20 Best Infographic Design Of 2016

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Information about 20 Best Infographic Design Of 2016

Published on January 5, 2017

Author: InfographicDesign

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Thanks!: 20 Best Infographic Design of 2016 Thanks!: Infographics became an important part of the business world. It helps to represent your products, statistics and achievements using graphic design. And if you have websites you will need to have infographics with powerfull design to get succes. And there are a lot of infographic services which can help you to create or create them for you. Thanks!: So you have an idea but don’t know how to choose the right format and design of your infographic. So you need the beginning point. First of all search for free sample infographics . Many students from Harvard or Berkeley Universities create and publish their infographics. 3 Thanks!: The coolest infographics are usually memorable and need much time to be created and high attention to all details and vizualization. All infographics can be categorized in such ways: Chronological Alpabetical Geographical C a tegorical Hierarchical Thanks!: The visual design and format always depends on your content and its organization. There are a lot of different types of design which can be chosen for your own infographic. You must learn your audience and learn your market at all. Thanks!: The Visual Article Infographic is designed in the way of attracting viewers by catchy title and various and interesting content. It can be some facts, statistics. It can tell for example about some famous historical friendships Thanks!: Mixed Charts is the type of infographics which represent charts and graph formats. It can be any business report. It’s the best choice if you need to show some numeral statistics, numbers and figures for your audience Thanks!: One of the common types is the information/list infographic. It mostly contains the text without too much graphic elements. This text is usually represented on the attractive color scheme. Thanks!: If you want to describe something in chronological way you should better use the Timeline infographics. Students from such universities as Yale or Cambridge use them for their reports. Thanks!: How-to infographics are usually used to show the process of creating something. It’s used like a description or even instruction of producing something. It shows the steps which must be followed. Thanks!: Process infographics are usually designed as a decision-tree. This kind of infographics is widely used for social media platforms and content websites. In most cases they have humorous and informative manner. It can be also used for interviews while hiring new employee. Thanks!: One of the common use infographics is a Comparison type. T h ey usually compare two sides. It can be products, services, persons, facts, numbers. It’s always have a colorful vizualization and attract people with a kind of competition, what side to choose? Thanks!: Location Infographics are usually used by most of companies on their websites to show the coverage area of their business influence. It’s usually designed as a map with icons and numbers in front of areas. Thanks!: Photo-Graphic infographic combines different graphic elements and images. It must contain high quality images because it serves as eye-catching effect with different facts. Thanks!: Hierarchical infographics are used in different business areas and show information on levels of importance, income levels and so on. It shows the relation between different steps of the working process for example. Thanks!: There are a lot of other types. And it’s really difficult to create col infographic. It requires deep research, great design skills and the understanding of your market or the purpose of your graphic content. So there are a lot of infographic services which can help you and give you great examples. Thanks!: Always people want to create roadmap infographic template . It’s the informative infographic with representation data in explaining manner step by step. Most of services infographic can create such type for you. Thanks!: One more widely used infographic template is an infographic of infographics or as it’s aslo called infographic about infographics. It’s used to analyze a lot of different data using graphic elements. Thanks!: Good infographic services can create after effects infographic template which can help to share the most important information to your audience and keep the interest. Thanks!: Thanks! You want to know more? Visit www.infographicdesignservices.com

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