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Information about 2004RulesChanges

Published on February 4, 2008

Author: Stefanie

Source: authorstream.com

Altered Bat Definition:  Altered Bat Definition   Altered Bat SECTION 1. A legal bat that has been intentionally changed in any way from the specifications established in the ASA bat certification process and as required in Rule 3-2. Exception: Marking for identification on the knob, laser etching other than on the barrel and replacing the grip are legal. Rule 1-1, new page 12 Banned Bat Definition:  Banned Bat Definition New Definition: Banned Bat SECTION 6. A bat that does not meet the ASA specifications and has been placed on the current banned bat list. A banned bat under ASA 2000 certification may be used in the game if it has been returned to the manufacturer and subsequently bears the permanent recertification mark as long as it is also not on the current banned bat list. (See Appendix F). Rule 1-6, new page 12 Flex Replaces 10th Player:  Flex Replaces 10th Player New Definition: Flex Section 47. The player who is initially listed in the tenth spot on the lineup card and may only enter the game on offense in the designated player's batting position. Flex is the term used throughout the remainder of the text in place of tenth player. Rule 1-47, new page 17 Coaches Removing Lines:  Coaches Removing Lines   Effect added for coach removing lines on field EFFECT—A strike shall be called on the batter if the offense intentionally removes the line and a ball shall be called on the batter if the defense intentionally erases a line. c.  A coach shall not intentionally remove any lines in the batter's box or elsewhere on the field. EFFECT—The umpire shall issue a warning to the offending coach. Subsequent violation by the same individual shall result in ejection. Rule 2-17, new page 31 Tarp Storage:  Tarp Storage   Tarp SECTION 25. Whenever possible, a tarp should be stored off the field and in dead ball territory. If a tarp is stored in the field of play, thrown and batted balls rebounding off the tarp remain in play unless they become lodged in the tarp or its roller. A fielder attempting to catch a fly ball near the tarp may not have either foot on the tarp. Rule 2-25, new page 32 The home team shall be responsible for providing a minimum of five game softballs of the same specifications and manufacturer.:  Rule 3-1, new page 38 also 5-6, 10-12, 15-6b The home team shall be responsible for providing a minimum of five game softballs of the same specifications and manufacturer. Similar Ball Specifications Banned Bat Info:  Banned Bat Info o. Bats shall bear the permanent ASA 2004 certification seal or be listed on the approved bat list of the ASA Web site (www.softball.org/select site map; select certified equipment; select bats to see the approved list) indicating compliance with the bat performance standard per the appropriate ASTM testing protocol. Rule 3-2o, new page 40 Cell Phones, Pagers:  Cell Phones, Pagers New Section: e. Cell phones and pagers are not allowed on the field but may be used in the dugout for purposes other than coaching or scouting. Rule 3-6, new page 41 Helmet Removal:  Helmet Removal There was an exception in the book for helmet removal when no play was apparent. This exception was deleted to encourage players, who may not know whether or not a play is apparent while running, to keep their helmets on at all times. Rule 3-8, new page 42 Jewelry:  Jewelry   All restrictions on jewelry have been deleted from the rules book. Rule 3-9, new page 43 Championship Jersey Selection:  Championship Jersey Selection   New Note: Note-For NCAA championship play, the respective NCAA divisional softball committees may elect to create a different method to select contrasting jersey colors provided it is formally declared before the start of the championship round. Rule 3-10d, new page 44 On-Site Administrator:  On-Site Administrator   On-site administrator help with changing weather (also 15-3k) New Section: c. Inform the umpire crew of severe weather conditions and provide spectators with appropriate information. Rule 4-9c, new page 48 also 15-3k Warm-Ups:  Warm-Ups   Limits team warm-ups during pitching changes (also 6-5) d. Shall limit warm ups between innings and during pitching changes to: Rule 6-4d, new page 54 Dead Ball Example:  Dead Ball Example   Additional example of dead ball b. A dead ball is also ruled when a fielder contacts a ball in live ball territory when any part of her body is in contact with dead ball territory. Rule 6-9b, new page 56 Interference:  Interference Interference on a foul bunted third strike EFFECT—The ball is dead, a foul ball is charged to the batter and the offending runner is out. Each runner must return to the base touched at the time of the pitch. If the foul ball is a bunt attempt with two strikes on the batter, the batter is also declared out. Rule 9-13a5, new page 98 Batter Hit by Pitch:  Batter Hit by Pitch Batter hit by pitch in front of batter's box (also 11-16b4) New Section: The batter is hit by a pitch as she runs forward out of the front of the batter's box. Rule 10-10e, new page 112 Runner Not Out Returning to Base:  Runner Not Out Returning to Base New Section: When she returns to a base left too soon or missed prior to an appeal being made, or is returning to a base during a dead ball. Rule 12-9p, new page 155 Championship Video Exception:  Championship Video Exception NCAA championship exception for video from dugout New Exception: Exception: For NCAA championship play, the respective NCAA divisional softball committees may elect to prohibit video taping from the dugout provided it is formally declared before the start of the championship round. Rule 13-6b, new page 176 Re-entry Win:  Re-entry Win Starter may get win on reentry New Section: She has pitched the required number of innings, her team is ahead or tied when she is replaced, she reenters the game with her team behind and her team subsequently recaptures the lead. Note- a pitcher cannot receive credit for a save if she receives the win. Rule 14-28b1c, new page 196 Umpire Signals:  Umpire Signals Additional umpire signals Signals and descriptions will be added for: out, strike, point, run scores, and run does not score. Appendix B, new page 215 ASA Bat Certification Marks:  ASA Bat Certification Marks Visuals of the certification marks will be included in Appendix F as a reference. Appendix F, new page 221 Slide22:  If your bat has only the ASA 2000 seal: Slide23:  If your bat has only the ASA 2000 seal and is on the banned-bat list: Slide24:  If your bat has the ASA 2004 seal: Slide25:  To print the bat list each Monday during the season, go to www.softball.org. -Select Site Map -Select Certified Equipment -Select Bats

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