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Published on October 22, 2007

Author: GenX

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Slide1:  FOUNDED IN 1919 178 NATIONAL RED CROSS AND RED CRESCENT SOCIETIES DELEGATIONS / OFFICES IN OVER 60 COUNTRIES 97 MILLION MEMBERS / 20 MILLION ACTIVE VOLUNTEERS OBSERVER STATUS & OFFICE AT THE UN LIAISON OFFICE AT THE EU WORLDWIDE Slide2:  FEDERATION SUPPORT STRUCTURE: PANAMA – REGIONAL DELEGATION for Central America and the Caribbean PANAMA – PAN AMERICAN DISASTER RESPONSE UNIT PORT OF SPAIN – SUB REGIONAL OFFICE (English Speaking Caribbean / Suriname) HAITI – FEDERATION REPRESENTATION CARIBBEAN 32 RED CROSS ENTITIES Slide3:  Caribbean Region Slide4:  To strengthen the capacity of the NS and OSBs to educate, mobilize, advocate for, and deliver quality health programmes in appropriate scale to reduce vulnerability Key Elements: A strong focus on HIV/AIDS Mobilisation of Red Cross Youth A strong advocacy element Increased use of regional networks (CARAN) Collaboration with UNAIDS, PANCAP, UNICEF, PAHO,CAREC, CRN+ etc. Voluntary Non-Remunerated Blood National Society / Branch Capacity HEALTH AND CARE IN THE COMMUNITY Slide5:  The Capacity of National Societies, Overseas Branches and Communities to prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters is improved with the Red Cross firmly established as an important partner in the Caribbean. Key Elements : Disaster Response Community Based Disaster Management / VCA Disaster Management Network / National Society Capacity Strengthening Jamaican RC Disaster Management (Peer Support) Regional Partnerships Containers / Radio Communications - PADRU DISASTER MANAGEMENT RED CROSS & SIDS:  RED CROSS & SIDS 32 Red Cross Entities in the Caribbean – Total coverage Natural Role in Disaster Response (as Auxiliary to public authorities, but independent) Community Based Programming (DP & HIV) RED CROSS & SIDS:  RED CROSS & SIDS Red Cross as a link between Government & Civil Society – advocacy role (from local to international) Experience with community methodologies – such as Vulnerability & Capacity Assessment EXAMPLES:  EXAMPLES CBDP (with ECHO – 4 yrs) around the Caribbean, currently with St. Lucia, Jamaica, St Vincent & the Grenadines, St Kitts & Nevis HIV Peer education / stigma (RED CROSS & UNICEF leading the fight against HIV/AIDS in the Caribbean) – across the region. CONCLUSION:  CONCLUSION Red Cross sees Mauritius as a serious opportunity to address the vulnerabilities of SIDS. Red Cross is a viable local, national, regional and international partner in identifying, designing and implementing solutions to some of the challenges that SIDS face.

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