2. aesthetics theory

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Published on March 11, 2014

Author: dunianyamaya

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Aesthetic Theories DENNIS DAKE Iowa State University Presented by Bayu Indra Pratama

The aesthetic aspects communication •Visible, Structural, and Configurational in nature •Largely implicit in apprehension •Holistic in coveying meaning •Cognitive in a generative sense

The Philosopic Perspective

In bodies, in souls, in knowledge -Plato

The Artistic Perspective

“Artist, as the makers of visual messages, are infinitely connected aesthetic clues, their selection, manipulation, and ultimate




PERCEPTION OF AESTHETICS RELATIONSHIP These complex relationship between visual elements are not not easily comprehended in verbal terms. The designted term these complex structural relationship is physiogomics

PERCEPTION OF AESTHETICS RELATIONSHIP Flexibility and Fluency Flexibility provides for the purely perceptual apprehension of novelty, originality, and message integrity. Ritualized, stereotyped, and repetitive messages are not as likely to attract or sustain viewer attention.

PERCEPTION OF AESTHETICS RELATIONSHIP Implicit or Hidden Aesthetic Explicit configurations made up of lines, shapes, colors, values and etc.

Holistic Vision: Thinking by Appreance World Hidden Message Visible PERCEPTION OF AESTHETICS RELATIONSHIP

Reconstru alWords (interpretation), deeds (visible attributes), and underlying tone (aesthetic qualities)

The logic of Visual Aesthetics •Ambiguity and Meaning •Control of Direction •Ecological Relationship •Tensional •Unity •Realism •Layering

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