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Published on May 7, 2008

Author: Reaa

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Slide1:  Fighting for fair trade  深圳实验学校中学部      颜咏兰 Slide2:  Curriculum focus Getting to know about WTO Language focus Grammar study Slide3:  Pre-reading task: Think about the questions: What is WTO? Is it a good thing for every country to cut down the price of crops? Slide4:  True or False: 1. WTO’s international trade rules allow rich countries to give subsidies to their farmers. 2. Without the subsidies, farmers can sell their crops at lower prices. 3. With the subsidies, world prices go down. 4. Farmers in poor countries don’t have subsidies. 5. Chinese farmers were affected by subsidized cotton in 2001. T F T T T Slide5:  While -reading task: Choose the correct answers from the following : People from poor countries will meet in Hong Kong to study the question of ______________. A. how to improve international trade B. how to grow cotton in poor countries C. how to help poor countries get into WTO D. how to reduce rich countries’ subsidies to farmers 2. Farmers from rich countries can sell their crops at lower prices because ________. A. they can grow more crops with modern machines. B. they can get help from their government C. they live on subsidies D. they want to beat farmers in poor countries Slide6:  3. World prices of crops going down brings ________. A. great fortune to farmers in of the world B. good back luck to farmers in rich countries C. bad influence to farmer in poor countries D. development of farming in the world 4. Farmers in rich countries getting subsidies from their government is _________. A. against the WTO rules B. allowed by WTO rules C. being discussed by WTO D. going to be discussed at the meeting 5. The meeting will mainly focus on the problems of _____. A. poor farmers in Africa B. developed countries C. developing countries D. rich countries Slide7:  Grammar focus: Attributive clause: 定语从句 一个句子做定语,修饰一个名词或一个代词, 叫做 定语从句. 定语从句通常后置。 结构: 先行词(被修饰的词)+关系词+从句 关系词有: that which who/whom whose as 关系代词 when where why 关系副词 在从句中作主语或 宾语 在从句中作状语 Slide8:  定语从句要点 (限制性定语从句) 1、从句通常紧跟被修饰的先行词。 2、关系词在从句中作句子成分。 3、先行词是事物,在从句中作主、宾语, 关系词用 that/which 4 、先行词是人, 在从句中作主、宾语, 关系词用who/whom (主、宾格) 5、先行词在从句中作定语表所属关系,关系词用whose 6、先行词在从句中作状语,表地点、时间和原因 关系词要用副词 where, when ,why Slide9:  例句:先行词 关系词 The book which/that I bought yesterday is quite good. Do you know the man who is talking to the headmaster? The book whose cover is blue is newly published. Do you remember the day when we first met? There are many places in Shenzhen where you can enjoy all kinds of food. 6. This is the reason why he was late for the meeting. Slide10:  翻译下面句子: 1、我刚才读的那本书是新出版的哈里波特。 2、没有补贴的穷国家钱挣得少。 3、WTO 将在香港召开一次会议,会上将会讨论发展中 国家的问题。 4、Teens是一分可以帮助我提高英文阅读能力的好报纸。 The book which I was reading just now is a newly published Harry Porter. Those poor countries that don’t have subsidies make less money. WTO will have a meeting in Hong Kong, at which the problems of developing countries will be discussed. Teens is a very good newspaper which can help us better our English reading ability. Slide11:  Join the following sentences with attributive clauses: That man is my uncle. He wears a blue shirt. WTO is an organization. It makes rules about international trade. 3. The building is a primary school. Its windows are very bright. That man who wears a blue shirt is my uncle. WTO is an organization which makes rules about International trade. The building whose windows are very bright is a primary school. Slide12:  Post reading task: Discussion: Do you think China’s joining WTO is a good or not? And why? Slide13:  Notes to the text: meet with: 会面 meet: 遇见 to study the question: 研究这个问题 The rules allow rich countries, like the US and those of the EU, to give money, or subsidies (津贴), to their farmers. 这些规定允许富裕国家,如美国和欧联体国家, 向他们的农民提供补助. With the subsidies, farmers are able to sell their crops at lower prices. with介词短语表伴随条件或原因, 如: With his help, I successfully finished my work. With more people coming into the city, traffic becomes a big problem. Slide14:  during the coming Hong Kong meeting,… 在即将到来的香港会议上, … the coming Sunday 下个星期天 Poor nations will ask rich nations to get rid of subsidies. 贫穷国家将要求富裕国家免除补贴. Once a bad habit is formed , it’s not easy to get rid of it. 坏习惯一旦养成就不容易改掉. Development is the main topic of the meeting, which should focus on the problems of developing countries 发展是会议的中心议题, 它应该重点放在解决发展中国家 的问题上. focus on: 聚焦于 Don’t be absent minded. You should focus on what you are doing. 别开小差. 你应该集中注意力做自己在做的事情. Slide15:  Once a country joins the WTO, it must open its markets to the world. It has to reduce (减少) its tariffs (关税) on imported (进口的) goods 一个国家一旦假如WTO, 他就应该向世界开发他的市场, 减少他的进口商品的关税. Once: 连词 “一旦” Once you made a promise, you should keep your word. 你一旦许诺, 就应该守信. It also must deal fairly with foreign companies in the country. 它还应该与这个国家的外国公司公平交易. deal with… 与……打交道; 对付…… This problem is hard to deal with. 这个问题很难对付.

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