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Published on April 23, 2008

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WELCOME TO CHINA:  WELCOME TO CHINA A learning project for schools What three words would you use to describe China?:  What three words would you use to describe China? Which Picture is China?:  Which Picture is China? Where is China?:  Where is China? Slide5:  UK China 60 million people 1.3 billion people 0.24 million square km 9.6 million square km 40 = 1 A Brief History of China:  A Brief History of China 8000 BC 1600 BC 1112BC 221 BC And in the rest of the world… Stonehenge was built around 2000 BC Late Stone Age Beginning of Shang Dynasty Zhou Dynasty China unites under a single Emperor Qin Shi Huangdi A Brief History of China:  A Brief History of China 206 BC 225 AD 581 618 960 And in the rest of the world… The Roman Empire collapsed around 410 AD Han Dynasty Break up of empire into separate kingdoms Sui Dynasty Tang Dynasty Song Dynasty A Brief History of China:  A Brief History of China 1260 1368 1644 1839-42 1912 1949 1997 Yuan Dynasty Ming Dynasty Qing Dynasty Opium Wars Last Emperor abdicates People’s Republic of China Hong Kong returned What does the Chinese National Flag look like?:  What does the Chinese National Flag look like? The red background represents revolution. The four small stars represent the Chinese people. The big star represents the leadership of the communist party. The yellow colour of the stars represents the golden light of the country. Why is China Important Today?:  Why is China Important Today? China has the biggest population in the world and the fourth largest economy. By 2040, China will have the largest economy in the world. For every one person who can speak English, there are at least three who can speak Mandarin. The Beijing Olympics 2008:  The Beijing Olympics 2008 The Beijing Olympics will be the first major international sporting event to be held in China. It will showcase Chinese culture to the rest of the world . Slide12:  Fuwa are the Official Mascots of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, carrying a message of friendship and peace to children all over the world. Each one has a rhyming two-syllable name. When you put their names together - Bei Jing Huan Ying Ni - they say "Welcome to Beijing“. Symbolism:  Symbolism In China, the fish and water designs are symbols of prosperity and harvest. Source: en.beijing2008.com Slide14:  Bat (fu) = same sound as word for happiness Peaches = a symbol for long life Dao (upside down) means arrived Slide15:  “May your happiness be as deep as the Eastern Sea and may you live to be as old as the Southern Mountain.” Traditional birthday greeting. Chinese Writing:  Chinese Writing Chinese writing uses characters to represent words. To learn to read Chinese, you need to remember around 5,000 different characters! Ancient         Traditional Simple Pinyin The ‘Cheat Sheet’:  The ‘Cheat Sheet’ Tonal Difference:  Tonal Difference Chinese is a tonal language. The tone of the word alters its meaning and it is crucial to get the tone right if you want to avoid confusion. Mandarin has four tones – high, rising, falling-rising and falling. 1. high - mā mother 2. rising / má numb 3. falling rising ˘ mă horse 4. falling \ mà to scold or swear Counting to 10:  Counting to 10 yī 6 liù èr 7 qī sān 8 bā sì 9 jiŭ wŭ 10 shí Hello nĭ hăo Goodbye zàijiàn How are you? nĭ hăo ma? I’m fine wŏ hĕn hăo Thank you xièxie You’re welcome búkèqi I’m sorry duìbùqĭ:  Hello nĭ hăo Goodbye zàijiàn How are you? nĭ hăo ma? I’m fine wŏ hĕn hăo Thank you xièxie You’re welcome búkèqi I’m sorry duìbùqĭ 7 Simple Chinese Phrases Zàijiàn!:  Zàijiàn!

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