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Published on November 6, 2007

Author: Kiska

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Slide1:  1 AGENDA TOPICS:  AGENDA TOPICS INTRODUCTION FLEET READINESS CONSTRUCT USS GEORGE WASHINGTON LEAN APPROACH CAPSTONE SHIPALT WRAP-UP 2 Slide3:  NAVY ENTERPRISE CONSTRUCT 3 Slide4:  4 Slide5:  January 22nd, 2007, visit to NNSY to see LEAN in action. Takeaways from visit: Process improvement needs to be senior manager driven Requires employee engagement & enthusiasm PI focus on bottom line – ROI Aggressive pursuit of process consistency and knowledge sharing CFFC “BOOTS ON THE GROUND” CFFC, NAVSEA, SUBFOR, AIRLANT, SURFLANT, CFFC N43, SEA04, & MARMC attended. 5 Slide6:  NAVSEA LEAN APPROACH 6 Slide8:  8 CAPSTONE - OVERVIEW:  CAPSTONE - OVERVIEW CAPSTONE - Group of 13 Ship Alts that include: Main mast replacement (Mast Correction SHIPALT) Installation of new weapon, radar, & C2 systems Improvement of CVN self-defense capabilities Core Capstone Self-Defense System comprises: Ship Self Defense System (SSDS Mk2 Mod 1) Cooperative Engagement Capability (CEC) AN/SPQ-9B, AN/SPS-49A, & AN/SPS-48E radars Rolling Airframe Missile (RAM) NATO Sea Sparrow Missile System re-architecture Enhanced Sea Sparrow Missile (ESSM) 5th CAPSTONE Install – 3rd In-Service 9 Slide10:  MAIN MAST REPLACEMENT Requirements for CAPSTONE Alteration: Larger stronger mast CAPSTONE mast 112K lbs, old mast 89K lbs Allows for running cabling inside mast Remove / Reinstall Legacy Antennas & Equipment New mast installed in two sections (Base and entire Mast) New mast supports future upgrades and has reduced maintenance requirements. 10 Slide11:  CAPSTONE MAIN MAST 11 SCOPE OF AIT WORK:  SCOPE OF AIT WORK 12 Alteration Installation Teams (AIT) Upgrade and or installation of 12 Combat Systems 63 affected spaces Extensive work in CDC, IFF Equipment Room, BFTT Equipment Room, NSSMS Launcher Rooms 12 CVN 73 CAPSTONE APPROACH:  CVN 73 CAPSTONE APPROACH Problem: NNSY to accomplish CAPSTONE install during an 11 month availability Benchmark was 13 months by PSNS on CVN-74 Solution (two parts): Main Mast Implement LEAN processes for the planning, fabrication, and replacement of the mast AIT work (Island and below) Incorporate and utilize lessons learned from NGNN and PSNS into production and testing implementation 13 Slide14:  MAST REPLACEMENT LEAN IMPLEMENTATION Joint pre-fab effort between PSNS and NNSY Mast assembled at PSNS and shipped to NNSY Designed & established inside shop fab cell for yardarms & platforms Established Dock-side assembly area Old Mast removed in one piece CVN-74 mast removed in 10 pieces New mast installed in one piece CVN-74 mast installed in 3 pieces Equipment and Cable installation Detailed integrated schedule for work sequence and cable installation Substantial savings: schedule (35 days) & cost (2.5K MDs or 13%) 14 AIT INSTALL LESSONS LEARNED:  AIT INSTALL LESSONS LEARNED NNSY involved early in co-yard Capstone lessons learned NSWC-PHD implementation of lessons learned: Formulated Installation Coordination Team (ICT) Integrated production schedule & testing schedule of CAPSTONE alts Port Hueneme POC actively involved in AIT activities Dedicated personnel: Main Mast APS, AIT Coordinator, and two CCTCs Weekly teleconferences & space deconfliction meetings Walkthroughs at 25%, 50%, 75% point for each alt Combat Systems Trials Rehearsal (CSTR) Live aircraft test runs performed pierside, vice at-sea Reduces sea trials by 3 days Production efficiencies coupled with program level oversight enabled 28 day reduction in Combat Systems Testing! 15 WRAP-UP :  WRAP-UP Still marching to the same drumbeat Enterprise/LEAN approach Standardized, disciplined, and holistic CVN-73 CAPSTONE is an example Build the fleet of the future 16 Slide17:  Questions? 17

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