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Published on May 8, 2008

Author: Manlio

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Neighborhood Deals Are Not Enough :  Neighborhood Deals Are Not Enough Marcus Svedberg Chief Analyst, SITE Mind the gap – UA in between EU and RF:  Mind the gap – UA in between EU and RF Growing economic importance and great potential More political importance after revolution Sensitive security situation may affect economic cooperation Ukraine too important for both EU and RF to leave the initiative to the other party Ukraine’s two-sided economic challenge:  Ukraine’s two-sided economic challenge EU and RF almost equally important for Ukraine in terms of trade and FDI Growing importance of EU25 trade and RF energy Increased interest from large EU and RF investors Not either/or but how to develop a strategic economic relation with EU and RF at the same time Inadequate EU and RF policies:  Inadequate EU and RF policies ENP too weak commitment and not likely powerful anchor for reform ENP membership too wide (from Belarus to PA) ENP not a first step towards EU membership SES unlikely to materialize into strategic program Ukraine hesitant and akward member of SES SES lacks definition and implementation timetable Weak enthusiasm in Ukraine for both ENP and SES Conclusions:  Conclusions Need for new political thinking on economics in Brussels and Moscow about Ukraine Ukraine may, in the process, turn out to help define overall EU-RF economic cooperation Ukrainian WTO membership likely to foster integration with EU To close the gap: EU membership negotiations and strategic bilateral strategy with Russia Slide6:  SITE, Stockholm www.hhs.se/site BICEPS, Riga www.biceps.org CEFIR, Moscow www.cefir.ru WISER, Warsaw www.wiser.org.pl KEI, Kyiv www.kei.org.ua Slide7:  Source: World Bank Slide8:  Source: World Bank Slide9:  Source: World Bank

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