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Published on December 14, 2017

Author: Wangchao

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slide 1: Get Latest 1z0-061 Practice Test With Success Guarantee Exam Code: 1z0-061 Exam Name: 1z0-061 Dumps - Oracle Database 12c: SQL Fundamentals Practice Exam Questions slide 2: Exam Details Duration: 120 minutes Number of Questions: 75 Passing Score: 65 Validated Against: This exam has been validated against Oracle Database Format: Multiple Choice 1z0-061 Braindumps 1z0-061 Dumps 1z0-061 PDF Dumps 1z0-061 Exam Engine slide 3: Dont Take Any Tension Of The Preparation Of Exam Because We Provide You Real Exam Question Answer Testified Dumps And Updated Practice Test Engine. 1z0-061 Braindumps 1z0-061 Dumps 1z0-061 PDF Dumps 1z0-061 Exam Engine slide 4: Why You Need to Choose Test4practice 1z0-061 Braindumps 1z0-061 Dumps 1z0-061 PDF Dumps 1z0-061 Exam Engine slide 5: We Will Provide You Latest Some Demo Question Of 1z0- 061 Questions Answers Dumps Here 1z0-061 Braindumps 1z0-061 Dumps 1z0-061 PDF Dumps 1z0-061 Exam Engine slide 6: Question No 1 Which normal form is a table in if it has no multi-valued attributes and no partial dependencies A. First normal form B. Second normal form C. Third normal form D. Fourth normal form Correct Answer: B https://www.test4practice.com/1Z0-061-practice-test.html slide 7: Question No 2 Evaluate the following query: SQL SELECT TRUNCROUND156.00 -1 -1 FROM DUAL What would be the outcome A. 16 B. 100 C. 160 D. 200 E. 150 Correct Answer: C https://www.test4practice.com/1Z0-061-practice- test.htmlhttps://www.test4practice.com/1Z0-061-practice-test.html slide 8: Question No 3 Which statement is true regarding the UNION operator A. By default the output is not sorted. B. Null values are not ignored during duplicate checking. C. Names of all columns must be identical across all select statements. D. The number of columns selected in all select statements need not be the same. Correct Answer: D https://www.test4practice.com/1Z0-061-practice-test.html slide 9: Question No 4 Which two statements are true regarding constraints A. A foreign key cannot contain null values. B. A column with the unique constraint can contain null values. C. A constraint is enforced only for the insert operation on a table. D. A constraint can be disabled even if the constraint column contains data. E. All constraints can be defined at the column level as well as the table level. Correct Answer: BD https://www.test4practice.com/1Z0-061-practice-test.html slide 10: Question No 5 In which three situations does a transaction complete A. When a DELETE statement is executed B. When a ROLLBACK command is executed C. When a PL/SQL anonymous block is executed D. When a data definition language DDL statement is executed E. When a TRUNCATE statement is executed after the pending transaction Correct Answer: BDE https://www.test4practice.com/1Z0-061-practice-test.html slide 11:  100 UP-TO-DATE ACTUAL EXAM QUESTIONS ANSWERS  70000+ CUSTOMERS FEEDBACK INVOLVED IN PRODUCTS  100 MONEY BACK GUARANTEE IN CASE OF FAILURE  GET 3 MONTHS EXCLUSIVE UPDATES https://www.test4practice.com/1Z0-061-practice-test.html slide 12: TO GET EXTRA DISCOUNT 30 USE COUPON CODE:"30MEGADEAL" https://www.test4practice.com/1Z0-061-practice-test.html slide 13: For Download Full Version Of 1z0-061 Dumps Visit Us: https://www.test4practice.com/1Z0-061-practice-test.html

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