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Published on March 14, 2009

Author: socanada

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Welcome to our 2006 Customer Appreciation Corn Roast : Welcome to our 2006 Customer Appreciation Corn Roast NEWTONVILLE August 19, 2006 John Johnson & Desemal Thomas PRESENT A SLIDE SHOW OF CORNROAST 2004 Slide 2: 2004 Corn Roast Guest - BBQ master! Slide 3: Kick Back and Lime - TRINI STYLE! Slide 4: 2004 Corn Roast newborn client Slide 5: 4 HOMES BY THE LAKE - YEAR 2022?? NO PROBLEM! Slide 6: In my days...... .GAS WAS ????? Slide 7: 2004 Corn Roast - Home inspectors Slide 8: 2004 Corn Roast Guests Slide 9: more young clients! what a great future!!! YEAR 2026? With His and Hers Bathroom?? Slide 10: UNA'S CORN IS POPULAR Slide 11: "Lord bless this corn. Amen" Slide 12: yum yum UNA'S Corn TASTE GOOD! Slide 13: another young client - the future is friendly!! Slide 14: Guest getting free massage Slide 15: hi! welcome Slide 16: 2004 Corn Roast Guests The Cool Shades Crew. Slide 17: 2004 Corn Roast Guests Slide 18: "Darn it! We make these glasses look good!" Slide 19: I don’t have I clue who I am waving at! Slide 20: 2004 Corn Roast Guests Slide 21: I am way cooler from this angle Slide 22: Year 2008 home owners Slide 23: 2004 Corn Roast Guests I should have worn sun glasses! Slide 24: 'WHO'S THAT LIZ? I CAN'T SEE A THING!" Slide 25: 2004 Corn Roast Guests Slide 26: I LOOK GOOD - DON'T I? Slide 27: 2004 Corn Roast Guests Slide 28: 2004 Corn Roast Guests Slide 29: OK KAZ AND KADEEM - I GET IT - NO CONDOS!! Slide 30: DID ERROL ABONDON ME? Slide 31: 2004 Corn Roast Guests Slide 32: I WANT TO POSE LEAVE ME ALONE!! Slide 33: 2004 Corn Roast Guests Slide 34: 2004 Corn Roast Guests Slide 35: SMILING BEFORE....... Slide 36: 2004 Corn Roast Guests How do I get a beard like that? Slide 37: ....... AND AFTER LUNCH Slide 38: ELEGANT DINING country-style Slide 39: 2 BROTHERS IN A TOWN CALL Newtonville Slide 40: 2004 Corn Roast Guest Slide 41: you deserve to relax BEULAH - thanks FOR YOUR HELP! Slide 42: WHERE IS THE CORN? Slide 43: Shall we make an offer Junior? the kids really! like the pool. FAMILY CONFERENCE Slide 44: Thanks for your help! Slide 45: Thanks for your help Lashawn. Slide 46: Thanks for your help BRUCE! Slide 47: OH BOY! DO I HAVE JUST THE RIGHT HOUSE TO STRAIGHTEN YOU OUT! Slide 48: Yes Nathasia- your offer is accepted. Slide 49: 2004 Corn Roast Guests Slide 50: Jarrelle - YOU ARE THE BEST Events CO-ORDINATOR I KNOW! Don't let him upstage YOU! Slide 51: Yeah! GREAT! ANOTHER clothes IRON! Slide 52: JUST WHAT I NEED - I DON'T EVEN DRINK COFFEE! Slide 53: IF I ACT EXCITED THEY'ILL THINK I LIKE IT!! Slide 54: The events co-ordinator and the LAST winner congrats Karen - thanks Jarrelle!! Slide 55: EVEN IF I SMILE THAT DOES'NT MEAN I LIKE IT! Slide 56: WHAT IS EVERYBODY LAUGHING ABOUT? I DON’T THINK ITS FUNNY! Slide 57: .....jump JUMP - don't bother! get ready.....set... Slide 58: Oh wow! This is the grand buffet of young clients -I count 11 resale homes! Slide 59: IS this pot BIG enough? Slide 60: 2004 Corn Roast Winners Slide 61: ANOTHER CORN ROAST.... .....ANOTHER CLOTHES IRON! Slide 62: PATRICIA grand prize winner 2004 AT LAST - A REAL PRIZE!!! Slide 63: 2004 Corn Roast Winners Slide 64: 2004 Corn Roast Guest Slide 65: 2004 musical mats competition THANK YOU : THANK YOU WE APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS AND YOUR SUPPORT AND WE LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOU IN 2007 BLESSINGS TO YOU! FROM DESEMAL AND JOHN

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