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Published on January 4, 2008

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Slide1:  Overview of FERC Licensing Programs By Nancee Murray Staff Counsel Department of Fish and Game Jim Canaday Senior Environmental Scientist State Water Resources Control Board Slide2:  HYDRO-GENERATION INSTREAM USES Slide4:  TODAY - OVER 34 MILLION 2010 – PROJECTED 40 MILLION Slide5:  Water is essential to every aspect of life in California. The State Constitution makes it clear, all water belongs to the people of California; and Prohibits the unreasonable use of water Slide6:  BENEFICIAL USES Municipal and Domestic Supply Agricultural Supply Recreation Groundwater Recharge Power Generation Cold Freshwater Habitat Wildlife Habitat Navigation Slide8:  The mission of the California Environmental Protection Agency (Cal/EPA) is to restore, protect and enhance the environment, to ensure public health, environmental quality and economic vitality. State Water Resources Control Board Regional Water Quality Control Boards Air Resources Board Integrated Waste Management Board Department of Pesticide Regulation Department of Toxic Substances Control Environmental Health Hazard Assessment The California Environmental Protection Agency Slide9:  Preserve and enhance the quality of California's water resources, and Ensure their proper allocation and efficient use for the benefit of present and future generations. Slide11:  SWRCB 9-RWQCBs Basin Plans Slide12:  Department of Fish and Game California Energy Commission California Coastal Commission California State Lands Commission Department of Boating and Waterways Department of Conservation Department of Forestry and Fire Protection California Conservation Corps Department of Parks and Recreation Slide13:  The Mission of the Department of Fish and Game is to: Manage California's diverse fish, wildlife, and plant resources, and the habitats upon which they depend, for their ecological values and for their use and enjoyment by the public. Slide14:  Department of Fish and Game Management Regions Slide15:  DFG as the Trustee for the Fish and Wildlife Resources in California The fish and wildlife resources are held in trust for the people of the State by and through the department. The department has jurisdiction over the conservation, protection, and management of fish, wildlife, native plants, and habitat necessary for biologically sustainable populations of those species. The department may authorize by permit, the take of species listed under the C-E-S-A if certain conditions are met. HYDROELECTRIC POWER AND THE SWRCB & DFG:  HYDROELECTRIC POWER AND THE SWRCB & DFG Slide17:  HYDRO 101A ”Water Runs Down Hill” Slide18:  Hydroelectric projects affect hundreds of waterways throughout the State. RELICENSING 46 PROJECTS 1997-2016 Slide19:  FERC Projects vary in scope and complexity. Some projects involve whole watersheds such as: American River Mokelumne River San Joaquin River Pit River Feather River Slide21:  BENEFICIAL USE CONCEPTS “All water quality problems can be stated in terms of whether there is water of sufficient quantity or quality to protect or enhance beneficial uses.” “Fish, plants and other wildlife, as well as humans, use water beneficially.” Slide23:  The FERC Relicensing Process Slide24:  DFG & SWRCB ACTIVITIES Participate in FERC Traditional or Alternative Licensing Processes. Study Design and Field Studies Review and Comment on Studies Comment on NEPA/CEQA Documents DFG 10j Recommendations CEQA Document Preparation Water Quality Certification Long-Term Monitoring-Reporting Slide25:  The Water Quality Certification program regulates any applicant for a federal license or permit that may result in any discharge into navigable waters. 401 certifications contain mandatory conditions that FERC must include in the license without change. 401 certifications include monitoring programs to ensure compliance with the conditions of the certification. WATER QUALITY CERTIFICATION Slide26:  THE FEDERAL POWER ACT DFG, as the California state fish and wildlife agency, makes recommendations to FERC to adequately and equitably protect, mitigate damages to and enhance fish and wildlife affected by the hydroelectric project. FERC must adopt DFG’s recommendations unless it makes a finding that adoption of such recommendations is inconsistent with the purposes of the Federal Power Act. Slide27:  IMPORTANT LAWS/REGULATIONS CLEAN WATER ACT PORTER-COLOGNE FISH AND GAME CODE BASIN PLANS CEQA/NEPA FEDERAL POWER ACT and Regulations ESA, new licenses may trigger ESA consultation Slide28:  THE BIG PICTURE GOAL: RESTORE RIVERINE PROCESSES Slide29:  RESOURCE ISSUES COMMONLY RAISED IN FERC RELICENSING PROCEEDINGS Hydrology: Historical data (unimpaired hydrology) Impaired hydrology (mean daily, monthly & annual) Adequate gaging stations Reservoir data (minimum pool & seasonal fluctuations) Slide30:  Other Flow Related Issues: Flows to protect instream biological resources Flows necessary for on-water recreation Ramping criteria Run-of-River vs Peaking Operations Water Quality: Basin Plan Beneficial Uses and Objectives Historical data-Background water quality Current water quality with project Controllable Factors (i.e.Water Temperature) Slide31:  Sport fishing Harvest Food Availability Physical Space Natural Variation Temperature Regime Basic Water Chemistry Climate Conditions Inter & intra- specific Competition Habitat Availability Predation Disease UNDERSTANDING THE ECOLOGICAL FACTORS Slide32:  WATER TEMPERATURE MANAGEMENT AND THE HEALTH OF AQUATIC ORGANISMS TROUT ACTIVITY AND WATER TEMPERATURE Slide33:  Riverine Processes: Flows necessary to maintain riverine ecosystem processes channel maintenance, gravel recruitment sediment budgets maintain riparian vegetation corridors Timing of flows replicates natural hydrograph ramping criteria Slide34:  Hypothetical River Hydrograph Slide35:  FEATHER RIVER HYDROELECTRIC SYSTEM Slide36:  Issues on the Feather River Hydroelectric System: Multiple licenses with varying expiration dates Competing Beneficial Uses – Lake vs River Water temperature & temperature control Manufactured/Pulsed flows vs aquatic ecosystem Understanding hydrological variation and affects on biological resources Slide37:  CEC PARTNERSHIP DFG SWRCB CEC PIER FUNDING ECONOMICS & ENERGY SUPPIES Agency Cooperation Slide38:  Ecological Evaluation of Hydropower Pulsed Flow Releases on California Stream Systems CEC PUBLIC INTEREST ENERGY RESEARCH (PIER) PROGRAM Review the quality and availability of scientific data on the ecological impacts of pulsed and manufactured flows on California stream habitats and biotic communities. Determine adequacy of current sampling and analytical methods to detect and predict potential effects of load-following and manufactured flows. Examine the suitability of new/different current sampling and analytical methods to detect and predict potential effects of load-following and manufactured flows. Develop a recommended protocol for assessing possible ecological impacts of load-following and manufactured flows. Develop and disseminate media to enhance scientific understanding and assessment of pulsed discharges from hydroelectric facilities on aquatic communities. Slide39:  T H E E N D

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