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Published on March 11, 2008

Author: Simeone

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Slide1:  厦门思明教师进修学校 何闽娥 (S2-P4) Curriculum Focus::  Curriculum Focus: Cultural awareness: A multi-cultural country Learning more about the USA Reading skills: Skimming and scanning Learning to read a map Writing skills: A tourism advertisement Pre-reading Lead in:  How much do you know about America? Pre-reading Lead in Slide4:  1.What does the “US” stand for? The United States of America Slide5:  2.What’ s the capital of the US? Washington D.C Slide6:  3. Who’s the president now? George W. Bush Slide7:  4.What is the national flower of the US? Rose Slide8:  5.How many stars are there on the flag of the US? What do they refer to? Fifty and fifty states of America Slide9:  Brainstorming Slide10:  While-reading Skimming for the main idea Chinese will soon be able to travel to the United States on tourist visas and teens choose five places of interest with the distinctive characteristics. Slide11:  Look at the map, please find the following places: Washington D C / New York / Los Angeles / Boston Slide12:  Scanning for the special information Big Apple City of Angels Athens of America It is the capital of the US. Historical monuments, museums and government buildings are everywhere. The White House has been the private residence and administrative headquarters of every President since 1800. Manhattan has many tall buildings. New York is the financial hub of America. It has many famous buildings---Wall Street, Broadway, the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building. It is a city that never sleeps. It is also one of the most multi-cultural cities in the world. It is home to the world’s film industry – Hollywood. So you could be shopping at a store and bump into your favorite celebrity Boston’s reputation as the “Athens of America” comes from the teaching and research activities of more than 100 colleges and universities located in the city. Slide13:  The capital city of the USA. Significant buildings include the Capitol, White House, and Library of Congress. The Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, and Vietnam Veterans Memorial are among the most famous of the city's more than 300 memorials and statues. The Smithsonian Institution is in Washington, as are numerous other cultural and educational institutions and foreign embassies. The economy is based on national and international political activities, scientific research, and tourism. Slide16:  Los Angeles Slide17:  Boston Words Study:  Words Study Fill in the blanks (change forms if necessary). be worth doing check out in honor of bump into in residence be short of 1. I _____________ money this week. 2. The undergraduates are not yet ____________ . 3. They ____________ five minute ago. 4. The book ____________ reading. 5. It is a ceremony ____________ those killed in battle. 6.On my way downtown I ____________ an old friend whom I hadn’t seen for years. am short of in residence is worth checked out in honor of bumped into Slide19:  1.Group work If you have the chance to travel to the USA, where would you go and why? What makes the place unique that can draw you there? Make a list of them and have a discussion in groups. Post reading Writing skills A Tourism advertisement Slide20:  Example Xiamen International Travel Agency Stone Forest (Shlin) One of the international attractions renowned for its extraordinary geological wonder A marvelous, exquisite rock kingdom slowly carved by Mother Nature through ages A spectacular natural wonder that you can find nowhere else An enchanting fairyland of magic and fantasy that challenges your imagination Take a tour with our trained guide. Explore this unique land of marvels. Explore this unique land of marvels. Experience breathtaking discoveries at every turn. Slide21:  Homework Advertising a tourist attraction New York Xiamen International Travel Agency New York

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