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Published on April 15, 2008

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Slide1:  Unit 8 Sports Slide2:  Part 1:Lead -in What’s the name of the sport? 1.Two strong people play the game. One player tries to get the other down on the ground. 2.This game must be played in water by several players. The one who first reaches the final line is the winner. 3.This game is played by two teams of 11 players each, in which a ball is passed from one player to another in order to get the ball into the net of the other side. wrestling swimming football Slide3:  4.This is a tennis-like game played by two or four people who hit a small feathered object over a high net. 5.This is a game played by two teams of 6 players each. Each team can hit the ball up to three times, but not more than 3 times. Then the ball must land on the other side of the net. It’s useful if you have tall players in your team. 6.Several athletes take turns to fire at something with a gun. 7.This is a running race, in which athletes have to run 26 miles and the winners is the first one who reaches the finish line. badminton volleyball shooting marathon Slide4:  8.This is a running race, in which each member of each team runs part of the distance. 9.This is a sport in which two players fight with their tightly closed hands. One player wins on points by winning more rounds than the other, or by knocking him down. 10.This is a very fast game. Each of the two teams has five players and the game is played for two periods of 20 minutes each. The players try to put the ball into a “basket”. It is very useful if the players are vary tall. relay race boxing basketball Slide5:  Part 1: Listening (warming up) Questions: 1.What is your favourite sport? 2.When do you do your sport? 3.How often do you do your sport? 4.What do you think about sports? 5.What other kind of sports do you know? Slide11:  parachute jump Slide13:  Baseball tae kwon do Slide14:  swordplay Slide18:  What does the Olympic flag mean? The colors of Olympic rings were chosen by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) , to represent the friendship of the 5 continents and the meeting of the world’s athletes at the Olympic Games. The white background of the Olympic flag is symbolic of peace throughout the games. Slide19:  Europe Africa America Asia Australia What do the Olympic rings mean? Slide20:  What is the Olympic motto? Swifter Higher Stronger Slide21:  . The founder of the modern Olympic Games and Olympic Movement Pierre de Coubertin Slide22:  “The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph(获胜) but the struggle(奋斗). The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well." The Olympic creed(信条) was first stated in 1896 by Coubertin. Slide23:  In 2004, the next Olympic Games will be held in Greece, in which the Olympic Games were born. Slide26:  Part1: Listening (listening: page 51) Slide27:  Speaking Asking about interests and hobbies Which do you like,…or…? What’s your favorite sport? Which sport do you like best? Which do you prefer,…or… What about…? Are you interested in…? Possible answers Sure. I love … Yes, very much./No, not really. Shooting, I think. I like…best. I prefer…to… I like watching it. I’d rather watch it than play it. Slide29:  The Olympic Games are held every 4 years. Olympic Race Finish, 1900 Paris , France Slide30:  The Olympic Games are held every 4 years. Olympics Opening Ceremony, 1988, Seoul Slide31:  The Olympic Games are held every 4 years. 2000 Summer Olympic Games Sydney, Australia. Slide32:  The Olympic Games are held every 4 years. 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway. Slide33:  The Olympic Games are held every 4 years. The 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta .USA Something about Olympic:  Something about Olympic Olympic Gold Medal Slide36:  Pre-reading 1.Is it important to win in a sports match? Why or why not? 2. Are the Olympic Games important to our society? Why or why not? 3.Why do athletes from so many counties want to take part in the Olympic Games? Slide37:  Scan the text and find out where in the text the questions below are answered. How many gold medals did Carl Lewis win in the 1984 Olympic Games? What were the old Olympic games like? How often are the Olympic Games held? What does the Olympic motto mean? How many athletes took part in the 2000 Olympic Games? When did the old Olympic Games begin? Where will the 29th Olympic Games be held? When were the first modern Olympic Games held? Paragraph4 Paragraph2 Paragraph1 Paragraph4 Paragraph3 Paragraph2 Paragraph5 Paragraph3 Slide38:  True or false 1.The Summer and Winter Olympics are held in the same year every time. ( ) 2.The 27th Winter Olympic Games were held in 2000.