20 2-GO. A great contest for great readers!

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Information about 20 2-GO. A great contest for great readers!

Published on March 4, 2014

Author: pearson_es

Source: slideshare.net


20-2-GO is a collaborative activivity that can be used in your classes for different purposes. Here, the activity was used as a contest to measure the reading comprehension of "The Crown" book.
Download it and just custumise it. The counter lasts 20 seconds but you can change it and adjust the lenght to your needs. Have fun!


20-2-GO 20 seconds To GO

Your team has 20 seconds to answer

When the bell rings, you have to answer. If the answer is correct, you earn 10 points. If the answer is not correct the same question goes to the next group for 9 points and the game continues in a succesive manner.

All the points are added together. If the class gets more than 100 points, the whole class wins a diploma!

Only the spokeperson of the team can answer ANSWER B

Are you ready?

Chapter 1

Choose the right answer: Seaburgh is a small town______________ a) between two hills b) near the sea c) on a desert d) on the top of a mountain

How many hotels are there in Seaburgh?

What was Paxton´s first name?

What did three crowns in the ground do?

Who was the last person in the Agers family?

The writer stays at the hotel ______________ Henry Long a) In b) To c) About d) With

Chapter 2

Arrange the words in order: the to think He didn’t crown want about

Paxton started to investigate about William Agers TRUE FALSE

William Agers was very talkative TRUE FALSE

William Agers’ house was a) Near the sea and in front of a hill. b) Near the sea and behind a hill c) On a hill far from the sea

Chapter 3

Describe the crown

What colour was the bag where Paxton had hidden the crown?

Paxton wanted to put the crown____________________________

Arrange the words in order: person door There a our to room near the was

Who followed Paxton from the hill to the hotel?

Chapter 4

Find the hidden word W H O S D A

They decide to a)Put the crown back in its place under the ground b)Keep the crown and telephone the newspapers c)None of those

What tool did they use to dig a hole?

Who saw a man behind Paxton, Long and the writer?

Chapter 5

Why is Paxton staying at the hotel the next morning?

Why does Paxton leave the hotel? a) Because he wanted to walk b) Because he wanted to shop c) Because he wanted to go with Mr Long and the writer d) Because he wanted to go to the beach

Why does the writer think that Paxton is in danger?

They thought it was easy to run on the beach. TRUE FALSE

Arrange the words in order: footprints There shoes. were beach the on from Paxton’s

Chapter 6

Did Mr Long and the writer find Paxton?

Who killed Paxton?

Mr Long and the writer answered all the questions from the police, but they didn’t talk about_____________.

At the end of the story, the writer is happy, but at night_________________.

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