contacts: Samantha Brenner ( Adele Damlamian ( Michelle Ma ( Student Co-Chair Kevin Small ( Student Life Initiatives: CORE - VIII:  Student Life Initiatives: CORE - VIII Committees, Projects and Contacts, con’t: Security Camera upgrades in Rubin Hall, Greenberg Hall 30th Steet entrance to NYU SoM Rubin Hall Security Guard Desk needs to be replaced Basketball Court card swipe Contacts: Brian Levine ( Student Co-Chair Student Life Initiatives: CORE - IX:  Student Life Initiatives: CORE - IX Committees, Projects and Contacts, con’t: Long-Range Planning Bellevue Psychiatric Building Smilow Research Center (space for students?) Architect for comprehensive plan? New space for health services Fund-raising and students? Contacts: Samantha Brenner ( Josh Jones ( Student Co-Chair Kevin Small ( Student Life Initiatives: Housing Committee:  Student Life Initiatives: Housing Committee Class presidents meet with Housing Services to establish guidelines for Housing Lottery Upcoming Lottery Dates: Matriculated 2002 and earlier: 2/23 at 6:00 pm in AHA Matriculated 2003: 3/14 at noon in AHA Matriculated 2004: 4/12 at 12:15 pm in Schwartz F Contacts – Class Presidents: Paul Aronson, Class of 2005 ( Bobby Das, Class of 2006 ( Mike Postow, Class of 2007 ( Vicky Jones, Class of 2008 ( Student Life Initiatives: Rubin Association:  Student Life Initiatives: Rubin Association Established during Fall 2004 as a way to increase communication between students, administration and the departments of Security, Housing and Real Estate Has focused on accountability regarding cleanliness of Rubin Hall, speed with which maintenance requests are performed New log book with updates on maintenance request progress will be located in Rubin Lobby Heat problem has been discussed, no solution in sight Contact: Vicky Jones ( Slide96:  Efforts in progress to improve the quality of the gym, including: Informative student surveys Addition of boxing equipment New television for cardio room Magazines Constant supply of water/cups Maintenance of equipment/treadmills Possible re-painting Want to get involved? Michael Alaia ( Kirk Campbell ( Student Life Initiatives: Rubin Gym Slide97:  Considerable renovations since last year, including: New wood flooring Paint job Air Hockey Table Poker Table New Furniture Surround-sound stereo and DVD additions Contacts: Michael Alaia ( Josh Jones ( Steven Levine ( Michael Postow ( Michelle Sckolnick ( Sonia Tolani ( Amber Wheeler ( Student Life Initiatives: Rubin Lounge Student Life Initiatives: Student Well-Being Committee - I:  Student Life Initiatives: Student Well-Being Committee - I A group of peers, working in collaboration with Student Health Service, focusing on the health and well-being of the medical students Primary Goals: To address the overall health and mental health needs of the NYU SoM student To reduce stress and enhance life management skills by presenting various programs and the use of peer support Student Life Initiatives: Student Well-Being Committee - II:  De-Stress Day 5 workshops - relaxation breathing, massage, art therapy, acupuncture, and nutrition Educated students on ways to use these de-stress methods to find moments of peace throughout their busy and stressful days Exposed students to health resources available to them through NYU Received “goodie bags” with tea, a plant, a stress ball, and information about student health services 50-60 students participated "Depression: The Common Cold of Mental Health” Workshop Facilitated by psychiatrists and Well-Being Committee members to help students recognize the signs of depression in patients, colleagues, and themselves, thus allowing them to be better a person, friend, and physician Educated students on the mental health resources available at NYU 55-65 students participated Student Life Initiatives: Student Well-Being Committee - II Student Life Initiatives: Student Well-Being Committee - III:  Issues the Committee plans to address: Stress Management Anxiety Management Sexually Transmitted Infections Alcohol and Drug Dependence Interested in joining? Contact: Amanda Bailes ( Autumn Edenfield ( Monica Ho ( Josh Jones ( Student Life Initiatives: Student Well-Being Committee - III

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