20 Powerful Beliefs

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Published on September 4, 2010

Author: Soulhiker

Source: authorstream.com

PowerPoint Presentation: 20 Powerful Beliefs of Highly Successful People PowerPoint Presentation: 1. I am in charge of my life I am responsible of what I make out of a given situation Life does not happen to me but is a result of how I respond to opportunities and challenges PowerPoint Presentation: 2. I can make tomorrow better I can change my future through my actions today PowerPoint Presentation: 3.There is a lot of opportunity out there Believe that energy, love, opportunities, success & happiness are abundant…because they are! PowerPoint Presentation: 4. I don’t need the approval of others to succeed Successful people follow their heart even when others are sceptical or do not consent PowerPoint Presentation: 5. My intentions have effect on my reality A strong intention is indeed a powerful thing that will make a lot of things happen and certainly get me to my destination faster PowerPoint Presentation: 6. People are catalysts not barriers to success If approached in the right way and I network with the right people, I will leverage my efforts by a thousand fold PowerPoint Presentation: 7. Positive thoughts are powerful and empowering Starting a day with a positive rather than a negative outlook means having a successful day as opposed to a frustrating one PowerPoint Presentation: 8. I am not separate from the rest Everything is interconnected and success comes from acknowledging that I am not separate but one with the forces of life and the universe PowerPoint Presentation: 9. How can I use this situation? When life throws a bad streak at me or my plans go down the gutter, I need to ask myself “How can I use this?” PowerPoint Presentation: 10.Hard work & perseverance are rewarded No need further explanation here PowerPoint Presentation: 11.My past can be reviewed and rewritten Successful people are skilful in the art of interpreting their past and reframing it according to their optimal advantage PowerPoint Presentation: 12.There are forces and energies which can help me if I’m conscious Some successful people believe in subtle positive and negative energy flows from things and people just like the Chi (Qi) or life energy in ancient Chinese tradition. I can make myself aware of this with some practice PowerPoint Presentation: 13. Failure is good Empowered people can turn a failure into success by learning from it and moving on. I can too PowerPoint Presentation: 14. Don’t take it personally When I get rejections, criticisms, cold shoulders, etc., I put them within an impersonal bracket. They are not rejecting me, but an idea of me they have in their mind PowerPoint Presentation: 15. Bad patches are temporary We all pass through bad patches. Think outside of the moment PowerPoint Presentation: 16. What I learn can be improved and refined I know that self-empowered people have a very dynamic view on life. There is always space for change and improvement PowerPoint Presentation: 17. I am constantly developing and expanding new capabilities I am able to keep on expanding life-affirming mind states PowerPoint Presentation: 18. Things are impermanent, don’t attach yourself to things Really successful people are those who have a richer view on life and know how to ride life’s waves without getting too emotionally attached to it. PowerPoint Presentation: 19. Forget, forgive, rejoice Don’t get stuck in resentment and grudges. Travel light without dragging an emotional baggage full of past disappointments PowerPoint Presentation: 20. I already have all I need The path to success is through self-discovery and not world conquest as some would believe PowerPoint Presentation: The End Presentation by Gilbert Ross www.soulhiker.com Thank You

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