( ) 3.In the old times both men and women were allowed to take part in the Olympic Games.( ) 4.The first modern Olympics took place about 107 years ago. ( ) 5.To hold the Olympics is a big honor for a country.( ) F T F T T Slide39:  The old Olympic Games: Around the year 776 BC, … Women … Some of the games were… After about the year 393 AD, … For centuries,... the old Olympic Games began in Greece. . were not allowed to take part in the games. running, jumping and wrestling. the Olympic Games stopped. there were no Olympic games. Slide40:  The modern Olympic Games:  In 1896,...  In 1984,...  In 1992,...  In 2000,...  In 2004,...  In 2008,... happen in Greece; only 311 competitors from 13 countries China; take part in;Carl Lewis hold in Barcelona, over 8000… from more than 150… hold in Sydney; China; 28 gold medals hold in Greece; the home of Beijing Slide41:  Every four years athletes from all over the world take part in the Olympic Games. Both the Summer and Winter Olympics are held every four years. The Winter Olympics are usually held two years before the Summer Olympics.  The old Olympic Games from which the modern games came began around the year 776 BC in Greece. Many of the sports were the same as they are now. Some of the games in which the young men competed were: running, jumping and wrestling. Women were not allowed to take part in the games.    After about the year 393 AD the Olympic Games stopped. For centuries there were no Olympic Games. But they were not forgotten.    Slide42:      The first Olympic Games in modern times happened in 1896. They were held in Greece — the country in which the games were born. In the 1896 games there were 311 competitors from just 13 countries. After that more and more countries joined in the games. In 1992 over 8,000 competitors from more than 150 countries went to Barcelona for the 25th Summer Olympics! There are over 250 different sports in the games. Sailing, horse-riding and shooting are some of the more unusual sports.  The Olympic motto is "Swifter, Higher, Stronger." It means that every athlete should try to run faster, jump higher, and throw further. They do their best to win medals. In the 1984 Olympic Games, Carl Lewis won four gold medals — in the 100 meters, 200 meters, long jump and 4×100-relay. In Barcelona the Chinese team got 16 gold medals, of which 12 were won by women.  One of the great competitions is not for a medal. It is the competition between countries to hold the Olympics. To hold the Olympic Games is a rich prize for a country. Slide46:  Olympic Green Slide47:  Olympic Village Slide48:  Liten to the tape of the Olympic Games Slide49:  Language points 1. Congratulations! 常用复数形式表达特定含义的名词: manners (礼貌):He is a little with good manners. regards(问候):Please send my regards to your parents 2. “every+基数词+时间/距离单位”词表示“每多少时间/距离” every five days, every three hours, every five meters, every fifth day,every third hour 每四年=每隔三年(every four years) Slide50:  3.would rather Would rather die than surrender. Which would you rather do, go to cinema or stay at home 宁死不屈 _________________________________________? I’d rather go to the cinema. 宁可…也不;宁愿 4. prepare v. 准备, 预备, 有能力而且愿意 Please get prepared. Let’s prepare for the performance. preparation n. in preparation for prefer to 更喜欢;宁愿 prefer doing to talking 喜欢做而不喜欢说 prefer to die rather than surrender Slide51:  5.take part in, join in attend, join, go in for, be present at, enter for, sit for 都有参加的意思,用法不同。 1)attend 是正式用语,vt.。指参加会议或仪式(如:婚礼、葬礼典礼等;及上学、上课、听报告等)。强调活动本身。 He’ll attend an important meeting tomorrow. He attended school at the age of 16. They didn’t attend the wedding. 2)join 指参加某个组织或团体,成为正式成员。如:参军、入团等 My wish is to join the army after graduation. My grandfather joined the Party in 1938. 3) Join in join sb. in 指参加活动或比赛,多用语日常口语 Her husband joined her in her search for this unknown radiation. 双方都知道的活动,In sth.可省 Slide52:  4)take part in 指参加会议或群众性的活动等,强调参加这一活动的人在此活动中所起的作用。 We’ll take part in social activities during the summer vocation. We often take part in sports. Lincoln took an active part in politics and was strongly against slavery. “take” 也可作“参加”讲,主要指参加 考试。 He will take the mid-term examination next Monday. 5) go in for 指参加某项比赛、活动、考试等。 Jack has gone in for the high-jump, but I don’t think he has a chance to win. Slide53:  6) be present at 指出席会议或仪式 All of us were present at the morning meeting today. 7) enter for指报名参加某项比赛 How many people entered for the competition? 8) sit for指参加考试 Over three million students will sit for the college entrance examination.

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