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Published on October 5, 2007

Author: Malden

Source: authorstream.com

Preliminary Results for the year ended 31 December 2003:  Preliminary Results for the year ended 31 December 2003 23 February 2004 Slide2:  Another strong performance, continuing the track record of growth: sales up 9.2% PBT* up 14.9% EPS* up 14.9% dividend up 9.8% Cash conversion excellent at 131% Airborne anti-submarine warfare activity lower Broad coverage of platforms and international successes Good progress on development programmes Record order book of £375m Acquisition of SML, Radamec and Ocean Systems 2003 Overview *before amortisation of goodwill 01 02 03 Sales £27.1m £29.9m 01 02 03 £34.4m PBT* EPS* 01 02 03 30.5p 33.2p 38.2p £239.5m £260.4m £284.4m Profit & Loss:  Profit & Loss Slide4:  2002 Sales £260.4m 2003 Sales £284.4m The Development of Ultra Battlespace IT 24% Military aircraft equipment 9% Other defence 17% Civil aircraft equipment 9% Other civil 10% Sonar 31% Battlespace IT 28% Sonar 24% Other civil 13% Civil aircraft equipment 8% Other defence 16% Military aircraft equipment 11% Operating Cash Flow:  Operating Cash Flow Working Capital Movements:  Working Capital Movements Operating Cash Flow:  Operating Cash Flow Net Cash Flow:  Net Cash Flow The Market Environment :  The Market Environment USA defence continuing growth with emphasis on electronics UK defence growth focused on battlespace IT Homeland security increased priority worldwide coastal and border surveillance systems Transportation aircraft build rates flat for ’04 and ’05 rail and airport infrastructure investment continuing Aircraft & Vehicle Systems OPERATIONAL REVIEW :  Sales £79.9m (+4.5%) Profit* £13.9m (+11.3%) RoS* 17.4% HiPPAG deliveries up covering US, Eurofighter and spares award of HiPPAG Joint Strike Fighter development contract successful trial of US C130 noise cancellation system armoured vehicle activity increasing some recovery of civil aerospace repair activity Aircraft & Vehicle Systems OPERATIONAL REVIEW *before amortisation of goodwill Aircraft & Vehicle Systems PROGRAMME STATUS:  Aircraft & Vehicle Systems PROGRAMME STATUS F-35 Joint Strike Fighter F/A-18 E/F Tornado updates Eurofighter Small Diameter Bomb X-45 UCAV A400M C130 noise cancellation Airbus – existing range Alvis Vickers ETS Terrier Future Rapid Effects System 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 Aircraft & Vehicle Systems ULTRA OPPORTUNITIES:  Aircraft & Vehicle Systems ULTRA OPPORTUNITIES HiPPAG for JSF 2007 $100m+ HiPPAG for Small Diameter Bomb 2005 $20m+ C130 noise cancellation 2005 $20m FRES 2007 £10m+ Tornado upgrade for Saudi 2004 £7m Eurofighter tranche 2 2005/6 £40m Information & Power Systems OPERATIONAL REVIEW:  Information & Power Systems OPERATIONAL REVIEW Sales £95.5m (+15.2%) Profit* £11.0m (=) RoS* 11.5% acquisition of SML and Radamec restructuring costs of £0.6m above the line strong performance by Airport Systems delivery of Bowman related equipment first deliveries made to Network Rail with more to come in ’04 and ’05 *before amortisation of goodwill Information & Power Systems PROGRAMME STATUS:  Information & Power Systems PROGRAMME STATUS ADSI activity T45 degaussing Astute CV(F) Virginia T-AKE cargo ship degaussing Deepwater cutter – US coastguard Singapore Delta frigate Rolls-Royce reactor control LHR Terminal 5 LHR UltraTrak baggage Network Rail power London Underground power 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 Information & Power Systems ULTRA OPPORTUNITIES:  Information & Power Systems ULTRA OPPORTUNITIES Rolls-Royce reactor control 2004 £20m Network Rail power equipment 2004/5 £20m+ 2nd batch Astute submarine 2006 £10m+ UK aircraft carrier equipment CV(F) 2006 £15m+ Coastal defence system 2005 £5m+ US coastguard ships’ degaussing 2004 $8m Tactical & Sonar Systems OPERATIONAL REVIEW :  Tactical & Sonar Systems OPERATIONAL REVIEW Sales £109.0m (+7.8%) Profit* £12.7m (+27.1%) RoS* 11.6% SSTD programme on track - successful trials completed ASW sales down to sustainable level Nimrod MRA4 deliveries continued TCS integrated and performed ahead of budget next tranches of radio orders received from US and Korea acquisition of Ocean Systems completed *before amortisation of goodwill Tactical & Sonar Systems PROGRAMME STATUS:  Tactical & Sonar Systems PROGRAMME STATUS Nimrod MRA4 MR2 RAP MSA for Nimrod NH90 ASW equipment MH60 – system upgrade Canadian MHP ASW equipment MMA SSTD UK mine destructor programme T45 bow sonar CV(F) equipment Army radios – US and Korea KG40AR cryptographic equipment Watchkeeper UAV datalinks 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 Tactical & Sonar Systems ULTRA OPPORTUNITIES:  Multi-Static Active ASW system 2006 £20m US Patriot radios 2004 $12m UK naval mine destruction system 2005 £30m Watchkeeper equipment 2004 £7m+ SSTD exports 2005 £10m MMA ASW equipment 2005 £10m+ TIEC comms for Tornado & Harrier 2005 £30m Tactical & Sonar Systems ULTRA OPPORTUNITIES Ultra Group Prospects:  Ultra Group Prospects Strong order book Major bidding opportunities Programmes running on schedule Headroom for acquisitions Well placed for 2004 despite exchange rate impact Ultra’s growth to continue

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