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Published on March 11, 2014

Author: terronaruka

Source: slideshare.net

 Green tea has gained popularity in the US only recently. Organic Green tea was a native to India and China for several centuries. Green tea consumption worldwide accounts for 20% of all tea consumption.  Oxidation level determines your tea type. Unoxidised leaves of tea are to make Green Tea.

 It is least processed and preserves beneficial antioxidants and polyphenols. To heal wounds and control bleeding effectively, one can make use of Green Tea.  People, who suffer from indigestion, are advised to drink two cups of Green tea a day. Green tea improves digestion and keeps you healthy.

 Green tea is helpful for regulating your body temperature apart from ensuring mental health.  It helps to cure type 2 diabetes.  A cup of Green tea consists of 100 mg of caffeine. Polyphenols in Green tea offers anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory effects.

 Green tea eliminates free radicals and prevents cell death because of the presence of bioactive polyphenol - Epigallocatechin-3-gallate.  Polyphenols in Green tea inhibits growth of tumor cells and prevent cancer. Cancer rate is lower among people, who regularly consume Green Tea. It prevents pancreatic cancer in women.

 Green tea shows positive impact on ovarian, bladder, colorectal, breast, lung, skin, prostate, esophageal and stomach cancer.  Consumption of Green tea reduces cardiovascular diseases. Hot Green tea helps to reduce weight. It improves metabolism and burn fats in abnormal areas like abdomen, thighs, buttocks and shoulders.

 To reduce tooth cavities, chronic fatigue and relieve from work related stress, you are advised to consume Hot Green Tea.  You should not overheat the water. Maintain water temperature at body temperature level. It retains all the necessary nutrients and antioxidants to offer excellent health benefits.

 Green tea also helps to reduce pain caused by arthritis. It also helps to treat skin conditions. As per the recent news, Green tea helps to reduce stroke and improve your health to lead a normal life. Scientific research also confirmed that Green tea consumption fights cancer and keeps you healthy. Green tea is helpful to control blood sugar levels.

 It reduces cholesterol. Thiamine in Green tea improves functioning of your brain. It is rich in natural chemicals that are essential for processing Vitamin C. It also safeguards you from infections and maintains capillary walls. You need to combine Green tea with vitamins and minerals to reduce the effects of lung, cervical, colon and breast cancer.

 Vitamin C in Green tea prevents Flu apart from relieving you from stress.  Amino butyric acid in Green tea is responsible for lowering blood pressure.  Green tea also controls aging effects because of the presence of vitamin E.

 Green tea offers delicious taste because of the presence of Theanine. Green tea safeguards you from Parkinson’s disease. Green tea reduces severity of Asthma because of the presence of theophyline. Therefore, buy Organic Green tea from reputed online tea stores like Ayush Tea Store to enjoy all the above mentioned health benefits.

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